BetterGrass x8 x16 x32 x64 x128

The x32 ,x64 and x128 texturepack works best with Faithful, which is found in the Minecraft Marketplace, but both can be used with any other texturepack, or just by itself. This pack also works best with the OreOutliner pack, which can be found Here

Have you ever hated the annoying dirt texture that is in Grass, Grass paths, Mycelium and Podzol? Well, they are now gone with this new texturepack! With this texturepack, all Grass, Grass paths, Mycelium, Podzol, and even Snowed Grass’ sides are now completely textured with the block’s top block texture, like Optifine on java edition on PC, which looks much more clean and better to the eye. Examples are shown below, and more resolutions and features will be coming soon!

Major update Delayed. View Changelog for more information. More features, simplified download links, and complete redesign of packs, while offering the same experience!

(x32)Before texture pack:

(x32)After texture pack:

(x32)Before texture pack:

(x32)After texture pack:

Examples for x8, x16, x64 and x128 will be released sometime in the future!

If you have any suggestions, please put them in the comments, and I will try to implement it!

Changelog View more

-Major update that was planned will be delayed until i have enough time to complete the packs after the Exams I have that are happening this month.

Pre-Release update 2

-Added .MCPACK links for easier downloads of my texturepacks!

-.MCPACK download links are now much easier to access, something that will be coming to ALL links in BetterGrass and OreOutliner with the massive update that will be coming this Christmas!

Preparation Update to BetterGrass and OreOutliner

This december, a major update will be released redoing almost everything, while still doing what this pack currently offers, with more features, expect less ads, easier download links, and fixes within the next few days!

-This update adds slight adjustments to the current packs.

-Added installation description as people are having trouble, easier links will be released in the major update!

-This minor update brings an update to the download links

-Major update coming up in two more updates for BOTH BetterGrass AND OreOutliner!

-This minor update brings updates to the download links of all resolutions 

-This minor update updates the download links for all resolutions 

-this update fixes the title of this submission

-fixes to the x128 resolution pack

-corrections to description of pack 

-Added PARTIAL support for x128 resolution

-Full support coming next update

-Added x8 Resolution for texturepack!

-x128 resolution will be released next update!

-Corrected the Manifest for the x32 version of the pack

-Farmland side textures are currently unusable until minecraft fixes the textures

- Added x16 and x64 versions for the texturepack

- Added side textures for dry and wet farmland 


DO NOT CLICK THE ADS! Just wait 5 seconds on each page, and click skip on the top right corner. Some Webpages may redirect you into a new tab, just close the tab, and return to the redirect link.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.9


128x 16x 32x 64x 8x

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88 Responses

2.91 / 5 (57 votes)
  1. Guest-2847008862 says:

    it looks pretty cool. to bad its terrible ad downloading system is un-navigatable.

  2. kiragodx says:

    I’m able to download all except for 128x because of the amount of adds, it never lets you download it, the adds become a loop! You can click skip how many time you want the skip page will become an add and the pop up page is an add too.

  3. User-1458225784 says:

    Editor is it oka y that someone puts a direct link so people dont freak out about how it is “undownloadable”. Btw great texture pack!

  4. Dadditude says:

    Using the x16 version of this texture pack on a realm causes players to be prompted to download Xzaxtor’s Shaders instead. This is because both the x16 version of this pack and Xzaxtor’s Shaders have the same uuid in their manifest.json. Can you please fix this?

  5. Infinit7Even says:

    it works however it is not correct to put three redirects to earn something

  6. Orangs says:

    Its good but when you press on the link sometimes you have to go back and do it again until it works but looks good.

  7. Fix Your Ads says:

    I wanted to download this and Ore Outliner but they are literally impossible to download because of all the ads and redirects. I tried 3 different browsers (Chrome, Edge, and Internet Explorer) and was not able to do it. Fix these ads or you will have substantially less traffic to your downloads.

    • TheFluxApex says:

      I mean, you can use ad removing hosts file or a browser plugin (uBlock?) & not even have to see an ad. I haven’t seen an ad online in maybe 10 years. And you can use Ublock to create your own custom rules.

  8. Lololol says:

    HOW do I get past the ceesty ad it’s sonot annoying

  9. Ralph says:

    impossible to download, F

  10. Icedwonka says:

    Someone please post the direct link in the comments

  11. Anonymous says:

    If you really wanna download this texture pack and bypass that dumb unskippable Adfly page, try typing “view-source:” before the URL on that Adfly allow notification page, press “Find in Page”, and type: ‘decode’, which you can find the actual URL. It works but it’s pretty lengthy considering those popups that appear anytime you try clicking on the page.

