Block Challenge Survival (Function)

This function is made for everyone who has defeated the ender dragon many times and now thinks that it is too easy. So here you get a little challenge which makes your survival worlds a bit more difficult.

The challenge: stand on certain blocks from time to time.

First create your world (survival), activate cheats and add the function to your world.

Then type in your chat /function install

You will get a command block and some short instructions.
Place the commandblock and set him to one of these settings:

As you can see, there are 3 different difficulty modes – easy, normal and hard – and you have to decide for one of it at the beginning (because you can`t change it later anymore).
If everythings is right, the function automatically starts.
At the beginning you will get some “start items” (not in hard mode):

Then you have 15 – 20 (easy) / 10 – 15 (normal) / 3 – 7 (hard) minutes time until you get the first instruction (the block on which you have to stand). When you got an instruction, you have 10 (easy) / 5 (normal) / 4 (hard) minutes time to get the right block. While the last 10 seconds there will be a countdown and at the latest then you should stand on this block. If it is the right block you can go on with the challange in this world and you have 15-20/10-15/3-7 (depending on the mode) minutes again until you will get the next instruction. But if you didn`t get the right block or it is not the right block or you don`t stand at the right time on the block, you will be killed and every time you try to respawn you will be killed instantly. This means you can`t play in this world anymore and you must try the challenge in a new world.
It is also possible to play the challenge in multiplayer, but then it is a bit easyer, because only one player has to stand on the block (not all).

Which block you get (130 possible blocks) and the time between the instructions (15-20/10-15/3-7 minutes > you don’t know how many minutes it is) are completely random.
Only in the easy mode the chance to get an easier block is a bit higher.

for example:

Last but not least: 130 blocks are many blocks. So I didn`t try if the function identify every block right.
So when you find one where that is the case, I`m very sorry, but please write me a comment, so that I can fix it.

I hope you have fun and it is not too easy 🙂

Changelog View more
  • added 3 different difficulty modes to the function
  • fixed a little bug with a block
  • changed the discription


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24 Responses

3.56 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. SKYNET says:

    For some reason I don’t see the block I have to stand.

  2. Guest-6334915205 says:

    can you make it so if playing in multiplayer everyone needs to stand in a different block?

  3. Guest-8422180471 says:

    One of the best addons i ever seen!!

  4. KiwiKitten says:

    I really like this! Nice and challenging

  5. Guest-9287978452 says:

    I love sandwitch

  6. Guest-8566730729 says:

    Only put 4⭐s because I haven’t tried it yet. I love the concept and will try it out.

  7. Danieal550 says:

    good job buddy🙂

  8. Guest-3133945140 says:


  9. I`m sorry for all who speaking no english (or not good), but I won`t add any other language-versions (btw I`m also not an native english speaker) because that would be really too much work. 🙂

  10. Guest-5277964290 says:

    I speak Indonesia

  11. Guest-8351927709 says:

    Any way to tweak the timing in the function? I’ve tried to open the .mcfunction in VS Code and I can’t seems to understand the timing command/function. Nice challenge btw!

    • I don`t no if VS Code can read the code.
      For program my functions I use Notepad++.
      install it, import the function in minecraft in your world, open your explorer (all your saved files) and search for “minecraftWorlds”. there you have to find the right world. then you find the exported functions in the “behavior packs” folder. right-click the “block_challenge_engine.mcfunction” and click “edit with Notepad++”.
      Then you can see the whole code.
      there is no other way to change the time ingame.
      If it is too complicate for you, write me a reply with the times you want and maybe I will add a second version. 🙂

      • Guest-3068233572 says:

        Maybe reducing the instruction wait time from 10-15 minutes to 3-5 minutes would be nice (and makes it even challenging). But I want to learn about it though. What’s the difference between timer, sek_timer and event_time?

        • The time in minecraft is structured in so-called ticks. because 20 ticks are one second in real life, the scoreboard “timer” always counts one second. both scoreboards, “sek_timer” and “event_time”, count the seconds (for example event_time: 15 minutes x 60 seconds = 900 seconds), but always alternately.
          –> event_time counts the time between the instructions (randomly due to the scoreboard event_start 10,11,12,13,14 or 15 minutes)
          –> sec_timer always counts 5 minutes for the time you have for the instruction
          when they have count their time, they reset themselfes and the other one starts.
          is it that what you want to know?

  12. Guest-2740127996 says:

    Can you create a Spanish version? Because I speak spanish

  13. Guest-6672642725 says:


  14. Alisu_Shimada says:

    Could you update the travel base with new structures?

  15. Guest-4443974249 says:


  16. Guest-1848937354 says:

    imagije the first block you have to stand is an end stone

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