Black TNT Run [Minigame]

This map is a type of minigame where you have to run and jump across a field of mines. The mines are in fact pressure plates which trigger a TNT block if stepped on. Each level looks a little bit different and we recommend that you carefully plan your route before starting as you can never stop and think during a level.

Creator: BlackZero, Twitter Account

How to play?

In each level the objective is to get safely over to the other side by jumping on the pressure plates. Don’t stay too long on one spot as then you will fall down to certain death.

After completing a level you should take the gold ingot and bring it to the “ender chest” to access the next level. It is not real ender chests! This works for 0.16!

black-tnt-run-3 black-tnt-run-1


  • Don’t break/place any blocks
  • Play in survival mode


We created a .McWorld link as many of our visitors use them. If the creator sees this and want it replaced with his own link he can contact us here.

Did you like this map? Check out the second one in this map series here!

Recommended: Download Map .McWorld
Optional: Download as a .ZIP file

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24 Responses

  1. TheCreeperExplodes says:

    Im a noob at this

  2. The Minecraft Critic says:

    Nice map! So challenging. It almost seemed impossible to me at some point! I didn’t experience any bugs or problems with the map. Although on mobile (instead of windows) it seemed WAY more harder. You should of made it a bit more colourful, give life to it you know? Although, I’m pretty sure that’s why it’s called the BLACK TNT run. Anyway. 3/5 stars from The Minecraft Critic!

  3. Ethan says:

    Editor I have a question.
    How do you make addons so quickly?
    Do you create them or do you “export” them.
    Also would you like us ,the community, to give you addons suggestions or is it just annoying to you? If so sorry and have a nice day! 🙂

  4. lbsgJK says:

    The map and the editing is great the only problem is when ever I try to run I drop even when I run like I really running but I keep falling too quickly…I think it’s a bug from the update because you suppose to have seconds before you fall.

  5. Ritik Patel says:

    Editor I can’t get on the map that I opened. Is Osman a 0.17.0 map? I’m on iOS btw,

  6. EthanIsCool says:

    Sorry but I don’t really like it because every time I fail I can’t do anything about it

  7. ScarletDevil57 says:

    Just realized the map name is black run.(so says the post, at least) Uh, that’s a little odd.

  8. TheGrassySceptile says:

    It’s great and all but if you fail you have to keep installing the map again, which sucks.

  9. TheDiamondDuplicator says:

    How Do You Make A .mcworld file on ios

    • Rustelk2930 says:

      Do you mean post a map? here are some instructions, but I don’t know how to upload it to mcpedl.
      Download iExplorer and click on free demo in bottom right. Hit apps then minecraft pe then documents, com.mojang, minecraftWorlds. Copy a world file to your computer (the latest worlds played should be near the top. To make sure add back the world to your device and join on it(Should be at the bottom on minecraft.))

  10. Ice Bot says:

    How do you install maps and addons with .McWorld or .McPack? I’m using Kindle Fire 8.

  11. ScarletDevil57 says:

    Ouch, it’s 17.0 only. You might want to put that in the title, Editor. IOS users might get mislead by this.

  12. NFCorp2016 says:

    Hey Editor do you know how my pepole downloaded doctor Husk

  13. BQGhastVN says:

    Cool ! Thanks EDITOR.

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