Blaze King Add-on (1.16+)

This add-on will diversity your game with a new mob – Blaze King. Blaze king this is a new mini boss that will be spawn in nether. This addon is perfect for survival.

Blaze king:

He natural spawned in nether. Has 50 health and 8 damage. Shooting firebolls. He can also drop netherite scrap and blaze rod. In the future blaze king will be spawned in a special structure. 

Write your ideas and maybe i make them.

This mod will still be finalized, and if you find a bug, write in the comments.


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35 Responses

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  1. Noobs_4_le_lunch says:

    Please continue this like you said. This needs sounds, even the old blaze ones work. The shields should be able to deflect things such as projectiles attacks or both. He just flys away when you attack. He does not spawn naturally. The only good thing is the texture and the drop is ok.

  2. Chad Man says:

    Will this add-on ever be updated again or has it been forgotten about? I hope it hasn’t because this is such a great concept

  3. Sunbun1232 says:

    I will give you credit, can i use this in my addon

  4. Guest-5567419113 says:

    I think that it should have a throne room in a nether fortress with the throne being made of red nether brick or Blackstone, If you can’t add a room to an existing structure, then make a new one that has the same rooms as a fortress but with a throne room. It should also have a blaze spawner as the peak of the throne. It should also be a bit tougher.

  5. Guest-9686161663 says:

    Mojang should of added this with the Nether Update. Just sayin.

  6. Pericles3601 says:

    these floating parts would make a great cover

  7. Give him atleast 100 health and 16 damage to make him an actual threat.

  8. Guest-3084969940 says:

    Will there more updates ?

  9. Guest-7290873152 says:

    Maybe if you get the chance, you could attempt to make the other two mobs that never made it in the game

  10. Guest-7796494173 says:

    Plsss make more hard. 200life 30dmg

  11. SKY KK says:

    Make him not only one not to be twice – with a 300 army just minions so it make hard and more powerfull so how to i know that powerfull easy when blaze king defeat theres will be powerfull soul will go up in blaze king body [death body] and it will enchant blaze king and turn into creature and more bigger you can only kill blaze king if the blaze king soul will be defeat or it blaze king will be more bigger and bigger and more powerfull and powerfull than only he have power

  12. Guest-6438826816 says:

    Nice addon can you make a nother one that called ‘monster of the deepth oceans’. It supposed to be a monster that live in oceans that can drown players into Ocean’s

  13. CubeMaster says:

    Make it stronger, as strong as netherite, Make a King-like creature, completely different from normal blazes, make it more like the picture mojang gave us. he needs a crown, not a thorn, This has so much potential…

  14. Liam TDP says:

    Hey there nice addon not bad Maybe you add some animations on the blaze king and make him summon blazes also make him fly and make him larger

  15. DNDmerx says:

    great addon,but that mob is not called blaze king,it has its own name and its The Hovering Inferno

    it would be cool if you changed its name to its actual name,just a suggestion

  16. Guest-6349019643 says:

    1. Can you please make it fly about 2-6 blocks higher
    2. When you hit it it begins to go up
    3. Can you add more drops like gold or 1 netherite scrap

  17. Guest-8349804967 says:

    Pls Do a Piglin Chief That’s Cool!

  18. Guest-1852414096 says:

    Here’s a small idea, maybe you can add fire particals all around him to make him seem more intimidating.

  19. xXMelvinFanXz says:

    Oh my The Blaze king aka the hovering inferno it should had an ability to summon blazes and create a Shockwave attack like how jeb says in the mob vote

  20. Guest-4496485741 says:

    Hello you should make it so the arms of mob can drop as a special shield that does something special like set the enemy on fire if they hit the shield if it’s possible I don’t really know but there’s a suggestion.

  21. THEDARKWOLF9669 says:

    Dosnt work

  22. Guest-2043925115 says:

    Bug: When you hit the blaze king, he just starts flying up into the air and never stops

  23. Swagboi7 says:

    So are you planning on adding the other mob vote mobs

  24. Guest-9957048634 says:

    Nice addon mate!!! Make a water blaze that is tameable Also

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