Better Water!

Hey, hey you! yeah you! Have you ever thought? Man, Minecraft’s water looks like–, oh what’s that? I can’t swear here? oh right! Yes yes I forgot, ehem Ok so this Pack makes the Minecraft Water Transparent, Blue, Invisible! or Bluish Transparent! or whatever it even has custom BUCKETS!Β 

here’s some pics from this amazing pack! 

Blue Water! 

Blue Water but TRANSPARENT!

Invisible Water!

and finally… 


also here are the custom BUCKETS!!! 

Blue Water! 

Transparent Blue! 

Invisible Water! 


what’s that? how do you change stuff? 

just press this settings button thing!

then from there you can change to 8 settings! woah :O

sorry I had 8 screenshots I didn’t post all of them I was too lazy lol

what’s that? you tried it in game but its still not transparent that you were expecting? 

well then try the Overlay! 

this is another pack this Pack makes the Transparent Water Setting more TRANSPARENT! 

Originally Inspired by: Codysaur2004’s

Invisible/More Transparent Water Pack

and the Dark Buckets idea was inspired by Josh_Spark and his:

Dark Iron – Texture Pack

Changelog View more

Changed from 3 links to 2 links, for less Confusion.Β 

Change from 3 links to 2 link for less confusion

Removed :

Need to download app and enable notifications in Download link


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16



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  1. Bobby1545 Now Watching Mcpedl says:

    Hello All Itz Me! Bobby 1545 I Back!, wanna Play With Me! πŸ™‚ I will Build Great Palace Dirty Home! Please Play With Me! πŸ˜€ But why all Say i Is Hacker Or Ghost And Make Me into Creepypasta Than Make me sad πŸ™ Play with me Ok! I waiting you

  2. SeranaXx says:

    Add. Another. Link. Please. Seriously, stop with these dumb sites, I’m not signing up for it lol

  3. PeachySeal says:

    It won’t let me import. It says unknown pack πŸ™

  4. Guest-2715837504 says:

    Is this resource pack disable the water animation? I cant play freely on the sea because water animation will make my game lag.

  5. carodwen says:

    This was exactly what I was looking for. Just something to clean up the water without messing with any other textures like logs and wood planks. I have always hated the water in Minecraft and needed to remedy it desperately on this new windows version. thx again.

  6. Guest-9144952657 says:

    Bro, i’m drooling blue water here.
    Anyway does the mod had a waving animation? Or perhaps it supports wavy plant/waters mod?

  7. Guest-4359971356 says:

    can this mix with shaders

  8. Guest-1361935335 says:

    This is really great, I had another pack like this but it broke, but some biomes still have the dark blue color

  9. Guest-1289203085 says:

    Pls remove water fog

  10. Guest-9671589133 says:

    Could you make a red variant

  11. Guest-3305559755 says:

    You are so great to make it!
    I have expected this for so long!

  12. Guest-3599567875 says:


  13. Guest-1121381114 says:

    Looks good can I use it

  14. Guest-4607278114 says:


  15. Guest-9452986349 says:

    This looks dope

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