Bigger Problems 1.0 : REBIRTH [FINAL MAJOR UPDATE]

Bigger Problems Finale is here! Get ready for a wild ride! Including new items, blocks, bug fixes, and a big Celebration! And brand new bosses to make a great challenge for players.

Bigger problems introduces many new Bosses, Such as the Sandworm.

Sandworm: 700 Health

Class: Boss

Attack Damage: 48

Tips: Bring a Shield and full Diamond Armor.

Fallen Angel: 700 Health

Class: Boss

Attack Damage:20

Tips: Bring a Shield, And a bow and arrows.

Fungui: 300 Health

Class: Boss

Attack Damage: 20

Tips: Bring a Shield, And have swiftness, along with full Armor.

Note: Fungui Does not spawn Naturally yet.

Kraken: 2000 Health

Class: Megaboss

Attack Damage: 135

Tips: Bring many Shields, A Bow with stacks of harming arrows, And Full diamond armor with protection.

Aether Hunter: 1500 Health

Class: Boss

Attack Damage: 19

Tips: Bring A Scythe (replaces Trident), you’ll need it to hit it away.

Feeder and Freezer: 40 Health

Class: Skeleton

Attack Damage: 3

Tip: Fight it like you would to a Creeper.

Evileye: 10 Health

Class: Eye

Attack Damage: 8

Tip: Just look up at nighttime.

Note: Im pretty sure that this is the first Bedrock addon to have a completely Spherical Mob.

Treebeast: 50 Health

Class: Tree?

Attack Damage: 18

Tip: Attack at a distance.

Imp: 50 Health

Class: ?

Attack Damage: 12

Tip: Use strong weapons like the Scythe.

Brine Lake

Note: Please don’t jump into the blue fluid, that is not water.


Note; The Aether is described as heavenly, what most don’t know is that it is the exact opposite.

The Hoarder is You’re way of Beginning the Journey, Trade 2 iron ingots with him to get the Fabricator, Which will let you craft Drones, Drills, aircrafts, and more!

Spawns randomly, trade Locked chests with him for Loot!

There are 2 Drones

Drone: 250 Health, slower, 50 Damage per punch. Tamable with Iron.

Attack Drone: 200 Health, 85 Damage per punch. Tamable with iron.

Can all be crafted with Fabricator

New Crafting bench: fabricator and flamer.

Fabricator Can craft drones and everything needed for them, just have the right resources.

Flamer can be crafted with fabricator and cooks raw food without fuel.

Mother Sinkslug

Looks identical to regular sinkslugs, but larger.

Class: Boss

HP: 500

Damage: 28

Tips: Have a shield, and a drone to protect you in battle.

Heavy Orc

HP: 500

Damage: 38

Class: Orc

Tip:Same  as sinklug Mother.


Health: 5

Class: Animal

Drops raw chicken.


Health: 10

Class: Animal

Drops raw beef. Chance of iron ore.


Health: 20-35

Damage: 7

Class: Slug

Tips: Don’t be lured near diamonds, it can be a trap.

Mystic Soul



Class: Pet?

Tips: Tame with bones, very hard to find, lives in aether.


Health: 35 for Normal, 75 for Guard.

Damage: 5 For Normal, 12-15 for Guard.

Class: Orc

Tips: If not many, fight them, if a lot, run.


1500 Health

Spawns in Oceans

85 DMG

Tip: Have a ranged weapon on hand, with a shield. Drones help too.


In the fabricator (get it by going to a hoarder), You can craft a ridable mining drone, for 7 Cpus, and 12 iron blocks, It will break any block in its path, don’t place it near your house.

Metronome valley has lots of grass, Floaty Islands, and many skyreaths, Very pretty.

Hooktrees are Giant, hook shaped trees with no Leaves, they are a great source of wood and spawn in many places, such as plains, Underwater, and on icebergs, LOTS OF WOOD!


Meteorites appear rarely throughout your world, and inside are gold, diamond, emerald, and iron ores, get digging!

Ranged weapon, the blowgun

The Blowgun is crafted through the Weaver (chance drop from orcs), when you holdit and crouch, it will fire a 10 damage dart, you have infinite ammo.

Bigger Problems is just starting. and there is more in the addon than what is shown here, So be careful exploring the overworld.


Changelog View more
  • Fixed MANY Bugs
  • Added new Blocks: Gilded Quartz
  • Added new Stealth Daggers, Gold, Diamond, Amethyst
  • Amethyst Rarity increased above diamond
  • Added Deathray Sword with Deathray Crafter
  • Added Aircraft
  • Whirlpool Megaboss
  • Removed Hi-Def Leaves
  • Changed Title Screen
  • Removed Mega Trees (Took Too Much space)
  • Fixed the Behavior Downloads.

Many New Structures

New biomes (2)

Many new Creatures (around 7-8)

New fixes

Fallen angel Overhaul

All bosses nerfed.

Survival friendly.

New Boss: Shadow Serpent

Red Bossbar

Hoarder, Flamer, and Fabricator.


Mob sounds.

Added Credit to Windlight for Place holder Scythe model, Check his stuff out!


Please know that Some things are very high Quality, like Evileyes being Completley Spherical, I don't  recommend playing this on low power devices.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14

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441 Responses

4.59 / 5 (217 votes)
  1. Guest-6219158424 says:

    I have downloaded this on Xbox, went on creative, but the biomes don’t appear. Is there something I can do

    • Guest-1661373156 says:

      M I L F – mother, I love farts

    • Guest-9418949896 says:

      1.16 changed the way a lot of code works, so anyone who created an add-on with biomes will have to remake from scratch as they will not load. Gonna be a while. Mojang had a bit of a fubar.

  2. Guest-7787711028 says:

    hey if you can,can you please update this addon to 1.16 i would really love to try this addon hopefully you see this and can update it to 1.16.

  3. Guest-8651842053 says:

    Can you make this mod for Minecraft version 1.16 pls 🙏

  4. u know your mod is been used on honeycraft

  5. Maxio1511 says:

    This is my second most favourite addon

  6. M.M.16 player says:

    Why it doesn’t working?

  7. Guest-7301282202 says:

    what are the things that spawn on the ground that look like a chest in a nest and appears to be an entity that you can hit once and it disappears or dies? What is their significance and how do I use it?

  8. SpringyMC says:

    so, this addon surpassed Billeys Mobs, my favorite addon, cool.

  9. Guest-2000567273 says:

    Thank you very very much the link is not broken anymore thx last time it’s broken😅😅😅😅

  10. Guest-1087088489 says:

    Does this addon replace ingame items? I see it was made in 2019 and the supported versions are very low, and I know a lot of older addons had to replace existing content in order to work.

  11. Guest-1207152680 says:

    Hey there !
    Sherry here,
    Found a way to fix Springy’s aether thingy. I love the aether and what you’ve done with the nether but some people in the comments don’t really like it so here’s a fix for it . To fix the lava , download the Soul Sand Valley Concept addon and a texture pack of your choice . The behaviour pack of the SSVC turns the lava back to it’s good ol’ burny state where it can continuously haunt your adventures and put the said texture pack of choice above it! (A good choice would be Multipixel since it doesn’t change that much). Peace out cherubs!

