Blinking Mobs (Beta)

Now all mobs, or well, most since not all of them have eyelids, will have a very good blinking animation in their eyes that will give them a realistic touch during the game.

Who wouldn’t want to spice up their game with creatures that can blink? And best of all, you don’t need a behavior package for this.

The plugin is still in beta, at the moment only some creatures have the blink animation, this because not all entities have the same types of entity file, animation and animation control. I’ll be uploading little betas that will have more creatures with this animation, like this until the plugin ends. There are creatures that realistically do not have eyelids (insects, skeletons, etc), they will not have animation here.

Thanks to KID丶SKY for teaching me how to do this kind of animations, also thanks to Netongas NG for helping me to correct a problem in this package. 🙂






Zombie Villager



Piglin Brute








Remember that the rest of the creatures will be added from time to time.

Due to my work outside the home, I don’t have much time to continue developing my plugins, but sometimes I have a day off and I take advantage of it to continue developing them.


The original link only contains a shortener, adding your own shorteners and captchas is prohibited.

When entering the download you should only skip all the advertising, avoid it and not allow notifications of this, for your safety.

If you are going to make a video about this add-on, you must leave the link to this page and not to the direct download, because when there is an update the previous link will be deactivated.

And please give me credits.


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Normally I upload progress of my plugins on my Facebook page and on my Twitter, if you have something to tell me or report to me about my plugins you can tell me through my networks.

Changelog View more

V0.3 Beta

-Zombie Villager



-Piglin Brute








-Slightly improved animations

-Fixed bug that caused animations to not play on some devices

V0.2 Beta






-Adaptable to textures, as long as they adjust to the position of the eye

V0.1 Beta


- The Creeper and Enderman textures in the files have been removed.

- Blink animation adjusts to whatever texture you have as long as your eyes are where the animation is.

- Enderman, Zombie, Husk and Blaze creatures now have animation.

- More creatures in upcoming betas!


To install the ZIP file you just have to go to your Downloads folder, unzip the file and move the texture folder to the path "games/com.mojang /resource_packs", so that you will have the add-on available in the game.

To install the MCPACK file you must go to your Downloads folder, touch the file and in the options to Open you must choose Minecraft, this will open the game and automatically import the texture.

It is necessary that every time you update the add-on you delete the previous folder so that there is no problem with Minecraft detecting duplicate packages.

You only need to download one file, they both work the same, it's just up to you how you want to install it.


Supported Minecraft versions


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54 Responses

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  1. (Look at the date of this comment)
    For the followers or fans of the package: Maybe many things stopped working or are failing. When will there be an update? I have no date but I assure you that I have already corrected and improved absolutely everything, new animations and more. I want this package to stop being beta, so its next update will be official with most of the mobs flashing or with some improved animation 😉
    Thanks for waiting

  2. KingGamingFR says:

    I WANT THE SPIDER TO BE IN HERE SO BAD!!! it would look creepy and awesome at the same time

  3. tonypraf says:

    Hey I noticed you made a mistake. The chicken eyes are like the sheeps byt only the black parts are visible bc the rest of the chicken is white (look closely and you’ll see it) so can you make all 4 pixel blink not just the 2 can you fix it?

  4. Jayve_G says:

    Hey dude can i use this for my shader? I give u credit if i released my shader btw nice texture

  5. SkeleyVamp says:

    Thank you so much for making this, but can you make all mobs blink and can you make mobs open their mouths when they make a sound

  6. Dontmindme says:

    can you try to make face animation for mobs ex. zombie opens mouth , villager eyebrows move , creeper eyes turns red , pig eyes move side to side and etc

  7. XxHyph3NxX says:

    For some reason I can’t see them blink, is there something I need to enable in my world to make this work? (Mobile Bedrock Edition)

  8. Noob Mcpe says:

    Hi Dark Gato MC!! Nice addon and i want to tell you can you add more mobs blinking like cow, sheep, chicken, pig, villager, and pillager?? Please reply this massage thank you 🙂

  9. dorlonkho says:

    If possible, add animations for skeletons, strays, drowns, wither skeletons, villagers, and other animals.

  10. dorlonkho says:

    Thank you! I’ve been waiting for an update for this add-on! I love you!

  11. XxHyph3NxX says:

    Your honestly a really good creator! What I hope to see in the future is: the finished version of blinking mobs, a fix to animated blocks (the zombified piglins turn into their old version and the nether waves around but i dont recommend removing it since it shows how hot the nether is!), animated items.

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like my little plugins. I work on them in my spare time, although I am usually away from home most of the day.
      As for Animated Blocks, I have removed the vision movement in the Nether, although it has also been removed while being underwater, I think it could have been the cause that some people made their world appear invisible.
      The animated items will be part of Animated Blocks, although due to a bug in Minecraft they do not reproduce their animation.

    • The Zombified Piglin error that is made in Zombie Pigman I cannot solve it since it is a Minecraft bug, it does not happen to me with my addons but with others.

  12. Microbot says:

    Please update!!!

  13. Microbot says:

    Is so cool and cute

  14. americamx says:

    It doesn’t work for windows 10?

  15. Beam006 says:

    But don’t give fish and squids a blinking because in realife they don’t have eyelids

  16. heitorviniciusbrandt162006 says:

    hey man continues it’s a great proposal good job

  17. Shurifera says:

    I’ve seen this in Java before, but I never thought I’d see this in Bedrock. I like it so far!

    My only hopes for this pack are that these mobs won’t blink:

    – Skeletons/Wither Skeletons/Skeleton Horses
    – Drowned
    – Phantoms
    – The Player (It would affect certain skins, and Character Creator skins can already blink)

    Mobs I hope will blink:

    – Wandering Trader
    – Llamas (including Wandering Trader’s llama)
    – Fox (And its snow variant)
    – Silverfish
    – Endermite
    – Piglins (including the Piglin Brutes)
    – Zombified Piglins

    That’s all I have to say for now.

    • GaminBary0nyx says:

      Shurifera you have cool ideas for the creator of this pack but when you say zombified piglin, is it meant to only blink with one eye (winking)?

    • XxHyph3NxX says:

      You have awesome ideas and i agree! Although I dont understand why phantoms and drowned shouldnt blink, i understand that drowned are underwater and all that stuff but it would be cooler to have them blink since zombies (that would blink) turn into them and they sometimes go on the surface. And I also know that phantoms are ghost-like creatures but i think it would look cooler if they blink (unless they dont have eyelids lol)

  18. oh my that is soo cool! i was wondering if you could make zombies and other mobs have animations like “crawling” or their head comeing off maybye?

  19. That creeper face resembles me at 5 am trying to code skins in.

  20. Can you make a 32×32 Multipixel texture pack version? PLS

  21. Atoniox123 says:

    Buen add-on ya quiero ver a los zombie parpadiando

  22. Random_Person says:

    Nice 🙂

  23. ElectricBoiz321 says:


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