Better /summon Command!

Ever wanted to test out mob variants or just wanted to have a rare variant of one without looking for it? Well you can now for some mobs such as foxes, mooshrooms, zombies, creepers, rabbits, and more.

My main purpose with this add-on is to make player’s lives easier when testing out things with mobs. This add-on makes the /summon command more similar to Java Edition as now you can add a type tag at the end of the command to edit attributes of the mobs. For example you can summon sheep of any color simply by typing type_(color code) at the end of the command. Most of the values in this add-on uses internal data values which can be found on the minecraft wiki, while others I made up.

For example to summon a black sheep you will need to type out: /summon sheep ~ ~ ~ type_15

This is because the data value for the color black in minecraft is 15. Typing type_0 for most mobs will be mostly the same as simply running the normal /summon command, for sheep, it will summon a white sheep.

This add-on is also useful for superflat worlds to summon arctic fox variants, as other wise it is Impossible. Same with desert and snow variants of rabbits.

A saddled baby pig, which is Impossible to summon or obtain in vanilla. Can be summoned by running /summon pig ~ ~ ~ type_1_baby 

An arctic fox, which is impossible to summon or obtain in superflat worlds or in non-snow biomes. A baby variant of this mob can be obtained by running /summon fox ~ ~ ~ type_1_baby

An important note as this add-on is not compatible with addons that affect vanilla mobs. And that horses require two arguments when adding the type tag. Example: /summon horse ~ ~ ~ type_3_2


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19 Responses

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  1. Guest-6955151523 says:

    I finally thought i could used the more clear and better commands like java. Maybe I could summon giant slimes, or evoker captains, even a saddled zombie horse. NOPE! All I got was the stupid and confusing number thing bedrock has. After all, you said yourself this addon makes players’ lives much easier. Do the clearer {type,blank} version java has, maybe me and a bunch of others will reconsider.

    • JPhantom2020 says:

      Do not be dumb. There are toooooooooooooo things that can’t be put in the bedrock edition. What ability does minecraft bedrock have to summon a GIANT slime? Or a mob with things they shouldn’t have, like saddles. Stop and reason.

  2. Guest-4982433040 says:

    Can’t download

  3. JayJayPlayzJJP says:

    Hey, This is a really cool addon! If you can, then I suggest you should add it where it spawns and it already has a nametag. E.G; Summon pig ~ ~ ~ type_1_baby[Name=Piggy]

  4. Guest-6101602596 says:

    is there one for cats

  5. Guest-1022832656 says:

    When I first saw this’ll, I thought that I finally found a way to use commands like /summon Slime ~ ~ ~ {Size:255} in bedrock edition. But no. This mod doesn’t add the NBT that Java Edition has. It just adds another weird, hard-to-use number thing that the bedrock edition /give command already has.

  6. User-7724282883 says:

    אף אחד לא שולח בעברית

  7. User-7878512194 says:

    You cant add the Spawn a Villager from others biomes?

  8. User-9351168450 says:

    cool addon!

  9. User-5091668508 says:

    Can you make a update that you can summon armor stand poses ?

  10. User-5196702929 says:

    can u make an update so that this includes things like fireballs and other objects?

  11. You will have to go to there you will find 2 links one for the resource packs and one for the behavior packs.

  12. awsome229 says:

    Hey I have a question, I am trying to post some things, I recently have uploaded a seed, but I want to know how to make behavior packs, and I don’t know how to do it, could you tell me?

    • User-2248739090 says:

      You will have to go to there you will find 2 links one for the resource packs and one for the behavior packs.

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