  12. Guest-1361977509 says:

    Add update to mcpe addons app

  13. Guest-8296889589 says:

    Last update???

  14. Guest-8400252373 says:

    I like the don but one thing and fix this pls I want it to be compatible with other addons because I get bored with no new weapons blocks etc and also I found a reason certain addons weren’t working when u replaced the magma blocks with the type of stone it stoped another addon from working in the world so plz add extra blocks instead of replacing them same with the scythe\trident it feels weird when I’m holding it and it blocks a lot of my screen but overall great addon besides those major issues

  15. Zess says:

    well done on the add on, if this is the end are you gonna make a new one?

  16. Guest-8933817474 says:

    the end…..

  17. Guest-2063381012 says:

    What whrilpool is just a strong mob i thought Whirlpool is boss btw awesome update 5 stars

    I think my account in mcpedl are gone.

  18. Guest-9808335127 says:

    Wait before it ends can u pls make a realms version of this addon or make it work on realms pls it looks really cool

  19. Guest-9515909192 says:

    It crashed in low end device can you fix it for low end device

  20. SpringyMC says:

    Hello! I wanna let everyone know that there are no viruses, its a direct to mediafire link, if you click one of them and see something else popup instead of the Mediafire page, close that, or skip it, Or its just your computer had a virus before downloading it. By the way, There is not Crafting, to Get everything, go to a Hoarder villager, and Trade 2 Iron with it for a Fabricator, Thats how you craft bigger problems stuff.

  21. Guest-6500817163 says:

    Does this have a virus?

  22. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Please, add a doc file with craftable items from addon

  23. Psn Mozzi_Main says:

    The behaviour pack doesn’t work.

  24. Guest-7598450765 says:

    Why your link is broken the mediafire is broken why please reply

    • SpringyMC says:

      there are no viruses, its a direct to mediafire link, if you click one of them and see something else popup instead of the Mediafire page, close that, or skip it, Or its just your computer had a virus before downloading it.

  25. Guest-3061003254 says:

    Very bad it said it does not work currently and it also sent me to a link that said ”You’ve made the 5 billionth search” nothing works at all

  26. Guest-9300585245 says:

    Mediafire DL link is not working for both

  27. Guest-8700357356 says:

    Amazing addon dude thank you for making this but please put the lava and netherack back to normal because the blue looks really Gay

  28. Guest-5581823610 says:

    Hi I’m LolkoPlays I’m making a map with your add-on but could I publish this map to public cause it’s your add-on and I need your permissions ,and also could you make the leaves normal cause they can cause some extra lag and maybe the hook trees if U want I’ll send u Discord invite and we could talk more about this , if U want test the map just let me know .
    Note map is still in beta and also 10/10 add-on

  29. TICB202 says:

    Wait! Just in case you forgot, it’s QubeTICB here.

    Sorry, i have like 3 accounts here.

  30. TICB202 says:

    Dude, when i used this for my video it was AMAZING. now it’s even better, keep up the good work!
    P.S what do you use to make the models?

    I would rate 10 stars if i could, this is AWESOME!

    -From the person you let use this in his youtube video. Thanks!

  31. Guest-1834561740 says:

    I have problems with the leaves of the trees, I had installed VanillaDBcraft and for some reason when I installed this add-on, the leaves turns to white and now they doesn’t have any animation, any idea of how to make the configuration of the leaves of the add-on doesn’t affect the texture pack?

  32. Guest-1219727924 says:

    i love his but things like the ocean bulb,Aether chest and shadow tusk do like some suggestions here shadow tusk helps make a bow called the shadow bow ocean bulb makes a sea pet that fights underwater creatures like a baby shadow serpent and the Aether chest gives you blue flaming arrows that set everything on fire unless if its raining if you can do it anyway these are only suggestions you dont have to do them and if you can the fungui can spawn on mushrooms and mushroom islands why on mushrooms too is mushroom islands are pretty hard to find so ya its only suggestions

  33. Guest-1760686215 says:

    Ps4 (At least) crashes whenever hitting a zombie. not sure why.

  34. Why the is not generated? Please fix that bug and why the tree leaves are changed? Why the lava is blue?

  35. Guest-9541909407 says:

    Dude, this mod is so cool and has a different aspect than the others, I’ve been searching for something different for ages. also, where do I find the crafting recipes? What are the things that are in the ground and what do I do with them? How do I get to the aether? I’m sorry for asking so many questions but I can’t find anything abt this mod, hope so see cooler stuff in the future!

  36. Guest-2007230262 says:

    You should get paid for this!

  37. Guest-8296772448 says:

    If I try to download the behaviour pack it says failed to load duplicate pack detected

  38. Guest-9529051882 says:

    There is kind of a bug with the snow mountains if you place TNT it will form a pile of snow on top and if you explode it it will make an endless explosion, so the TNT will explode again and again forever, also the amount of snow generated is way over the top a bit less on the mountains would be perfect.
    Aside from that grate mod.

  39. Guest-7801467027 says:

    Can you help me with me and my friends Addons we need help with things like custom entities animation and others are you able to help?

  40. Guest-3935933452 says:

    make it so it doesnt need experimental game play
    coz otherwise i cant get it

    • SpringyMC says:

      I cant, almost everything in the addon is forced to need experimental, and besides, you can just turn experimental on when creating a world to use it.

      • Guest-5608244568 says:

        Springy could you please tell me how too open chests

      • Guest-7474687924 says:

        could you make another resource pack but without changing the block textures or anything from the default game, just adding the bosses and creatures textures without changing anything from the normal minecraft please thanks.

  41. Quality addon by a fantastic developer! Definitely one of the more ambitious addons available and the textures/models are fantastic.

    Good stuff!

  42. Guest-7517032050 says:

    Man thanks for fixing download link, I love this add-on very much and also I found a way for you to make weapons shoot out by right clicking

    Just link up an animation controller with the player that will detect if your using a specific item for example: blowgun
    And then write the on_entry as a bridge command like “@s minecraft:trigger_raid” which will trigger an event in the player.json

  43. Guest-6846316425 says:

    Hey, do you have information on RAM requirements? I know you’ve been saying it’s not compatible with mobile devices but, some of us have really high spec ones with 12 Gigabytes of Ram and 1 terabyte of storage that should surely be enough with such a high spec phone

  44. Guest-8274921250 says:

    Hey I love the Addon. But if you are taking suggestions then I would suggest Turing down the spawn rates of the bosses, adding more ore and weapons but not to have it scale to an extent to where your instantly in the end game, adding more to the anther like mobs and biomes, if at all possible for you could add special helmets where you get health boost and resistance and, if at all possible keep scaling the Addon till the point to where this is the only one you need.

  45. Guest-5892255508 says:

    hey nothing drops xp orbs and this is a really big bug, no mobs or bosses in vanilla mc or bigger problems mc drops any xp orbs. i cant mend any items or just get xp for enchanting. i read the whole mod description and it said nothing about xp being turned off. could this be fixed?

  46. Guest-8943825345 says:

    I have a problem with a biome! Near my home there is a place called the MetroCentre! To keep kids entertained, they run a show by the MetroGnomes! Maybe add the gnomes as a trader in the biome? Try looking up Metrocentre MetroGnomes in google images!

