Better Stones Texture Pack

This texture pack modifies the boring and gross-looking stone textures to look more like variants of cobblestone. This will better accommodate the builder as there is also stone brick variants too. This requires no addons and will work on vanilla Minecraft

Let’s face it, no one likes those new stone types that were added in that update years ago. You know what I’m talking about, the andesite, the diorite, the granite… especially the granite… Some of you might like those textures, but I have something better for you. 

This texture pack replaces the stone types to look like variants of cobblestone, The smooth variants have also been modified to be different variants of stone brick. They come in two different textures. One stays true to the classic textures and the other contains some similar to those which were added in recently. 

Vanilla setting-

Classic setting-

Eww… gross!!-

Not only does this fancy the new look for just these eight blocks, but the textures for walls, slabs and stairs have been modified too.

Here is all those textures




The terrain will also look different. Honestly, I think it’s a nice touch to see this while walking around in the mountain biome.

As you can probably tell, it would probably make better sense if these new stone variants looked more like stone rather than cobblestone, but I feel that the cobblestone just looks better in both building and in natural terrain, but if you want me to update this to make it to where you can toggle between cobblestone and stone, please let me know.

What are you waiting for? Download it!!!

That’s all there is here. Be sure to check out my other posts here on mcpedl. I have plenty of good stuff here you should check out. Until then… bye.



Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16



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25 Responses

4.5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Guest-3734349666 says:

    This texture is amazing, but i would like you to make the Stone Version, because i think Stone feels better to an natural resource than cobblestone, also, make andesite an silver-ish Version of the Stone, cuz we already have blackstone.
    8/10 for this texture

    • Guest-5784607413 says:

      Bruh why it appears as guest ;-; my account is LeonTV but when i login into that account i litterally cant search for texture packs and stuff.

  2. Guest-9444768388 says:

    its been a while and the stone textures arent here yet

  3. Guest-5213016987 says:

    This sucks

    The andesite is just blackstone


  4. Guest-5093385755 says:

    This is okay, but the fact that u said no one likes the old textures are wrong. VERY wrong. They are nice and add variety to the landscape. The new textures are merely retextured cobblestone.

  5. Anonymous says:

    the ads bring me to nothing, it should direct me to rabonico, but it goes to fiaharam site that leads to nothing

  6. Guest-4833232033 says:

    you should really put a stone based one as well

  7. Guest-2205926696 says:

    Yes please put a stone based texture pack

  8. Guest-7063011835 says:

    I think the andesite is a little dark, do you think you could fix that??

  9. naahsiiopp says:

    I think this pack is cool but I don’t like the cobblestone like textures you should really put a stone based one as a sub-pack

  10. TryHardJibs/ MahDestiny says:

    This is epic… I hope Mojang actually implements this for the Bedrock edition!

  11. amosmoses2 says:

    1600 shares and counting and only about 500 downloads…. what’s going on?…

  12. Guest-3462705134 says:

    This texture pack is amazing but i thing it would be better if you changed the stone texture and not the cobble texture

  13. enderPOTATOcat says:

    as a builder myself, i think the original textures are great. but ima build something with this pack and then remove it to compare it. nice pack tho!

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