Biome Parkour: Test Your Parkour Skills!

There are many types of maps in Minecraft. One of them is “Parkour”. So I made a parkour map called “Biome Parkour”. You need to pass 8 levels of parkour. Every level is a different biome (or dimension).

My discord server closed, so if you want to get support DM me (CELLIXID#4279) or join this server:

You start is a hub where you can see credits and play map. There are 8 levels, every level is a map with platforms, slime blocks, ladders and e.t.c. to make it harder. Levels are: Forest, Ocean, Desert, Nether, Mushrooms, Cave, Jungle, End. To pass level you have to step on pressure plate with command block under it. At the end there will be Discord Server link (which doesn’t work) and hub teleporter,

All levels:


Changelog View more

- Removed support server

+ Added my discord tag and Omar Kingdom discord link

+ Edited description


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  1. Guest-6334563195 says:

    Some Jumps are impossible to make

  2. Guest-2076364094 says:

    This looks very fun can’t wait to try it out!

  3. braidenkm says:

    i like the map but since im trash i cant get past the end prat lmao

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