  47. Guest-9660349751 says:

    There is an issue for me with the Evileye model. For some reason the model got entirely glitched and messed up. And a few eggs spawn no creature but I can hear it. I tried deleting and reinstalling the mod but it is the same issue.

  48. ociNNico says:

    Hey dude, I’m the guy who made the Kiryu addon, you said you could help me with making a custom entity. Where could I contact you?

  49. Guest-6175225969 says:

    I like this addon, but the biomes spawn everywhere, do you could make them more hard to find

  50. 102582947 says:

    What’s next your gonna add?

    Call me at +1 (208) 286-6803

  51. Guest-5375786707 says:

    Hello! This add on is amazing! They amount of effort put into it is amazing! But I do have one suggestion give a reason to kill these bosses besides just to do it. I suggest each boss having there own drop. For example a weapon after killing a boss and material to craft other weapons. It’d really give more reason and put together the gap I feels missing. Thank you!

  52. Guest-8555186007 says:

    did some of the files for their death animations (eg the sandworm animation) get messed up or something? Some of the bosses who previously had a death animation don’t anymore, and also for some reason the drill, when killed, summons the sandworm death animation. ????
    awesome addon still !!!

  53. Guest-1432915835 says:

    How Can i remove the drill?

  54. User-9504148975 says:

    Is there a guide for all of the crafting recipes?

  55. User-4398392475 says:

    Sooooo why did you delete the queen bee?

  56. User-3429231828 says:

    could you please release crafting recipes? i love this addon but i don’t know what to do with half the items

  57. User-2125631266 says:

    The add-on is amazing and really fun, but what I don’t like is the aether, it’s cool and all but I don’t want the nether to be replaced, in fact I don’t want anything to be replaced, kinda like the scythe (trident), when drowneds spawn and they have the tridents aka the scythes, they could kill you in one hit. So please either remove it and keep the trident or make the scythe weaker. Or if you don’t want to do any of that, can you please just make a different add-on where it only has the mobs and bosses.

  58. User-6234275844 says:

    hey i love this mod but theres one thing i kinda dont like that is the trees… is it possible to make a version without the funky trees? you dont have to change the modded trees if u want only vanilla 🙂 thanks for reading and please let me know if you can do it 😀

  59. User-8298009369 says:

    I think the spawn rate of the goliath is a little higher than expected, could you lower it in future updates? Because you know the goliath is a boss and i think “it’s a little” bit too hard to beat at the beginning of the game for the rest this addon is beautiful great job

  60. User-5962524292 says:

    Hey I love this mod, but I’m wondering what you do with the aether chests that you get from the aether dimension, because I can’t seem to trade it to the hoarder

  61. Jetgirlletsplay says:

    Hey i got a question for you who made this mod the new stucture the bar ive been searching for about an hour and i have not seen a single bar are you sure you put in the script the the bars should spawn in???

    please Update so that i can find more than Zero Bars!
    By the Way Awsome Coding Skillz (Mod making)

  62. IffySoulGem says:

    the Orc is invisible and so is the mob head in the creative menu

  63. Breakdown says:

    The tree beast is the greatest source of logs, it Doesn’t even fight back (and it gives you experience, I think?)

  64. Anonymous says:

    Can you please make a crafting list cus me and my friend have a lot of items but we dont know what to do with them but other than that i love this addon.

  65. 102582947 says:

    Your the best dude

  66. 102582947 says:

    Your the best dude

  67. TEMGamingYT225 says:

    WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FALLEN ANGEL! Whatever. This mod is one of the best!

  68. Bascruz says:

    Why I always touch import and then nothing happens bit I am 1.14.20

  69. While there is definitely a lot of effort put into it, there’s a few things that don’t really mesh well together, some of the textures seem way detail on one mob, while on another it may be simple and in line with the vanilla mobs, same goes for the models. Still a good pack

  70. DTech says:


    • Turn on “Experimental Gameplay” in world settings.

    • Activate the Resource Pack in “Global Resources”.

    • Try using it in Minecraft 1.14

  71. ako says:

    In the nether can you still find the nether fortress even tho it is now the “aether”

  72. Texsti says:

    Is there a list for crafting recipes

  73. Texsti says:

    Is there a list for crafting recipes

  74. DTech says:

    Is this compatible on Minecraft mobile?

  75. Klauz says:

    Aether Dragon?

  76. Monster gaming says:

    Look like RL craft but have missing more weapons in this addon

    • SpringyMC says:

      The Reason is because RL Craft is a modpack with many mods in one, this is a single addon expanding overtime, there will be nowhere near as many weapons as rlcraft.

  77. Sse says:

    Thank you for this wonderful Addon!

  78. Sse says:

    Thank you for this wonderful Addon!

  79. Hauck says:

    I would like so much to see new weapons and itens in this mod

  80. Anonymous says:

    Amazing addon. Next gen addon creators like you are doing absolutely great.

  81. David Rothschild says:

    The models look horrible and ugly, they do not meet the Minecraft aesthetic at all and look really out of place

  82. SpringyMC says:

    Hey guys, just wanna let you know, i am not taking suggestions.

  83. Chickenbed33 says:

    I have another idea each boss drops armor (witch is entity) and when you walk into it it give more health and power eg aether hunter armor slow falling 255 but when sneak it clears but un snake you get it back to remove armor anti tape crafted with paper also realistic mode adds bead bodies and blood and dead mode just adds dead body’s

  84. Chickenbed33 says:

    Hey I have ideas
    Crag: a giant dragon that controls earth
    Helava a giant dragon that controls fire
    Skyfall:a giant dragon that controls lightning
    Frezerzo : a giant dragon that controls ice
    They are tamale with there respective scales that drop when they die
    Also dragon friend humans with dragon heads there are neutral but when a dragon spawns they will get that’s dragons power and attack you

  85. Yorwell says:

    It works just fine and great on my Android. I didn’t expect this mod to be good at all, but it blew my expectations. It kinda does remind me though of Terraria with some of the mobs. The only problem it has are the slow loading and slow creation of a world, but other than that, it compares to the Java edition of Minecraft.

  86. Bronco Dalton says:

    What happened to the
    Queen Bee
    Why did you remove them?

    • Breakdown says:

      The Queen is too fat (it doesn’t even move neither does it fit in the bee nest). tho the snow worm was kinda cool

  87. youx30 says:

    What time update?/quando esce l’aggiornamento?

  88. SpringyMC says:

    Guys, im sorry about the Beh pack not Installing, i will Release an update soon about that, apparently the beh pack is the old one, this is the fault of the website, not me, thanks for understanding.

    • Arex says:

      Can u please make it work for realms so I can play with my friends or atleast do a realms version plsssd this mod looks really cool

  89. Arex says:

    Pls make it work for realms or have a seperate realms version like the chocobo addon

  90. HiH says:

    Oh and why the mobs don’t spawn?

  91. HiH says:

    i have some ideas for your addon like:

    aether golem
    a huge golem that pops out of the lava and throws fireballs as if they were laser beams

    dark wyvern
    well you know what a wyvern is

    wyvern rider
    just a wyvern rider

    dark knights
    skeletal knights with a broken purple armor and an amethyst sword

    dark archer
    the same thing as dark knights only that they have a bow

    dark golem
    well it’s just a dark-looking miniboss with the power to summon

    small purple monsters looking for human flesh to feed on

    shadow tower
    in practice it is a tower made of black / purple / purple bricks with a punda and secondary rooms on top

  92. Ignacio says:

    Hay un problema con las texturas de las hojas de los árboles que molesta mucho y baja los FPS les agradezco y lo resuelvan que me gusta mucho.

