Binoculars Addon

This add-on implements fully functional Binoculars to the game. Binoculars is an item which you can use for getting a closer view at distant objects. In Minecraft this works by adding a zooming effect to the player when the player is holding & sneaking the Binoculars in their hand.

Creator: keyyard

PixelPoly Discord: HERE

How does it work?

This addon added an item called “Binoculars”, it functions the same as in real life, which means it will provides you zooming vision when the player is holding & sneaking.


  • Custom Item: Binoculars, craftable in survival (in the following image):
  • Easy to craft in survival
  • supports all Minecraft Supported Languages!

Changelog View more

Updated, so it's now up to date! Added it as an item. craftable & supports all minecraft supported languages!


Supported Minecraft versions


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46 Responses

4.68 / 5 (22 votes)
  1. S4NT1 says:

    ¡El add-on está hermoso! Trabaja a la perfección 👌🏼

    Sería genial que hubieran formas de mejorar, por ejemplo, la lente del binocular y poder ver aún más lejos, digo yo jaja


  2. Guest-4954990391 says:

    Does it work on realms?

  3. Guest-9193471094 says:

    Wow! Very useful and even looks vanilla!
    Easy to make, even in survival,
    The texture looks like Terrarias.

  4. Guest-4691236537 says:

    good 1star is good right I like it alot

  5. Doughnut says:

    Link is broken

  6. Super_Pizza says:

    Can i copy your addon to make it more realistic?
    Like replacing helmet and variable zoom?

  7. Razzbery says:

    Ter-rare-ria ad-ventures!! ~stampy

  8. GemyGold says:

    You Can put in My Video for a tutorial
    Search :Binocular addon on YouTube and find the video of GemyGold _

  9. Keyyard says:

    have you apply the Behavior pack?

  10. User says:

    When I was trying to download it, it said that the website that I was redirected to said that it might be trying to steal personal information if I went on it. Please, may you explain this? By the way, I am using McAfee WebAdvisor.

  11. KiKiann says:

    Amazing Addon
    Personally I Like Not Seeing Inside The Binoculars So Maybe Make A Seperare Behavior/Texture Pack For Those Who Want It?
    Also it Would Be Amazing If It Would Zoom In More In My opinion but overall its an amazing addon

  12. Shaunak says:

    Umm this add-on is great but can you make the binoculars zoom more higher and make it look like your looking inside of the binoculars pls then 5 stars

  13. Vexitude says:

    Can u pls make a terreria texture pack pls?

  14. Minecraft Champ says:

    Great addon but could you have it so the binoculars item replaces a extra unused data for a flower so it doesn’t replace anything although this means that you’d only be able to obtain the binoculars from commands unless you edit a villagers .json trade file to have the binoculars in it although if you won’t do this then at least have the binoculars replace a even more useless item and that item is the golden hoe

  15. Anon says:

    Copyright by Terraria

  16. Jay Sao says:

    This So Cool

  17. riester12121 says:

    Can you make it look like your looking inside the binoculars.

  18. James mayrick says:

    Noth are friend in herobrine herobrine as a power in noth in herobrine join in server

  19. CoolStarDood says:

    just an idea, but maybe you should use a golden hoe instead, not only is it more balanced to make, but if a big-time farmer wanted a diamond hoe (so they dont have to keep making hoes), they would get binoculars instead.

    just an idea

  20. Dd says:

    that means you can change the name of the binocular (into german)?

  21. Samu03 says:

    When you use the terraria’s texture of binoculars okno :v
    Cool Add-On ;D

  22. Keyyard says:

    thank for uploading my addon! also this addon support all in-game languages! use ur language instead of English.

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