Better Villagers And Illagers

So have you ever wanted more villagers? Well, we have some here! The villager’s names are Mutant Villager, The Villager Wizard, Spy Villager, Evil Wizard, Villager Guard, Villager Guard 2, The Lumberjack, Ninja, The Enchanter, Illusioner, and many more!

Starting off the first mob:

Mutant Villager:

Fights Monsters, Defends the village.

Villager Wizard: 

Defends the village by throwing splash potions, and get rid of buffs.

Spy Villager:

With his epic looks, he will defend and protect the village.

Evil Wizard: 

Once a nice villager, but now he raids the villages with magic!

Villager Guard:

Guards the village at night and day.

Villager Guard Chief:

Guards the village at night and day, and commands the Guards.


Collects wood for the village.

The Ninja:

Friends with the guards protect’s the villager


A Illager from Minecraft Dungeons. Texture by Team Co-Block Add-Ons.


Discontinued from being a Minecraft mob, projects illusions.

Soldier Villager:

Defends Villager kind.

Commander Villager:

Commands the soldiers.


Deep in the temples lies a big and scary mummy! 

Librarian Villager:

Master of the books.

Wandering Trader Illager:

Snow Illager: 

Lost from the army of Illagers, he’s trying to find his way back home.

King Illager:

Leader and commander of Illagers. 

Female Villager: 

A different gender of a villager.


Like it’s brother the Illusioner, it casts illusions.

Villager Construction Worker:

Builds more houses for citizens.

Villager Priest:

The Villager Priest is a religious leader.

Villager King:

Leader and protector of the Villagers.

Sensei Villager:

Teaches people martial art.

Illager Peon:

An Illager farm worker.

Villager Pizza Guy: 

Delivers pizza for villagers.

Villager Butcher:

Cuts and sells meat.

Villager Clerk:

A retail worker.

Villager Armorer: 

A person who makes armor.

Skeleton Villager:

One of the Illagers gone wrong experiments.

Santa Villager:

Give presents to loving Players and Villagers.

Illager Doctor: 

Heals Illagers in battlefields.

Mutant Illager: 

Apart of a experiment that gone wrong, now it fights again for the Illagers.

Ender VIllager:

The Ender VIllagers ate too much chorus fruit they mutated!


Pillages Villages and Illager Outposts.

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1.00 Addon Got Accepted!

1.01 Added More Villagers And Illagers.

1.02 Added A New Download Link And Added More Villagers And Illagers.

1.00 Addon got made.

1.01 Added more Villagers and Illagers.


Remember to turn on experimental gameplay.

If you're having trouble importing it watch this video:


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.210 (beta) 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9

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  1. man your proabobly a first grader if you cant even make the mods work fine

  2. ItsLlogo says:

    there are some trees that generate with the wood replaced with stone and leaves with emerald blocks

  3. Black Entity says:

    I love the addon/datapack/mod whatever you call it and i will share an idea can you please add a specific illager that carries shield and its on a blocking position the shield ability is that before you can damage the illager the shield must be broken first for atleast a few sword hits thanks 😀


    Brings great memories

  5. Haydencraft2008 says:

    Actually my ideas get submitted smart ### so you fan’t be saying that besides a lot of the mobs you said that were in this Addon aren’t so I’m just going to download addons with creators who are nice and thoughtful unlike you

  6. Jackbettanythecoolone256 says:

    Can I just say something no offence but ur a crap content creator Beacuse u haven’t added the link to the new villager addon and why like u mean to ppl aswell just why

  7. Oaky says:

    Ok.. The addon is just fine

  8. Jackbettanythecoolone256 says:

    Hey so u know u added the media fire link ye so u added new mobs but when I download the file from media fire it’s still the first version can I have the new version of the addon please thank you

  9. Jackbettanythecoolone256 says:

    Hey so u added the download link but it’s still the old addon the first version can I have the newest version download link please

  10. Haydencraft2008 says:

    Correction I’m 12 not 11 I don’t know why your nice to other people but not me and my suggestions got admitted

  11. VolitiveDawn475 says:

    Never ask
    A woman her age
    A man his salary
    SwiperHatesDora how many villagers and illagers he wants in this addon

  12. Haydencraft2008 says:

    Fine then at least add safari female villager at least

  13. NiceDoge says:

    Noice but add Villager beast

  14. Progamer164 says:

    Pls help what experiment do I need to turn on also great addon by the way

  15. LightningBad says:

    You are awesome and great just asking please make the villager guards fight and attack please please please please

  16. LightningBad says:

    I like the new villagers they’re great but again I ask can you make the villager guards fight against mobs and defend villages that would be great I keep asking so please fix that and make them fight back just asking

  17. Haydencraft2008 says:

    It’s actually not that bad (hello crow) hope you can make Asian girl villager from nova skin hope you can also add hello neighbor villager pls And thx hope you would credit me pls and thx (swiper hates Dora lol 😂)

  18. i love villagers and your concept deserve get five stars and appreciated!

  19. Shark373 says:

    Addon is funny enough (SWIPER NO SWIPING)

  20. LightningBad says:

    You are the greatest these are villagers are awesome but there is something wrong with the guard villagers, when I spawn them they won’t fight at all, they just do nothing and won’t fight any mobs at all can you fix that and make them able to fight please

  21. LightningBad says:

    The new villagers are the best and you are a master at this I mean your are the greatest

  22. I Recognize All These Skins From Nova Skin

  23. NotSomeone says:

    Hi I love their ai
    Also thanks for making this addon with an simple addon maker!
    I really appreciated this addon also can you add knight villagers?

  24. KageGameplay says:

    Nice I’ve been looking for a lumberjack ever since, could you add alchemist, chefs for the villagers and bandits, pirates for the illagers?

  25. Hi! I’m actually the one who made the enchanter texture on novaskin! It’s really cool to see it in use. It was my first novaskin project XD maybe you can leave the credits to ppl who made the textures? Thanks

  26. LightningBad says:

    Look the villagers are awesome but when I use them they don’t fight back against the mobs can you fix them so they can do that

  27. Mediafire Link next update we are going to add the media fire link

  28. Itzjayden says:

    Oh no i really want this addon but i cant download on google drive please change the link 😊😊

  29. Itzjayden says:

    All villager are cool

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