Bigger Mobs Addon

What if mobs are 2× bigger than it’s normal size? Can you beat Minecraft with bigger mobs? Well, you can try this addon if you want to try this Minecraft challenge!

All mobs has been doubled their size. This includes new nether mobs has been added a few weeks ago and boss mobs such as the ender dragon and the wither! In some reasons, mob health wasn’t increased and would be added soon! Well, here is some images of bigger mobs.


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10 Responses

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  1. DirpBoi says:

    I mean this is fun but im scared..

  2. Joesph858 says:

    issue, the hostile mobs dont attack when they are huge, can you fix the ai length or detection so it doesn’t have that issue? because the pack ends up them being passive hostile so they wont attack till you hit them

  3. Guest-5942420888 says:

    new update mr.tree?

  4. When is the update with more health coming?

  5. M.M.16 player says:

    You should change them loot too be they are so big so they should have more loots

  6. Minecraft_is_cool says:

    Looks cool but can you take a screenshot in third person so we can see the relative size of the mobs?

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