Black Ops 3 Weapons Mod (DesnoGuns Addon)

This is an addon for the popular DesnoGuns weapons mod. If you’ve ever played Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, it’s highly likely you’ll recognize the look and names of the weapons included as they are all based on the weapons in that game. If you like science fiction then these weapons will definitely interest you.

Creator: Black_DeathPE, Twitter Account
Updated: 31 July, 2016


Weapon IDs

At this point none of the weapons have any crafting recipes. You can use the SimpleCommands (/give [ID]) mod to get the items.

To find information about ammunition click here to open a new page for the DesnoGuns page.

Assault Rifles

  • KN-44 (2301)
  • HVK-30 (2302)
  • ICR-1 (2303)
  • Man-O-War (2304)
  • Sheiva (2305)

Submachine Guns

  • Kuda (2306)
  • VMP (2307)
  • Weevil (2308)
  • Vesper (2309)
  • Razorback (2310)
  • PPSh 41 (2400)
  • The Grim Reaper (2401)


  • KRM-262 (2311)
  • 205 Brecci (2312)
  • Haymaker 12 (2313)
  • Argus (2314)

Light Machine Guns

  • BRM (2315)
  • Dingo (2316)
  • Gorgon (2317)

Sniper Rifles

  • Drakon (2319)
  • Locus (2320)
  • SVG-100 (2321)
  • FY-JS (2402)
  • SVG-100 IRNV (2321)


  • MR6 (2322)
  • L-CAR 9 (work in progress)
  • M1911 (2403)
  • Annihilator (2332)


  • XM-53 (2323)

black-ops-3-weapons-4 black-ops-3-weapons-3 black-ops-3-weapons-2

Equip the SVG-100 IRNV sniper rifle and snipe monsters from afar.


Install Guide

  1. Begin by downloading DesnoGuns and install it.
  2. Then download the Black Ops 3 Weapons Addon (download link is found further down on this page).
  3. The downloaded file should be a .modpkg file. If it isn’t, then rename the file extension to .modpkg
  4. Start BlockLauncher, press the wrench in the top-center of the screen > Manage ModPE Scripts > ImportLocal Storage > Find your Downloads folder and then select the .modpkg file.
  5. Restart BlockLauncher and go in-game to use the new weapons.

Download Black Ops 3 Weapons Addon (required)
Download DesnoGuns (required)

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96 Responses

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  1. Master Of Disaster says:

    Please create a version for iOS.🙏🏽😿

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pls make mcpack or addon version

  3. Owen says:

    Make a nother gun mod pls there not that mutch

  4. Bertha says:

    How do u get the guns?

  5. 28jarobbins says:

    Why want this work !

  6. 28jarobbins says:

    Minecraft is boring without guns.

  7. 28jarobbins says:

    I like this website

  8. 28jarobbins says:

    I need my weapons .

  9. 28jarobbins says:

    This is old .

  10. Oscar upfold says:

    this is the best but it dose not work on pocket edition still i have it on computer awesome mod want lots more guns thanks!!!!!!

  11. Human says:

    Does it works on mcpe 1.4.1?
    Pls tell me

  12. Mc4lyfe says:

    Can U use this on non-android or not?

  13. A human says:

    Does it works on mc 1.5.0?

  14. Anonymous says:

    How i can install it?

  15. Anonymous says:

    i love black ops guns

  16. slidersniper says:

    is there crafting recipes to the guns?

  17. Ali55555 says:

    Why it says ” you need desnoguns v ro18″ but the desnoguns mod is already v ro25?

  18. Anonymous says:

    umm can u post it for AMAZON DEVICES 4 CHRISTS SAKE

  19. xXKiNgXx says:

    Can you please make a ios one the same but ios plz😔

  20. Rob says:

    Cool but doesn’t work all of the times I use it!

  21. Hey says:

    I have downloaded both file and install them to the game. but when i go to blocklauncher, the game crash can someone help me with this

  22. KidBobsWorld says:

    To clarify is this an add-on?