  93. davi says:

    cara to tentando extrair os arquivos beh mas tem muitos arquivos nele provavelmente meu jogo nem vai ler

  94. Anonymous says:

    Really awesome addon but it won’t download

  95. Kevin Bradford says:

    Love this add on, especially the new update it wonderful. The only issue I’m fighting with right now is whenever I try and copy my world over to realms after the new update, it error codes me about the bigger problems resource pack. I’m able to play it smooth on a normal world other then that. It’s a great addon

  96. Ns says:

    I’ve downloaded it on Xbox one and moved the files. but it doesn’t show up under behavour packs in game, any help?

  97. Danny says:

    Suggestion:long legged spider boss, A mob that drags you into the ocean,Orespawn mobs from the orespawn mod,and Youtuber mobs. These are the mobs for you bigger problems wishlist for enchantment and experiences.
    Intrested in this suggestion ?

  98. ThisJobYT says:

    The Addon doesn’t import to my Minecraft game!! Fix this now!!!

  99. Random nerd says:

    r u gonna make it mobile compatible soon ?

  100. Bronco Dalton says:

    Add more new bosses
    The Eye of doom
    Mystic Devil

  101. 090 says:

    Also make the bosses have better moves

  102. 090 says:

    The wood on the heavy orc design doesn’t fit well for minecraft

  103. AnimeSam1989 says:

    will the mobs still spawn in a pregenerated world?

  104. Dedicated Wam says:

    Crashes when I try this on my phone

  105. Leo says:

    Btw my device can take the addon, but can you remove the dead trees? They spawn everywhere. Also can you remove the big trees also? It’s not necessary. Finally, I know you said the bosses are nerfed, but they are still too powerful.

    • SpringyMC says:

      Big trees are being removed, Dead trees will stay, but they’ll be fixed, and the boss nerf was just the health, not damage. like sandworm used to have 1300 hp, now it has 600-700

      • Danny says:

        Why is this not for mobile l reviewed the addon before on mobile can you fix this update?

      • Anonymous says:

        Please don’t remove the big trees!!! If you don’t like them make them different but don’t remove them! I really like them and think it’s one of the best features plz keep them or change them.

  106. SpringyMC says:


  107. Neat says:

    I cant load into a world with this addon on

  108. Ansh says:

    What are the supported versions?
    Does it work on mine which is

  109. BruhArachnologist says:

    Can you make a media fire download please?

  110. ZamasuDidNothingWrong says:

    Ten out of ten the addon is incredible I hope you continue to create more addons like this.

  111. Anonymous says:

    Nice work you have a good models at mobs specially in kraken

  112. Anonymous says:

    What can you do with locked tressure

    • Guest-7529506011 says:

      Does this work on Xbox one ? And If so could you help me cause I don’t think behaviour pack seem to work on it

  113. L.Ch says:

    Why the bosses drop nothing when they die? Except the Fallen Angel who gives redstone and iron

  114. E P P E 9 says:

    maybe new biomes in this update or not or futue the correction biome well this corruption is purple landscape corrupted wild life will attack on sight corrupted entities corrupted landscape kinda dark purple corruted ore corruted trees corruted water corrupted food (affects) (corruped food wither affect when eaten) (corrupted water deal 1 damage when stand in) (corrupted entities blindness when hit) just a idea (:

  115. E P P E 7 says:

    recommend from me add tools to the addon and armor and more creatures and ores/food (note from me this addon reminds me of dakonblackrose crazycraft addon but better but theres no tool and cool stuff like that thats why im telling you all this) love your addon btw

  116. E P P E 6 says:

    hey does this mod work for xbox one?

  117. AWESOME! This is the kind of add-ons we need, good models, good animations and no link shortener good job!

    • SpringyMC says:

      Thank you! Though im sorry i have to say this, but in the future, there will be a adfly shortener for revenue, but on the bright side, there will still be a zip and mcaddon file for it, its the only way i can get revenue.

    • SpringyMC says:

      Oh my god, i just realized who you are, im a big fan of you’re addon! Im really honored to be noticed by someone who i admire they’re works.

  118. kidgames582 says:

    is this java or bedrock

  119. Werewolf says:

    Hey. Purely out of curiosity, is there any way that when the next large update goes live, it could include a crafting recipe list?

  120. JasoniatorGamer says:

    Very nice addon but can you please make the evil eye more look like the eye of cthulhu from terraria i think it looks more better
    Im just suggesting🤗

  121. Kiefer says:

    also can you do anything with the sandworm tooths atm? me and my friend killed one and now we have 4

  122. Coolboykjw says:

    I haven’t been on this website in a long time and I am so confused. I don’t know how to download the mods. I go to files but nothing happens. Can someone please help me 😖

  123. ninjagods says:

    how are you supposed to get the locked chest if you punch the chest it just dies idk what to do and how to get it

  124. Mark says:

    hey this is a good mod but I got a lot of questions, how to make the fabricators, how to get those chest that are stuck in the ground, where to get the dark scythe,how do I trade with the bar tender

  125. George pithyou says:

    The mobs feel so out of place and look so unnatural

  126. Leaves says:

    Best Addon I’ve seen on this site, my only problem with it is when leaves become detached from other leaves, they become invisible. Not too big of a problem, but it bugs me sometimes when I run into an invisible block. Other than that 10/10

  127. Dana says:

    I’m kinda confused about the bossed, I can’t seem to find any of them, except the worms. Could you maybe tell me where the bosses (fallen angle, kraken etc.) spawn? Sorry for the inconvenience

  128. 102582947 says:

    I can’t find any of the bosses

  129. Ask DreamForce says:

    I think this add-on needs to add a section in the how to play menu that adds the brewing recipes, because I was scouring this page for the potion recipes I saw yesterday, and now they’re gone.
    But I also see a lot of potential to be a great addon, mostly because of the content I’ve seen thus far.
    Also more armor sets, swords, armor set bonuses, enemies, bosses, and ores should be added to add more replayability.
    For example, a sapphire armor set has 90% the protection of diamond and has a set bonus of water breathing, topaz would have 85% the protection of diamond with a set bonus of fire resistance, obsidian armor would be 95% diamond with a set bonus of resistance, but the material to craft obsidian armor would have to be obsidian gems, crafted from a block of obsidian and 8 diamonds.
    Also, adding a few more biomes could spice up the replayability even more. Maybe a biome similar to Terraria’s Corruption biome would be a good addition, or some other biome would be nice.
    Good job anyway, I hope to see this add-on get better as time goes on.
    Happy New Year, SpringyMC!

  130. ThisIsAName420 says:

    So I never comment on an addon unless I think it’s great… It’s GREAT. My only real complaint is that the biome with coal and lava is a little bit too common. It’s fine but it took more than a 2 days (Minecraft) to find a good spot to put my house. Other than that It’s a good addon and I can’t wait for more updates!

