Biggest Calculator (16-bit) [Redstone]

This is the biggest and most technically advanced calculator so far created for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It supports addition, subtraction and numbers ranging from -65535 to 65535. You can make multiple additions to each set of numbers to perform more advanced calculations. The display screen is huge and displays the output answer very quickly for being such an enormous calculating machine.

Creator: Devans2048

In this example I decided to perform a simple calculation. First I selected 30000 on the calculator keypad. Then I pressed Subtract. Next I pressed 6000 and then Enter to output the answer on the display screen.


The resulting answer was correct (24000) as you can see down below.


The size of the redstone calculator is simply amazing. Even if a calculator seems like a simple invention it really isn’t that easy to create. Perhaps this will give you an idea of the complexity it involves.


(Map name in-game: Calc)
(Alternative Download Mirror – MCPE DL)


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17 Responses

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  1. A fellow xbox user says:

    Hey Creator are you able to put a direct mediafire link for xbox users?

  2. Sneep sniiip2 says:

    Do you have a Mediafire link for Xbox users?

  3. Billy says:

    If it was more accessible for iOS users that would be bice

  4. Rainer says:

    I cant destroy this its big and i need destroy so much to calculator get destroyed its have like emergency wires sorry bad english.

  5. Some guy says:

    This is incredible!!!! Whoever took the time to build this is amazing. I couldnt even build this if I had a tutorial. Excellent work! Sometimes the answer is incorrect though. Anyway its great

  6. David says:

    Hello to you creator of this world, has the file .McWorld would be super

  7. Kristizzzgaming says:

    OMG!!! 😮 I’m good at redstone. But not like this!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Neimad MCPE says:

    It’s very wonderful! Congratulations to the creator! I imagine the spent time on this map !

  9. 6TXSURV1V4L says:

    Amazing LAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I get max 7 FPS WoW

  10. regan :)) says:


  11. Radcliff says:

    Whoever made this surely took his/her time and an expert on redstone!

  12. Blue Dj Wolf says:

    Big Big Map
    And Crash my game 🙁

  13. LeeAm says:

    I want to upload some of my maps here but it wont upload months ago i posted 3 maps but still not uploaded can u give me a link to upload my maps?

  14. JADE says:

    Can you make a Redstone Timer? By the way your map is so cool

  15. TheBlockChef says:

    Soooo Laggy

  16. wintersoldier says:

    wow the biggest calculator i ever see in minecraft

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