Village Island & Big Stronghold Under 3 Blacksmiths (Seed)

The title says it all, this is an absolutely insane seed and it is a must have for the new survival player, you could easily speedrun the ender dragon in this seed if you wanted to also

As you can see in this image there is a massive stronghold underneath the village and its all on an island, theres an acacia island near it also if you  run out of wood. the only problem you might have with this seed is ores but there should be plenty in the blacksmith and the stronghold

Here’s a nice underwater view of the stronghold and it is underwater however it isnt flooded because of the way minecraft loads in the strongholds.

Overall this is a really good seed and you should check it out

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fixed seed id to an actual seed and not some old link that was on my clipboard

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  1. Guest-9253787185 says:

    This is too OP seed

    Spawner = x=1323 y= (35-42) z= -36

    Ocean mon. Not exact location but you can see the monument by chunk distance of 9+ x= 1204 y=?? z= -100

    I also found many buried chest by heading down on locator map. If you have a starting map.

    You can have low everything farm in this seed in just low chunk loaded.
    Subarashi thiska!

  2. JoeythejoeyYT says:

    There is a naturally spawned treasure chest underwater by the stronghold with a music disc and a diamond

  3. Guest-5235564709 says:

    im not seeing 3 blacksmiths

  4. Guest-4104913735 says:

    This seed is not just for 1.16 players only it is also the same seed on 1.14.60

  5. Guest-8931907121 says:

    didn’t ibxtoycat use this seed?

  6. DevergsMCBE says:

    Some old link on your clipboard? LOL

  7. TryHardJibs says:

    Man, this seed’s OP! Moreover, there’s an abandoned village on a neighboring island with a broken Nethr portal in this seed.

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