Better Sword Textures V2

Have you ever get tired of the current sword textures? I know i haven’t! But if you do, then this pack is just for you! Changing all 6 different swords for my likings, not yours…. Making it as beautiful as it can get, and also removing it’s odd borders on the blades. Packs that are also coming is a Better Tools Pack and Pete’s Texture Tweaks!

By the way, connected glass not included, and also the shaders 🙂

Wooden Sword! 

Stone Sword

Iron Sword

Gold Sword, it does look like butter

Diamond Sword

And the Netherite Sword, i just went for a simple one, i was gonna add diamond and gold to it, but It was just an odd combination of colors, just clashing with each other 

Also added a better Enchantment Glint / Effect / Misc, whatever you call it. So you can see your sword and armor’s texture  much better

You really can’t see it that well on photo, but it just looks less obtrusive.


Changelog View more

Added a warning that people should not change the download link

- Changed the netherite sword texture

- Added a better enchantment glint/effect/misc to better see your armor and your beautiful sword

- Updated the image showcases, to get a clearer view of the swords

 I Just Changed the Featured Image, because it was all stretched and stuff, and was not the right resolution


1. Press download, It will lead you to an adfly link

2. It will ask you to turn on notifications, block that

3. Wait for 5 seconds, and you'll see a big ol' yellow skip button, press that

4. Then it will redirect you to another website, and it'll ask you to turn on notifications, turn it on because you can just turn it off later

5. And you should be on the mediafire link! Press download!

6 After downloading, open the file, and it will import it to Minecraft, and you should be good to go


Supported Minecraft versions




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18 Responses

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  1. Nicerro says:

    What shader are you using?

  2. Amazing pack, Pete! I love how it resembles Minecraft Dungeons. Could you possibly retexture the rest of the tools in this great style? that’d be awesome.

    • Pete3k says:

      i am actually! making a better tools and better armor pack, and when those are all done. Ill combine them in one pack making like a texture tweaks kind of pack, and maybe! making a pvp pack

  3. DevastatorX5 says:

    it’s OK if this is not implemented but maybe Netherite sword texture have a single nether star in its hilt.

  4. EliteAnimators says:

    Finally not some small low pixelated short sword!!! this is soo good looking mainly the diamond swords I love it

  5. BoogaBoogaFireAnts says:

    forgot to rate it lol

  6. BoogaBoogaFireAnts says:

    finally its not short sword texture pack i always want a nice looking texture pack and i just get short swords :/ Nice addon though!

  7. DevastatorX5 says:

    For the Netherite Sword it could have a Lava cracked blade,Diamond crossguards and a gold hilt but good texture pack

  8. VB8Q says:

    make the handle of the netherite sword diamond and make the hand guards gold.

  9. SmarterBoy2019 says:

    i love it

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