BirdsPlus Add-On

I love birds , so I made add-on, that’s include 10 new birds in the game. Soon there’ll be more birds types. Most of birds you can tame with using cookies.

New vanilla birds behaviour:


Now, you can tame parrots with using cookies. Don’t worry they’ll not die.


Now you can breed them , with using sweet berries or cookies. They’ll also follow you , if you’ll show these items. Chickens sometimes lay feathers.

I also wanted to make chickens tameable , but anything didn’t worked. Maybe some of can help me , with making them tameable.

New birds:

Before you’ll read about new birds:

Most of birds you can tame with using cookies.

Birds have angry and tamed skins(most of birds).


Month ago I made kiwi add-on. But there I upgrade kiwi. Now they’re little thieves, that will not back your item. But they robbering only some types of food. Now , kiwies can screech at night like a stupid foxes, but kiwies better. You can also tame them , with using all types of seeds, sweet berries or cookies.

Giant eagle

Excting New Zeland predator, that hunted to moa and peoples. To defeat him use netherite armor set , sword and golden apples. Mob has only 15 heath.


Another extinged birds, that’s looks liked an ostrich. Be careful it’s very dangerous. They’re tameable with using cakes, cookies or cocoa , but tame them fast. Rideable with using saddle.


They’re textures were based on Billey’s Mobs’s ducks. Ducklings have their own textures.


Yellow duckling = white duck.

Brown duckling = green duck.

Ducks , also very good swimmers. You can tame them with using seeds , bread or cookies. Ducks will also give you some things.


Sea predators , that hunts turtles, wild ducks, wild penguins, squids, foxes, dolphins and you (if you hit them first).


Very funny , when they walking. Penguins usually spawns in frozen oceans. You can tame them with using fish , cooked fish and cookies!


Him behaviour , looks like a moa , but he don’t like cakes. Use cookies or cocoa beans, to tame him.


Extinced bird, that spawns everywhere. You can tame them with using seeds or cookies.


They’re hunts bats and rabbits. To tame them use only rabbit (RAW).

Like a parrot tamed owls , can seats on you.


  1. Download add-On.
  2. Active in game.
  3. Enjoy!


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16 Responses

5 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Guest-9290414078 says:

    Why do like every single of your mobs in your addons kill foxes? It’s just pretty crazy. Do you hate Star Fox that’s why?

  2. Guest-3575175133 says:

    Hey where do owl and giant eagle (Haast’s eagle) spawn?

  3. Guest-2407615382 says:

    where do moa spawn

  4. Guest-1259527497 says:

    does anyone know how to tame the giant eagle i am having trouble

  5. Guest-4330974355 says:

    Ah yes the Orca my fave bird

  6. Guest-3004994124 says:

    Can you fix the textures of the bird…?

  7. The loop says:

    And this is another five star rating!

  8. The loop says:

    Hey, thank you so so much for making this add-on. I really appreciate it. Please add tamable sparrows or hummingbirds that can also sit on your shoulder after taming them.

  9. Guest-8137983935 says:

    Wait can u make an inside out addon

  10. Guest-8030816010 says:

    Heya can u make a warg adddon from game of thrones plz? And make them tameable

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