Better Wild Cats Add-on

(Greetings I am ALEXYSSSJ4 and this is my first add-on to upload to this page)

It’s a simple add-on made by me (about a few months ago) and I finally decided to upload it to the page

What does this add-on do or what does it work for? 

Well, this add-on improves the ai of the ocelots, making them doable again and they can defend you against your enemies (This add-on also adds that rabbits run away from ocelots)

1. Ocelot are wild animals somewhat shy but of a neutral nature, they are generated in the jungles or in biomes very close to them and during the day or night they go hunting (only 1 or twice a day)

2. They hunt (not being tamed) small animals such as rabbits, any type of fish and chickens

4. The ocelots being neutral breeders who moderately fear the player but will attack him if he attacks them first (they are weaker than the wolves but they are faster)

3.When an ocelot is attacked or has already hunted an animal this will stop fearing the player and will not be tamed, so if you want to be able to tame an ocelot it will be what it is before it has hunted or tries to hunt something

4.To tame an ocelot you will need tropical fish (it is your favorite food) and you should chase them enough by giving the fish until your pet is made

5.The ocelots (tamed) to be felines will not mind to continue hunting for what they will attack your rabbits, chickens and fish without caring

6. Ocelots are repoduced with tropical fish but can be cured life with any type of fish, rabbit and chicken meat – (if an ocelot dies it could drop raw cod and bones, but only adults)

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First version (playable) of the add-on, enjoy, share and above all leave your comment about your experience with the add-on

*Fixed download file (before I said it weighed 0kb)*


Starting the add-on

All changes in the description of the add-on

First version of the add-on, enjoy, share and above all leave your comment about your experience with the add-on




3.Activate it in your world

4.Enjoy and have fun

5.Optional (if you have any questions or want to report an error just let me know by comments and if possible I will try to read it;

Ps: My native language is Spanish)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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  1. Guest-2137679011 says:

    Try to fix the download cuz it always fail and download a 0KB file

  2. adoxgirl says:

    I want better zombies and villagers

  3. Guest-3443082135 says:

    0kb file

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