Bill Cipher 2004 Addon

Bill Cipher is the main antagonist in the Gravity Falls series, and as I saw no one has made an addon of it, I decided to make my own. The addon adds Bill Cipher to your Minecraft world and replaces Disc 13 with the Weirdmageddon theme.

This addon adds Bill Cipher to your Minecraft world in the form of a custom entity that doesn’t replace any mob and I did my own custom model using Tynker. Bill will spawn very rarelly in forests biomes, but you can spawn him using his Spawn Egg or doing /summon demon:bill.

The model from the front.

From the side.

And from the back.

Bill will attack players, Villagers, Wandering Traders and Snow and Iron Golems.

By shooting them Shulker Bullets.


Just open the archive, if it does not open copy it to the com.mojang folder and open it there. Minecraft will open and import the behavior and resources.  

IMPORTANT: Every time you download a new version of the addon you do this before installing it:   

First go to games, com.mojang, resource_packs and delete the resources for the addon.   

Next go to games, com.mojang, behavior_packs and delete the behaviors for the addon.   

Then go to games, com.mojang, minecraftWorlds, the folder of your world and then you delete the folders behavior_packs and resource_packs.   

Finally you reinstall the new version.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 (beta)

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Installation Guides

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5 Responses

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  1. Crafter man says:

    Good 👍

  2. Angious2004 says:

    I forgot to say that Bill has 666 health points and when killed he’ll drop lots of gold ingots.

  3. ThisJobYT says:

    Can you please make Bill Cipher do like custom animations where he can shoot fire charges as well? Love to see that happening!!

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