  23. SuperPig says:

    does this work for IOS

  24. Cool guy says:

    Can iOS download gun how

  25. Soccerboy287 says:

    I can’t download any apps to install it and I don’t have a file composer.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Awsome it works!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Love it bro

  28. Gyroscopic says:

    I meant to comment that on Desno Gun Mod. Oops!

  29. Gyroscopic says:

    I see it was updated in July. Is it Windows 10 compatible now? I doubt it anyway but I’d rather ask than thinking it might’ve been and I completely missed out.

  30. James says:

    Does this work

  31. Walker says:

    Can you please make it for windows 10 edition

  32. Hussain says:

    I like minecraft because there are most addons

  33. Iziah says:

    Umm I have denso guns mod installed but it doesn’t work

  34. QWERTY says:

    can you please make one for iOS/MAC OS X

  35. Billy says:

    Is it available for ios cause mine is downloading

  36. Mattyboi says:

    Please as a big fan of black ops 3 make it so i can pls use it on minecraft windows 10 if you do your godly

  37. Hena says:

    Gooood weapons

  38. Joshua says:

    I love this site because I just had a great feeling that this would help me a lot

  39. Jordan says:

    How do I get ad fly to stop piping up on iOS I really won’t to try this but adfly is won’t stop

  40. Notch says:

    It say to me i havent install the texture packs pls help i dont know what to do

  41. Shae says:

    I love this add on but fix the problem with the elytra

  42. Lol says:

    What skin on the screenshot

  43. Pokemon says:

    I tink is a good game

  44. D3AD_BLADES4204 says:

    Does This Work For Windows 10 How?

  45. D3AD_BLADES4204 says:

    Is This Possible for Windows 10 ? How?

  46. Luke says:

    Can you do an updated version with all the new dlc weapons and add grenades and tomahawks

  47. Kyle says:

    Hehehehe love it.

  48. Rhino4ever says:

    Maybe you could add armour just a suggestion you don’t have to could be cool though great add on anyway

  49. Rhino4ever says:

    Pls help me I’m in 0.15.6 and I can’t find the black ops armour plz give me the id

  50. Anonymous says:

    thank u u r da best guy i ever met….!!!!! i mean u editor.u r very active and helpfull……!!!!!!!!! thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  51. Anonymous says:

    Can u give me a separate link to download the black ops III addons? Becuzzz in our country early is banned…..plzzzzzzzz reply…..^_^

  52. TetchedCircle21 says:

    I love this mod, and it’s especially good for Blood Magic.

  53. Radcliff says:

    Hello! What application should be used to use mods? Toolbox? Blocklauncher?

    Please give me links to the compatible application of 0.15.4

  54. pio3 says:

    It keeps saying I haven’t installed the textures for the addon,but there is no
    textures.plz help

    • Editor says:

      When you downloaded the file was it a modpkg file? If so, did you use BlockLauncher to install the modpkg file?

      If it was a zip file then try rename the file extension to .modpkg

  55. Maria says:

    Pls help where can I get ammunition its not on creative pls help me how to craft it pls editor

  56. Ryan says:

    My Block Launcher are crashed and i cant load the mod,is there any other way to load the mod ?

  57. Ronmel says:

    Yes! I fixed it and its so cool. But one thing, why can’t I reload my guns even when it says tap the reload text to reload my gun?

  58. Brian says:

    Cool Mod 😀 Can you make Black Ops Wonder Weapon Like Raygun Mark 2 Elemental Staff From Origin.Wrath Of ancient.And Apothicon Servant

  59. Luke says:

    I love this mod can you download it? If possible let me know

  60. Jio says:

    Does the desnoguns mod work on 0.14.0 how will this work?

  61. Cold Fire says:

    Please help i do modpkg to zip but it says bad zip file

  62. Ichidis says:

    I can’t use this mod :’) because block launcher said, “scripts are not supported yet in minecraft pe 0.14.0”

  63. Galaxy_30 says:

    pls helpp it wont work it always says desnoguns not installed (r012 or above) pls give me a video tutorial D:

  64. T-Bone says:

    Cool I like it

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