Biomes + Add-on (Update)

Ever wanted more biomes? Well, this is the add-on for you. There are 5 new biomes,8 new blocks and 9 new items.Now let’s look at the new biomes and items and block.

The first biome is the Volcano Biome.A biome filled with Ash blocks(New block),Magma blocks and Coal blocks.

Here’s the picture of the biome.

The next biome is the Burned Desert biome.A desert that got burned that has Burnet Sand(New Block) and Magma blocks.

Here is the picture of the biome.

The Space Rock biome.A biome that come from space!You can find Bluenet blocks(New Block)And Gem Rocks(New Block).

Here’s the picture of the biome.

The last biome is the Space Ore biome.A biome that also came from space that has a new ore called Greeium Ore and also bluenet blocks.

Here’s the picture of the biome.

New Items:

The first item is Blue Gem.A item that can make a Blue Gem Block(New Block).

Here’s the picture.

The next item is Greeium Ingot.You can get it by putting Greeium Ore in the furnace and craft a Greeium Sword and a Greeium Pickaxe(New Items).

Here’s the picture.

How to craft the Greeium Sword.

How to craft the Greeium Pickaxe.

The Greeium Sword.A sword that is craft with Greeium Ingots.Has 5 attack damage

Here’s the picture.

The Greeium Pickaxe.A pickaxe that craft with Greeium Ingots.Has 4 attack damage.

Here’s the picture 

(Update 1)

A new biome called Ever Purple Biome.It has Purple Grass Blocks(New block)In the future it will have giant purple mushrooms in the biome.

Here’s the picture of the biome 

A New way to get greeium ingots 

Now Greeium Ore will Greeium pieces(New item) That can be used to craft a greeium ingot 

A Greeium ingot can now be craft by putting a iron ingot in the middle and greeium piece all around it.

Here’s the picture 

New Armor 

Greeium Armor is a new armor that when wore will give you jump boost and has 32 durability.

This is how to craft it

These are the pictures

And these are the pictures with it on

Press and hold to put on the armor 

How to craft bluenet bricks

I forgot to tell you how craft bluenet bricks so this is how. You put a bluenet block in a stonecutter and you get a bluenet brick

Here’s the picture 

Changes to the Gem Rock block 

The name has change to Blue Gem Ore 

The texture has changed

Here’s the picture 

Changes to the Greeium Sword 

Now it does 6 attack damage 

Changelog View more

(Fixed the Armor ) (Added a new download of the fixed version 

Added A new biome,A new way to get greeium ingots,New armor(greeium armor), change the greeium sword attack damage and change the gem rock block 


Make Sure To Enable Experimental Gameplay


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14

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43 Responses

3.75 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Guest-5049574041 says:

    I can’t use the armor, how can i fix it.

  2. Taaxa says:

    5 stars for creativity and eye appeal. I love the look. -1 star for functionality. Can’t mine or smelt ores in survival. Maybe in creative, but I only play creative to test redstone builds and theories.

    Please don’t take this as negative criticism, I honestly believe you’re on the right track here. Keep working on it and make improvements. I’m subscribed to keep track on this. Looking forward to the updates!

  3. Guest-9140099878 says:

    mobs and more biomes

  4. Guest-4241555093 says:

    if you do maby yull get good comments about the mod and maby only a few bad comments after

  5. Guest-6354921916 says:

    yep you shuld fix those bugs

  6. Guest-2776603109 says:

    yea hes rite you shuld look at those comments

  7. Guest-1437497597 says:

    yea you shuld there are bad comments about the camera angle and the drounding on land

  8. Guest-1075742430 says:

    you shuld read your comments on tiny players addon

  9. Guest-2349446043 says:

    Am I missing something? I have experimental play turned on and the addon successfully installed according to Minecraft. I searched for hours on different seeds and couldn’t find any of the new biomes. Is there something else I should be doing?

  10. Guest-9437233882 says:

    does this have armor

  11. Welp, That’s great addon bro😄😆😉

  12. noobplayminecraft says:

    Not work for 1.14.60 on iOS, when you get blue-gem by using command , the item is invisible in hotbar

  13. Guest-1549135428 says:

    I can’t smelt the ore, make anything or really do anything with this mod, and experimental gameplay is on. Any help?

  14. Guest-9258019895 says:

    the greenium and ores dont work and i have experimental gameplay on.

  15. Guest-8222940315 says:

    Is it good for 1.16?
    Sirve para la 1.16?

  16. Guest-9693368679 says:

    Thanks for not using adfly or linkvertise!

  17. Guest-8868041536 says:

    mine wont work what am i doing wrong?

  18. It looks good but how do you make biomes common? Do you use addons maker?

  19. Star737 says:

    It’s Great!!! i don’t even have to ask for anything !

  20. Guest-2189171683 says:

    this is the best!

  21. Guest-8592405852 says:

    Second, very cool addon can you add an orchard tree biome that has banana trees, apple trees, pear trees, and orange trees.

  22. Wernes14 says:

    useless, sorry

  23. Guest-6926844583 says:

    (first) nice addon.

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