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Published on May 02, 2015 (Updated on May 02, 2015)

Big Cathedral [Creation]

Without certainty this cathedral appears to be a creation inspired by the St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. But it's not a replica, as parts of the cathedral doesn't resemble St. Vitus Cathedral at all. Either way, the cathedral is an incredible creation originally created on Minecraft for PC. The reason why we think it's ported is because the upper part of the cathedral is cut off.

The spawn is on the outside of the cathedral and just peering up at the build to realize the amazing size of the cathedral is mind-blowing enough. As soon as we stepped inside the cathedral our breath was taken away for a moment. Benches for the assembly made out of wooden plank, fences and adorned with orange wool. Lit candelabras and hanging chandeliers are found all over the cathedral to make for a perfect lighting.


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why it says world import failed
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Can you please make an download? I have no idea how to install ZIP files on kindle ,_,
how do you get minecraft on a kindle
Wow I'm surprised x_x
Perfect for deans birth???
Oh, nevermind. I redownload it and it work, thnks
Perfet for weddings.. ????
nice! its so big that my phone took some time loading it :D
thanks you!