Big Cats Mod

The Big Cats Mod adds six wild cats to the game. Neither of the cats are hostile as long you don’t attack them. But if you for some reason do decide to attack them they will make a roaring sound and throw themselves at you, so be careful!

Creator: Argll

Finding the Cats

The wild cats are randomly spawned in the world. You can also use the Advanced Too Many Items mod to get the spawn eggs and spawn them yourself.

There are six different cats in total and each of them will make a unique roar specified to its species if you attack them.

Item IDs

  • Panther Spawn Egg (494) (health: 40)
  • Leopard Spawn Egg (495) (health: 40)
  • Tiger Spawn Egg (496) (health: 50)
  • White Tiger Spawn Egg (497) (health: 50)
  • Male Lion Spawn Egg (498) (health: 50)
  • Female Lion Spawn Egg (499) (health: 30)

Download Mod (MediaFire)
Download Textures (MediaFire)

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36 Responses

3.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. nOboDy (iDk wHy i diD tHis lAnguAge) says:

    yOu cAn mAke iT aN adDoN nOw bEcaUse yOu caN nOw aDd cUstOm eNtitYs 😪

  2. Honty says:

    Can you tame them?

  3. Wolfyia says:

    Can u make it ur pet?

  4. Imaweirddude says:

    Can i tame it?

  5. Laura says:

    Hope fully this works🤞

  6. I like creepers says:

    Please add snow leopards my friend loves them and it would be a great suprise I will give credit to you

  7. poetatofriez says:

    Is there any possible way this could be made into .mcpack format?

  8. pikachu says:

    you need cheetah, and the leopard spots are wrong, cheetahs have solid spots, leopards have open spots with adot inside sometimes.

  9. Cupcake1940 says:

    Can you PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THIS FOR IOS USERS it would be awsome me and my friends really wanted this mod and we couldn’t get it:( (we all have IOS) we tryed using other websites but it was to hard. So PLEASE MAKE THIS FOR IOS users

  10. Khgamer says:

    It crash when I play in blocklauncher in

  11. Clare says:

    I can’t get the mod! I’ve tried and tried 😐

  12. Budox Bongok says:

    I think it complitable with v 0.14+ I think…hehehe

  13. Ace says:

    Does it work on 0.14+? Also please make it so the cats could be tamed

  14. Big cat lover says:

    How do you download this mod plz don’t laugh I am quite new to mods!

  15. Nolan says:

    Does it work for IOS

  16. gerard aguilar says:

    Does it work for samsung galaxy tab 3?

  17. clare says:

    Every time I install the texture pack it crashes block launcher and forces safemode. We’d love this mod. Any ideas?

  18. jayson says:

    mine was only appears to be was leopard but in wierd form.. sometimes his head was out of its body and sometimes they float.. i havent seen tigers,lions etc .. leopards only with their voice

  19. XxSwag_BettsxX says:

    Is it possible to download it for iOS?

  20. M0rning says:

    How do I get the textures for mod to work? All I have is black cat blobs. :/

  21. Minecraft2468 says:

    Hey I can not do it why

  22. Angelo Carlos says:

    Does it work for ios?

  23. Clint Lokisa says:

    Great mod. I enjoy having it!


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