Birds Mod

Flamingos, ostriches and parrots are just three of the 14 birds added to the game if you install the Birds Mod. Not all birds can fly but some of them can which definitely adds a lot of realism to an otherwise “birdless” world. Killing birds will bring you special rewards, some items which can be used to craft the Magical Feather armor set.

Creator: Qbot Industries, Twitter Account

How to find the birds?

The only way to spawn them is to use the Too Many Items mod to get the spawn eggs. Then tap on the ground with the eggs to make them spawn. All item IDs can be found further down.

As some of the birds can fly and move really quick it was hard to get good pictures of them. That’s why we put together this short video featuring some of the flying birds.

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Robin Spawn Egg (488)
  • Penguin Spawn Egg (489)
  • Peacock Spawn Egg (490)
  • Crow Spawn Egg (491)
  • Seagull Spawn Egg (492)
  • Owl Spawn Egg (493)
  • Toucan Spawn Egg (494)
  • Parrot Spawn Egg (495)
  • Phoenix Spawn Egg (496)
  • Eagle Spawn Egg (497)
  • Robo Cluck Spawn Egg (498)
  • Duck Spawn Egg (499)
  • Ostrich Spawn Egg (500)
  • Flamingo Spawn Egg (501)
  • Magic Feather Helmet (502) – 5 magic feathers
  • Magic Feather Chestplate (503) – 8 magic feathers
  • Magic Feather Leggings (504) – 7 magic feathers
  • Magic Feather Boots (505) – 4 magic feathers
  • Big Bird Meat (506)
  • Magic Feather (507) – dropped by birds
  • Fire Feather (508) – dropped by Phoenix birds
  • Big Bird Meat Booked (509)
  • Fire Sword (510) – 2 fire feathers + 1 stick

Install Guide

  1. Press download to install the app using Google Play.
  2. Open the new app.
  3. Select the Birds Mod and scroll down to the bottom to find the install buttons for the mod and textures.
  4. Launch BlockLauncher, enable the mod .js file and install the textures.


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