    This texture pack looks decent especially combined with other texture packs as well.

  12. Anonymous says:

    64x works just close the page that wants you to install the fake vpn and there is a mediafire link

  13. cookiemansboy_YT says:

    make the download MedieaFire or AdFly

  14. Anonymous says:

    This is extremely hard to download, the links don’t work as they take you to a page that redirects you to a scam website

  15. Anonymous says:

    Pls do it only enables when there is another grass block below it

  16. Akbar Gibran says:

    Ijin mau gabungin texture ini ke textureku

  17. Anonymous says:

    THIS is so hard to download fix that pls

  18. BoxCatMC says:


  19. SaladSnackBar says:

    Impossible to download why do people use servers that spam up the computer with shite!!!!!

  20. SmartMCKid2012 says:

    I Figured Out How to Get out of these pesky pop ups to download this

  21. Kode Games says:

    This is literally impossible to install. First 10 million popups between ads, my antivirus and the link shorteners asking for notifications and then when I get through TWO link shorteners (that’s a lot for a literal copypaste of the grass texture) I just get sent to an empty google page. What am I supposed to search up some secret password? I’ll try again but if it doesn’t work this time I completely give up.

  22. David says:

    I donno why but none of them works( 8x-128x)
    I have a android device

  23. This is crap says:

    it brings you to a virus page do dont download virus

  24. das poo says:

    innapropriate don’t go on it its shows weird distgusting pics

  25. Owen says:

    This is garbage I can’t download it it just sends you to some website for and ad d9nt download it

  26. Steep says:

    One word. Mediafire.

  27. Why says:

    It just takes me to a website with some uhhhh….. interesting…. pictures.

  28. CherokeeNative says:

    It take you to other web site

  29. Vincent says:

    Omg I hate this
    He used 2 link shorteners ir something just for money this is terrible

  30. 3DsChu says:
    I cant let you ashort the link to get to another mod only the texture files are the only that can be ashort or simply search in the box in OreOutliner

  31. QUEEN_NitNat says:

    I almost got a virus all the dumb ads

  32. darude says:

    I can’t even get it because of all of the ads.

  33. Anonymous says:

    This pack is awesome! I find it much more appealing than normal grass. However, I suggest that you make a Google Drive link so it can be easily accessed by more people, like me

  34. Green Soda says:

    pls make a mediafire link

  35. Joestur says:

    Made an account just to type this. If you don’t make the link go directly to Mediafire or something, you’re gonna get a lot of backlash.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Hello i just cant download the pack ease make a medifire link

  37. Trenton says:

    I’m sure that this texture pack would be very nice, if I could download it. whenever I click on any of these download links, it just sends me to a bunch of scam websites. Please fix this!

  38. Yes says:

    What’s with the ad issue?

  39. 🐷 says:

    Dude after I press skip ad it sends me to this site that keeps loading for like hours

  40. Boba says:

    I cant dowload this pack because a bunch of viruses keep popping up. Please just make a direct link to mediafire.

  41. Pickle Rick says:

    Whenever I try to download the 128×128 pack, it keeps opening a vpn thing that I have to get it before I get the addon, I don’t want a virus. Please make a direct link.

  42. Aint sayin says:

    Can I download dis on da xbox?

  43. TaiZuis says:

    Bro why are your texture packs so hard to install?

  44. Faaaaakkaaaaae says:

    Why does it send me to a different app for the zip file? What do I do?

  45. Anonymous says:

    Why does it send me to a different app for the zip file? What do I do I really want this texture pack

  46. azriel says:

    Thank you so much for making this, also can you make Better Leaves texture pack?

  47. srsly guys? says:

    To anyone who is saying it is ugly: you may not like it, but others do. If you don’t like it, why are you wasting your time commenting on it you don’t like it? IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, LEAVE.

  48. RustonDX says:

    Sorry this is just a suggestion can you add a full grass texture? Like dirt=full grass block texture

  49. MA1315 says:

    Please add side textures for snowy grass.

  50. Jakedude1022 says:


  51. John says:

    how is this supposed to be a good thing

  52. r/woooosh says:

    Btw, just change stuff in the blocks.json, don’t need to change texture files..

  53. Figarou says:

    Ugly : (

  54. Hello! In the next update of this pack, I will also add x16 and x64 textures available to download, aswell a side texture for farmland, so stay tuned!

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