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Published on April 11, 2021

Better Survival

Welcome to Minecraft, but better! I've spent several days putting together a group of 7 villagers with custom trades to help make regular survival better without breaking the fun survival feel! Achievements are enabled in the world and there is a 1 player sleep system also! You can't miss out on this map guys!

This world is fun guys! I've spent days going over so many old and suggested crafting recipes all over the Minecraft community. I have compiled every one that i belive would make survival Minecraft better in many ways. I gotta say right now guys, there are many more trades than what you will see in the pictures below so make sure you download this world and see all the trades for yourself!

The Main world spawn is just outside of a village in a spruce forest.

I recommend settling somewhere near the main spawn as you will want easy access to the villagers in the spawn house. When I started the world I moved the world spawn to an area that has a stronghold VERY close by, because I've never been a fan of traveling a thousand blocks every time I want to go to the End Dimension.

There are 7 villagers inside the spawn house, all of them offer different trades. There are well over 100 trades between all the villagers.

The main spawn area has a protection circle around it and will put you into adventure mode when you are around the spawn house. You will not be able to break any blocks or place anything while in adventure mode, to enter survival mode simply walk away from the spawn house.

-Creeper Defense-

Creepers will not destroy blocks in this world!

-Sleep System-

The one player sleep system in the world allows for a single person to skip the night with multiple players online by standing on top of a bed and selecting the sleep option. This will skip the night and reset Phantom spawns.

Other than what I've said, this is a normal survival world where achievements are enabled so go out, create and survive!

You may share this map with anyone for any non-profit purposes, all that I ask is that if you share this map that I am given credit as the creator.


If you would like to help fund map creation you can donate to me at - 

all donations are deeply appreciated!


Follow on Twitter @ Mr_Green_Games for updates about maps and future content ideas.


There are 2 downloads, one with "Keep Inventory" enabled and one without. Choose whichever you prefer and enjoy!

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5 / 5 (4 votes)
very fun map, but thorn x is too expensive, how expensive it?
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Nice Map
BTW Can I Use This Map On My Youtube Channel...
I Would Post Your Channel And Link To Descriptiom
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Sure! Feel free to @ me on twitter when the video comes out.
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I like the map can you update to 1.16.210?
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can you add generators
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I have a fully loaded survival map that offers generators. I will most likely add an update to the fully loaded adding these villagers but I do not want to make the survival too easy on this map. I feel it would ruin the fun.
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