  131. Cameron says:

    This mod is honestly amazing. If you haven’t gotten it already, I suggest you do so.

    One quick question,
    How rare are the Hoarders? I can’t seem to find one in my world because I have a bunch of Locked/Aether chests. Thanks!

  132. Bug Report says:

    • Queen Bee’s eyes still have missing texture
    • Queen Bee still has no animation

    That has been seen so far, I will try to look for more.

  133. Lapis Lanzy says:

    Hello, its very cool add-on but no many weapons, and i have one idea, what if the boss Fungui has a drafter have a craft 4 red and gray mushrooms and inside the totem undying

  134. Me says:

    Also maybe create a Terraria mod after you are done with Bigger Problems??
    Idk man you’re just the best at creating mobs

  135. Me says:

    Okay this is kinda a suggestion fix type of thing so uh
    Can you make the magma cube have electric-rock texture instead of a red rock one?

  136. DTech says:

    This add-on is really awesome! I think in the future this will be the Difficulty Expansion add-on.

  137. Biggie cheese says:

    Hi I love this addon and really would like to see what it can become I love the work u put into this with the Completley Spherical mob and I have a suggestion, could you please add pets I think that would make this addon better and could you also make custom weapons that the mobs drop. If not it’s ok just making a suggestion of what I would like to see and experience

  138. LLLoopy says:

    Hey, i was wondering if there’s any way to open up the locked chests. I was also wondering if the bosses spawn naturally and if there were any mobs that don’t spawn naturally. Amazing mod btw, i cant wait to see what it becomes.

  139. Pandaro says:

    you can create more mods like the orespawn mod for minecraft pocket edition

  140. SOTC says:

    I dont think the Eyes are spawning… i couldnt see any. Are they missing textures?

    • SpringyMC says:

      They spawn at night, turn on mob spawns, experimental game play, and turn off peaceful mode.

      • Pumpkin spice says:

        Also I have great ideas like the satan HP:10000 weopon the claws of death attack damage 101 when he dies he drops:the claw of death and the satan mask,mother of life HP:100000 weopon thunder light attack damage 1827 when dies drops thunder light & mother of life mask and what about the god of time ability stops time to attack weopon sun lasers,times stop when dies sun lasers drop on him when dies drops golden god of time mask,ability’s for mask can stop time,could throw lasers and for the satan mask you can make tiny minions called the death guys for the mother of life mask can basicoy do anything that god could :v and here’s 1 more death HP 01028281 weopon hook of death attack damage 1091 when dies drops hook of death & death mask ability’s put you on fire teleports & spawns alive hooks of death

      • Alexplays says:

        This Addon is very awesome! But can you make the sandworm and frost worm crawl

  141. Anonymous says:

    thank you my words cant even describe how good this mod is.

  142. Blockeur says:

    Hello ! Can I know how to create the Flamer and the fabricator ? Thank you !

  143. Dana says:

    This is by far my favorite addon on bedrock, although more custom biomes would be amazing. This isn’t related but thanks so much for making this masterpiece, I love it!

  144. Kirby420 says:

    Hey if you need ideas for a final boss then I have one.

  145. 102582947 says:

    You should add more bosses
    Giant Zombie – 500 hp, regens
    Eye of Cthulhu – 750 hp, flies, summons evil eyes
    Tatters (A dude with a scythe) – 1350 hp, throws scythes at you
    Illager Warlord – 2400 hp (MEGABOSS), will summon random illagers, shoots rapid arrows, evocation fangs
    Skeleton Warrior – 1500 hp, will summon feeders & skeletons, rapid arrows
    Wither Warrior – 3000 hp (MEGABOSS), will summon wither skeletons, shoots wither skulls

    • SpringyMC says:

      Cool Ideas, But Eye of Cthulhu is obviously from terraria, and Tatters sounds like a boss under the same name from a java mod called Modular Bosses.

      • Pumpkin spice says:

        Hey this is a great addon but the ship looks wired and can you put this thing in the addon like when you go in there mouths you can go inside them and there’s another boss that’s called the brain and about corpse1 that doesn’t belong to any of the other creatures -_- still great addon

      • Pumpkin spice says:

        Hey this is a great addon but the ship looks wired and can you put this thing in the addon like when you go in there mouths you can go inside them and there’s another boss that’s called the brain Will be great if you put it in and about corpse1 that doesn’t belong to any of the other creatures -_- still great addon

      • 102582947 says:

        They come into MCPE LoL

  146. SpringyMC says:

    HEY GUYS! Update 1 Is here! No this is not the major update announced on youtube.

  147. Marshyy says:

    Are u going to make a living version of the Giant worm skeleton? Also u should add some drops for the mobs.

    • SpringyMC says:

      No, i forgot to give it spawn rules in the first place! XD, also, Yeah, mobs drop stuff, Basically everything drops locked chests (hostile mobs) , Some bosses have different chests, Aether hunter with aether chest, Shadow serpent with depth chest, Sandworm with sharptooth chest, and kraken with shiny chest.

  148. Blockeur says:

    Hey it will be around what time or when the mode update?

  149. DogE says:

    Post 4;


    Demonic broadsword:
    15 damage and has infinite durability. Has a small chance to heal the player the amount of damage it did. Gives you strength one and resistance one. Has a small chance to ignore knockback or damage. Dropped by Mortuus (Post 3)

    Titan fists:
    Make your hands bigger granting you a strength and resistance buff.
    Dropped by Titan (Post 3)

    Ice Charges:

    Freezes the entity that gets hit with it. Same gravity as a snowball.


    Burns enemies that get to close to the flame. Does extra damage to frost or ice enemies.
    Craft with a nether star blaze rods and a dragon scale and a flint and steel and a redstone block.

    Sword of light:

    Crafted with two nether stars and a blaze rod. Does extra damage to dark and demonic enemies.

    The elemental sword:

    Crafted by elemental essences:

    Melt an ice charge in a furnace to get the ice essence
    Melt a dragon scale in a furnace to get fire essence.
    Melt a fallen angel star in a furnace to get Light essence
    Melt a demonic heart in a furnace to get get darkness essence

    Combine these with a dragon egg to get a piece of the elemental sword.
    Combine them with a beacon to get another piece of the elemental sword.
    Combine these two pieces with a blaze rod to get the elemental sword

    Damage: 25
    Effects: speed 1, jump boost 2, regeneration 1 every few minutes, resistance 1, fire resistance, dolphin’s grace.

    I love this addon keep working on it and if you ever need more ideas just ask.

  150. DogE says:

    Post 3 part 2
    A 4 block high golem like mob that is hostile and has lots of health. Grabs the player and throws the player on the ground. It also slams it’s giant fists on the player. Does lots of damage and is projectile immune. Drops: ??

    An entity that disguises as its block its in. When the player steps on that block it pulls the player in the block and the player must kill it before the player dies.


    A mysterious ghoul that haunts the player and jumpscares it. It is immune to projectile damage and takes 2X reducted damage. Spits ghostly green fire that blinds the player. Has mediocre health and does high damage.

  151. DogE says:

    Post 3: part 1

    A demon lord with a giant demonic broadsword. It is a very hard megaboss.
    He has tons of health and does lots of damage and spawns in mini demons.
    He will throw wither potions and hunger potions. Has a weak spot, the head.
    Drops the demonic broadsword (Post4) Also drops a demonic heart.

