Better Skyboxes

Better Skyboxes

Better Skyboxes adds 12 new skyboxes to the game and will be updated with more skyboxes regularlily. You can change which skybox you’re using by changing between the subpacks

Realistic Sky 1

Realistic Sky 2

Realistic Sky 3

Stylized Sky

Stylized Space


Cloudy Aurora


Blue Nebula

Cosmic Bang


Dark Matter


How To Change Between Skyboxes


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Terms Of Use

You are prohibited from creating your own link for this pack or using the direct link. You must link this page

You are allowed to edit this for your personal use without redistribution

Disclaimer: This will not work on console or the render dragon beta on pc

Warning: You may need to restart your game when switching between different skies


Changelog View more

Added more links, remodeled the description, changed the terms of use

Updated the description of the pack none of the links - no need to update if you're seeing this and have the last version

Optimized the moving sky code a bit more. Comment suggestions on new skyboxes I should add

  • Added a new version of the pack with moving / animated skyboxes now
  • Changed the title description from 8 to 12 packs since I added more
  • Added 4 new skyboxes!
  • Cyberpunk
  • Blue Nebula
  • Cosmic Bang
  • Galactic
  • Fixed the bug where Cloudy Aurora and Dark Matter did not work
  • Fixed a bug where some users couldn't get the pack to work
  • Added a video to the description

Added a disclaimer for console users and PC users in the render dragon beta

Added new content! "Realistic Sky 3". It adds a beautiful blue cloudy sky. Added to ToS


1. Click on "Free Access with Ads"

2. Click on "Discover interesting articles"

3. Wait 10 seconds then exit out of the articles

4. Click "Continue"


Supported Minecraft versions




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25 Responses

4.21 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. VALVᴱ says:

    Finally got the pack to download!
    5 stars for the Customer Support

  2. VALVᴱ says:

    The Linkvertise download page wanted me to download the add-on but when i did download it, it didn’t show up i’m my download folder meaning there was a virus detected and it was automatically deleted
    And trust me i’m good with downloading stuff, that is indeed a virus link

  3. Kcmata101 says:

    Can I use this for my personal pack “end sky”?

  4. UndiegobleYT says:

    Why linkvertise? I dont know how to use it

  5. Wow this really cool shaders I will rate it 10/10

  6. Mayomanitshere says:

    Just what I need. Thanks!

  7. Oddsocks says:

    the only problem with me is that there isn’t a day/night cycle. there might be and it isn’t working for me but it doesn’t look as good with out the sunrise and sunset

  8. saintinvx says:

    I love it!!! It looks better with shaders, add more skyboxes at night cuz realistic 2 doesn’t have, and it looks funny at night

    • Hybred says:

      Bedrock edition doesn’t support separate Skyboxes for different times of day. The reason realistic sky 1 looks good is because it only adds clouds, a sun and moon and the clouds are transparent. The other packs change the entire sky so at night it just gets dim. Can’t fix it unless Mojang adds better support for Skyboxes, or maybe I can make some shader code to change the night time dimming levels. I’ll test some things out 🙂

  9. Lightn1ngTurtle says:

    does it work on Xbox

  10. GiniMonsterZ says:

    Xbox players note: Only the first realistic one works the others don’t. Still it’s a lot better than the vanilla version. Good work man.

  11. Lightn1ngTurtle says:

    how do I get it to work?

  12. GNDTT says:


  13. DaFragileTomato says:

    my golly goodness this is incredible 100000000000000000000000000000/5 im telling my friends about this awesome pack and fuck ChilDragonMC

  14. ΧΞϚ´ says:

    GREAT 10 STARS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  15. Poisonloca says:

    It’s incredibly good i would use all the time!

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