    Floating skulls that shoot fireballs (like ghasts) if they come close to the player they will bite the payer. Drops bones and some fire charges

    A frozen skull boss that spawns in an ice spikes biome that spits giant (ghast) frostballs (freezes player). Bites the player and summons skullfires. Drops ice charges and bones.

    Evolved slime that does mediocre damage but spits slimeballs as well.

    Grooper lord:
    Giant evolved slime, spawns in swamps and spits giant fireballs, summons minions, eats players and spits them out.

  152. Megalodon says:

    The addon is so great but can you add megalodon,godzilla, shin godzilla,mosasaurus and dunkleostues pls the mod is so great pls add my 5 request!!!

  153. DogE says:

    I have another 2 parts but i think i can’t post it right now i will try again later.

  154. DogE says:

    Post 2: This is the second part of suggestions.


    The Legendary fire sword
    Effect: Infinite fire resistance and strength 1
    Dmg: 10
    How to craft: Like a sword but the stick is a blaze rod and the items are dragon scales

    Explosive eggs
    Well… The name says everything.

    Already in addon but dropped by grim reaper


    Yeti hide armor:
    Gives speed 1 jump boost 2 and resistance 1 Iron armor protection has low durability though. Dropped by Bigfoot

    Dragon scale armor:
    Inf fire resistance and has diamond armor protection and has durability of unbreaking 3 diamond armor. Dropped by Dragon (Post1)

    Invisibility cloak:
    Leather chestplate protection and has infinite invisibility. Cloak is slightly visible.

    Shulker shield gives resistance one and acts like a shield. Dropped by shielder boss (post 1)

    If you fly up with your elytra at night you have a chance of picking up a star, consume it for a random boost.

  155. DogE says:

    Hi i’m that DogE guy that gave some ideas earlier i made a document with ideas and ill post it in multiple posts because mcpedl didn’t upload it all together.
    Dragon boss:
    A mob that is a giant dragon head (the body would be inside a mountain so it would spawn in that. You have to hit the eyes to do damage and it knocks you back by breathing out heavily and spits fire minions. It would be an extremely rare boss. Drops dragon scales used to craft the legendary fire sword.

    Yeti/Bigfoot boss:
    Spawns in snowy mountains and does EXTREMELY high damage. Has 1000HP but has a weak spot (the achilles heel) does 5x damage.
    Drops hide to make Yeti wool armor (gives speed 1 jump boost 2 and resistance 1 Iron armor protection has low durability though.)

    Shielder boss:
    Extremely rare spawn in the end and is like a big shulker but looks way different. Drops shulker shield (idk if this is possible) gives resistance 1 when you hold it.

    Extremely rare mob that spawns in the overworld. You must tame it with an enchanted golden apple and you can fly it (falls down when it gets damaged and you can’t shoot arrows from on top of the phoenix). Gives fire resistance when you feed it magma cream and slow falling when you feed it feathers. Regen if you give it a golden apple and resistance if you feed it a dragon scale. Feed it a rabbit leg for jump boost . the boosts last for 5 minutes. Resistance last forever until you die.

    Chicken boss: shoots explosive eggs at the player, spawns in barns (structure)

    Reaper: Is the only way to obtain scythe, has a special attack: It rotates and demolishes everything the scythe touches.

    Obscure: A black cloud that withers you when you touch it. Invincible to arrows and has low hp. Throws lingering wither potions.

    If you fly up with your elytra at night you have a chance of picking up a star, consume it for a random boost.

    Falling star: Same as star but crashes down on the surface.

    The Claw: The claw is a cage that holds a chest with valueble items and once you open the chest it closes it’s hand and grabs you and throws you. Defeat by hitting the fingers. Drops the lootchest.

    The ghost: An invisible mob that spawns in the aether, becomes visible whe in a 100 block range and drops cloak of invisibility, only the cloak is visibe when you wear it.

  156. DTech says:


    Missing textures on the other mobs like the bees missing a texture on the eyes.

    Coliding textures on the other mobs.

  157. Zane says:

    Love the addon!

  158. Dcjc5000 says:

    Hi this is amazing some things you should continue to keep working on this because it has a ton of potential maybe some new items weapons ores special items that drop from bosses tools armor and some more mobs I think this addon should turn into a addon that keeps growing and expanding not stopping at 50 mobs but just keep adding more this addon is amazing and I have a lot of hope for what we will see in future updates

  159. Blockeur says:

    how we open them the locked chests and the Sharptooth chest. ?

  160. Mario Forrester-McKenzie says:

    This addon is amazing but there are a few bugs like the kraken flies around and becomes kinda annoying, the bee is kinda stationary in its wings and also doesn’t do much and my favourite ones which are the Serpent and aether hunter don’t attack unfortunately and the fallen angel kills itself in mob battles because it’s not immune to its own projectiles. When the bugs are fixed this addon will probs be my fave to play because the others work perfectly

  161. Kirby420 says:

    I was using the /give command and I found a couple things. First off, is the boat (spawn egg) supposed to sink in water? Secondly, you said you probably won’t add a gun for the player, but there is a AK-47 in the /give area. Also, is every custom supposed to do the same damage as the hand, or is that coming in a later update? (Also the queen bee’s eyes have transparent textures)

  162. I am a guy who wants cool add-ons. says:

    Suggestions for the next update:
    • Grim Reaper: Holds the scythe. Kills nearby mobs. Gives players a wither effect.
    • Cursed Armor: Living armor. Kills nearby mobs.
    • Tar Pits: Lava retextured to black lava.
    • Serial Killer: Kills mobs. Holds a knife.
    • Small bees: Queen Bee’s guards/minions. Attacks enemies.
    • Aliens and UFOs: Aliens and their spaceship. Kills cows using their laser guns. UFOs levitate cows, villagers, and players.

    And that’s all!

    I love this amazing add-on!

    5 stars!

  163. N0N£ says:


    • Infectedbonnie says:

      I love it this is actually my new fav add-on but I have a suggestion for this add-on for a job the should be named Fire worm

  164. DTech says:

    My suggestions:

    More kind of worms in different biomes:

    Sand Worm:
    Spawns: Dessert.
    Color: Sand.
    Attack type: ???
    Drops: ???

    Toxic Worm (Your green worm):
    Spawns: Swamps.
    Color: Already made.
    Attack type: Spits poison(Particles: Water splash)
    Drops: Poisonous items.

    Ice Worm: Already made.
    Spawns: Already made.
    Color: Already made
    Attack type: Shoots icicles. Breathes cold air(Particles: Breaking a snow), makes you slow for secs.
    Drops: ???

    Cave Worm:
    Spawns: Big caves.
    Color: Stone. Have ores that glows.
    Attack type: ???
    Drops: Stones and ores.

    Uhhhhhh🤔… There’s nothing in my mind now🧠💤. That’s it😅. Have a nice time btw🙂! I think it takes me an hour to do this😑…

  165. M1STERY says:

    Will you add strongher armors/weapons to defeat The bosses?

    Defeating bosses with current weapons in-game makes The add-on poor (and takes too long)

    But I loved The animations, gonna give 5 Stars!

    • SpringyMC says:

      Yes, If you want to beat the bosses faster, Get harming arrows with a bow or crossbow, Have a shield or 2, and have a darkscythe, they do the most damage to enemys at the moment

  166. Anonymous says:

    Hello, This is awesome. I have it loaded on a private bds that has plenty of memory, etc. Everything seems to be working as described. Do you care if I make it public (giving you all of the credit of course!)?

  167. DTech says:

    Very good start up. Just need fixes. And sounds. But this add-on is a great pre-released. Have a nice time btw!

  168. Isificos says:

    I love it. I combine it with mutant addons and i think i made MCPE hardest pack ever🔥

  169. Epointec says:

    Good work on the addon and the unique textures, I’ve never seen anything like the evil eye. However I don’t know if it’s just me but I know the sounds are in the resource pack but they don’t seem to be working in game? Well done

  170. Kira Yoshikage says:

    Van unfix the bugs ,i cant trade with the mobs who can trade me robot , by the way maybe this ia bug only on mobile

  171. Anonimo says:

    Como descargo el mod en android y lo juego alguien sabe 😶

  172. matt says:

    I didnt find any more bugs hope it helped

  173. Tsuya says:

    After the big creators here left and didn’t update anything i thought there would be no good addons here but u came and made this fantastic addon pls dont go pls we want you to create stuff like these

  174. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    It’s Fantastic!!!!

  175. QubeTICB says:

    Hey! could i use this in my youtube video? i will leave a link once its uploaded, thanks in advance

  176. Anonymous says:

    Really love this addon! Also there’s something wrong with the Goliath’s death animation.

  177. Tekecripers says:

    Me: is terraria?

    Brother: no… is minecraft 🙂

    Me: -_-

  178. Gazerbeam says:

    Make a God level boss called Ghostfire; 1st form has a white sword with black aura, humanoid looks kinda like a sith lord does 7+ damage per hit and withers his victims (stats 200 health) ; 2nd form more health, develops wings and starts shooting deadly poison that can wither and blind you, summons ghasts, can regenerate very slowly (stats 600 hearts, 25+ damage) , 3rd form is his Ghostfire God form; a complete monster that will destroy everything in his path. Has higher health; more attack power, shoots ghostfire breath that can burn/blind/ and wither you, can make multiple clones, and is immune to arrows and fire, can use force field every now and then. Can only be broken by the scythe. (stats 3500 hearts, 200 damage) Can only destroy him with a certain weapon: anti-life sword. Drops ghostfire sword. Recommended to be taken out by 4 players.

  179. Starkiller says:

    Add different types of dragons for example;lightning dragon which spawns on floating island filled with cloud blocks; stats 200 hearts hostile, 1000 hearts when tamed. Has 3 forms of attacks; lightning strike, diving attack, and melee. Kill to gain egg. Place egg and strike it with lightningbolt to begin incubation. Then tame with enchanted golden apple. Custom mobs with special unique abilities like a snow yeti: high power, medium health, and can throw snow blocks/ice blocks that do 20+ damage.

    • GuiltMuffin says:

      Um I have some ideas ,oh and DM means damage,and PDM means projectile damage
      A Blaze Archer – 40 HP 8 PDM 5DM
      shoots small fireballs
      when you’re next to it it hits you with a blaze rod
      A Skeleton Boss – 55HP 8DM 8PDM
      has a bone dagger and hits you when too close
      has a bone bow and shoots you from range
      can summon normal skeletons
      A Fallen Soul
      a black ghost basically that shoots small fire balls
      can spawn in the new biome(I forgot the name sorry:p)
      A Stone Golem
      spawns In caves
      throws cobblestone projectile
      A Mummy Boss – 120 HP 18 DM
      spawns in the desert
      can spawn sand minions that are weaker and comes from the ground
      A Sand Dragon – 200 HP 22 DM
      can sweep down on players (like phantoms)
      There are items too I want to request like:
      A bone hand (can be obtained by the sandworm corpse)
      5 damage and withers the enemy
      Throwable cobblestone (can be obtained by killing the stone golem)
      2 pojectile damage
      a projectile that stuns the enemy
      A bone dagger 8 damage
      A bone bow 2-8 projectile damage
      A New Structure:
      Safe Bunker
      can protect you from any mobs expect The Fallen Angel
      And make the sand worm connect
      And also futuristic blocks

  180. ThisJobYT says:

    Exactly why does the description not have most of the screenshots???

    • ScubaDiving Squirrel says:

      SUGGESTION: Add a new boss called InferLeo or Inferneo. It should resemble a Lion with fiery hair(beard and tail). It will breathe fire and also use its sharp claws for a melee attack. Also, I and everyone from the bedrock community thank you for what you have made here. The bedrock edition does get frequent addons but none of them are large scale projects so I want you to know that we are extremely grateful to you for this and wish you good luck in the progression of this addon , your life and everything 😄

  181. Pickles says:

    Great addon, powerful bosses to fight and extreme details on each individual mob. I have few ideas.
    1) For the fabricator, add different types of robots/vehicles to make; drones, turrets, mechs that you can ride and shoots explosives, flying robots, space ships, etc…

  182. Pickles says:

    Add new types of villagers that can help you fight these legendary God level threats

  183. Angela says:

    Amazing!!! Bravo!!! 👏👏👏

  184. Edward Shimel says:

    Best addon this year!!!

  185. suggestion says:

    make feeder and freezer burn during daylight

  186. UrFan says:

    Can u add some mobs who can be tamed please.. 😀

  187. AaaaaaAAaAaa says:

    Cool but please don’t replace the nether, I like addons that don’t replace anything at all. If they do, I will remove the changed texture by myself but I don’t want to do that so please make a biome in the nether, don’t replace it.

  188. matt says:

    I cant find the bar and the new biome

    • SpringyMC says:

      1. No other addons can be played with this at the same time, so just leave this one on, 2, Turn on mob spawning for the bars to appear, if those don’t work, i dunno.

  189. Dopy boi says:

    me the Sandworm is too hard it killed me in 3 hits!

  190. Gamer120000D says:

    I would like the color of the leaves to be a low green

  191. Blake says:

    Does anybody know how to open the locked chest 🙁
    But amazing addon btw

  192. Anonymous says:

    Pretty amazing addon. I just can’t wait to see what other creations you will add in the future. You should also add a shortened link so we can support you a little bit. Thanks!

  193. Roulette says:

    There are scythe!?!? Wow
    -Replaces Tridents-

  194. Maverick says:

    Best addon ive seen in months keep it up man!

  195. Random says:

    This is the best addon ive seen this year

  196. matt says:

    how do we use the fabricator and flamer

  197. matt says:

    suggestion try to retexture most of the things that appear in the nether so its fits the color of the aether, in general

    (sorry for bad english i’m 14 and french was my first language)

  198. matt says:

    suggestion : replace the textures of old nether mobs so they fit with the colors of the aether

  199. matt says:

    bug report: queen bee missing flying animation

  200. matt says:

    suggestion: make the fire blue so it fits with the colors of the aether

  201. matt says:

    bug report : glitched nether portal texture flashing in multiple colors.

  202. Anonymous says:

    Awesome mate, such HGHBKN I love it!
    Alright thank you and Goodbye, and keep up the good work!

  203. Painfulhail says:

    This mod seems cool and I’m going to check it out! And what!?! A direct download too? You are awesome! Hope you update in the future!

  204. 102582947 says:

    Where do the bosses spawn?

    • SpringyMC says:

      The Kraken and Aether hunter in the Aether, Frostworm in Ice spikes biome, Sandworm in desert, Feeders in Brine lake, along with Fallen angel, queenbee same spawn as bees, Freezer in the arctic, recruit is ???, Goliath is ???,Imp in brine lake, Tree beast in forest, Evileye anywhere except aether at night, Fungui has no natural spawn, yet.

  205. Anonymous says:

    I keep getting locked chests but cant open them what is the key

    • SpringyMC says:

      They’re actually meant to be opened by a mob named the Hoarder, who you can trade chests with, though the trade system broke and you cannot open the chests at the time being.

  206. Kirby420 says:

    Can you make a sword that has an item id of food, but when you try to eat it you get resistance and you can’t eat it? It would be the closest thing to blocking with swords with bedrock. Looks like a cool addon and I can’t wait to try it out. (By the way, if you don’t understand what I mean look for the wands addon by codanraigen)

  207. Anonymous says:

    how do they spawn is is naturally and if so how often do they spawn?

    • SpringyMC says:

      The Kraken and Aether hunter in the Aether, Frostworm in Ice spikes biome, Sandworm in desert, Feeders in Brine lake, along with Fallen angel, queenbee same spawn as bees, Freezer in the arctic, recruit is ???, Goliath is ???,Imp in brine lake, Tree beast in forest, Evileye anywhere except aether at night, Fungui has no natural spawn, yet. All the bosses have a chance of 1 in 150 to 350 of spawning.

  208. Mincrafter says:

    the mod is very cool but how to open the locked chests?

    • SpringyMC says:

      They’re actually meant to be opened by a mob named the Hoarder, who you can trade chests with, though the trade system broke and you cannot open the chests at the time being.

  209. Blaze Power says:

    Can you make the Aether boime not replace the nether?!

  210. DogE says:

    This is what we all have been waiting for. A proper addon that adds bosses and new mobs and amazing new biomes. It is well made as well. Gj!
    Lava king:
    kind of a big red blaze but has fire elemental crystals protecting it.
    Spawns in a new “lava pools” biome (like swamp but water=lava)
    Lord Orc:
    Big Orc with a big weapon, lots of hp and medium dmg (shields don’t block dmg)
    Rare spawn in swamps
    Mystical soul:
    A new mob that you can tame. It gives random buffs every ??? minutes.
    Very rare spawn in Aether
    New weapons:
    Orc’s blade (rare orc drop)
    Worm’s tooth (worm drop)
    Frost fang (rare frost worm drop poisons enemies and has high dmg)
    Flintlock (very rare drop from pirate)
    Goliath claw (low dmg but sets enemies on fire)
    Queen bee’s stinger (Low durability but withers enemies)
    Magic fungus (high regen, nausea)
    Worm meat (good saturation and fills 4 hunger bars)
    Fallen angel’s star (high regen for a long time, resistance 2 and bad omen)
    I love this mod and tysm for adding .zip for xbox users.

    • SpringyMC says:

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! This is the constructive criticism i need! I will definitely keep all this in mind! The worm tooth is actually already a drop from the sandworm ingame, but everything else here is fantastic! Also another note, Ive actually been considering pirates for a while, but i only want the mobs to have guns, like the flintlock, I dont want the player to have functioning guns, but it will be considered! Thank you otherwise.

    • SpringyMC says:

      Perhaps you could help me out with the addon! If you want.

      • DogE says:

        I can’t I’m only 13 and i have no experience with modeling or making behaviors or recourses. I do have lots of ideas. Thank you anyways.

        • DogE says:

          I could give you more ideas but i don’t want any credit or anything.

          • SpringyMC says:

            Perhaps the Mystical souls could be guarded by orc tribes in the aether and could be locked up in wooden cages.

          • DogE says:

            Ok that sounds amazing! I have some more suggestions here:
            Dragon boss:
            A structure that is actually a mob with a giant dragon head you have to defeat, you have to hit the eyes to do dmg and it knocks you back by breathing out heavily and spits fire minions. It would be an extremely rare boss. Drops dragon scales used to craft the legendary fire sword.
            Bigfoot boss:
            Spawns in snowy mountains and does EXTREMELY high dmg. Has 1000HP but has a weak spot (the achilles heel) does 5x dmg.
            Drops hide to make Yeti wool armor (gives speed 1 jump boost 2 and resistance 1 has low durability though.
            Shielder boss:
            Extremely rare spawn in the end and is like a big shulker but looks way different. Drops shulker shield (idk if this is possible) gives resistance 1
            Extremely rare mob that spawns in the overworld. You must tame it with an enchanted golden apple and you can fly it for a limited time (so it’s not too op). Gives fire resistance when you feed it magma cream and slow falling when you feed it feathers. Regen if you give it a golden apple and resistance if you feed it a dragon scale. Feed it a rabbit leg for jump boost . the boosts last for 5 minutes.
            Chicken boss: shoots explosive eggs at the player, spawns in barns (structure)
            Reaper: Is the only way to obtain scythe, has a special attack: It rotates and demolishes everything the scythe touches.
            Obscure: A black cloud that withers you when you touch it. Invincible to arrows and has low hp. Throws lingering wither potions.
            If you fly up with your elytra at night you have a chance of picking up a star, consume it for a random boost.
            Falling star: Same as star but crashes down on the surface.
            The Claw: The claw is a cage that holds a chest with valueble items and once you open the chest it closes it’s hand and grabs you and throws you. Defeat by hitting the fingers. Drops the lootchest.
            The ghost: An invisible mob that spawns in the aether, becomes visible whe in a 100 block range and drops cloak of invisibility, only the cloak is visibe when you wear it.
            I have more ideas just ask for them if you need some, i will check the comment section tommorow.

          • DTofu says:

            Hi, do you know where I can find the bars in the world?

        • SpringyMC says:

          Thats ok! You’re ideas are great though. Im drawing them right now, and perhaps they’ll make it in.

  211. SwallowFF says:

    The textures are incredible and the animation!!!! The textures have one issue… THERE NOT GOING TO LET ME GET A GOOD NOGHT SLEEP TONIGHT WITHOUT A NIGHT TERROR! Seriously epic

  212. But the scythe isn’t yours….

  213. matt says:

    how long before next update

  214. CubeSteff3906 says:

    Very amazing addon ! Gives me the Java Edition Ice and Fire-ish feel, although it would be lovely having the aether an overworld biome instead of the nether : either floating islands or a biome that reaches the void and has floating islands at ground level. Overall amazing work !

    • SpringyMC says:

      Thank you so much with the feedback! In this addon, im taking my own approach on the aether biome by making it the nether so it seems more dangerous than heaven (especially with the kraken spawning there), but Folating islands will actually be part of the next update! Its been in plans before launch! so stay on the lookout!

  215. FuntimeSladeYT says:

    cn you make the sand worm looks like what it looks like in the mod(What im saying is that change the color orange and make it bigger)

  216. Anonymous says:

    Are you talking in spanish?

  217. Extrañó says:

    Solo alfa?

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