Block Identifier

An addon that will enable you to determine what is the block that you are looking at. It is a very useful tool especially for beginners that are still learning how to play the game to help them to familiarize themselves on various different blocks of the game.

It is an addon inspired by a very known mod called “WAILA” which stands for “What am I looking at”. A very powerful tool especially for beginners to determine what block they are looking at

But now, it has been implemented through the use of behavior packs.

It supports every block in the game (and soon, it will support block states, block data, and directions which I am still working on so be on the look on that)

Here are some of the examples:

And if you are still not convinced yet, this addon even support blocks that are usually unobtainable in survival or can only be gained through the use of commands. Blocks such as these:

and many many more, including the new block in the nether update.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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24 Responses

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  1. Zeval Pahlevi says:

    update to!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can i use this in my addon, I will give you Credit though.

  3. Guest-9714830286 says:

    Can Dakonblockrose use this for Crazycraft 2.0

  4. I’m pretty sure the whole purpose of WAILA is to help when there are many mods installed. At least give a template showing how to support custom blocks.

  5. MajorExperiments says:

    Cool, but please make unsupportive link.

  6. Guest-9915988306 says:

    Is it possible to make it for custom block as well?

  7. Sunbun1232 says:

    Can i use this in my map ? I will give you Credit.

  8. Does this work with custom blocks?

  9. Guest-5394522511 says:

    Just a suggestion but can u pls move the text? (just a suggestion don’t hate)

  10. Guest-8515612146 says:

    bro this is actual so good

  11. AZ12YT says:

    Make it a mediafire download please

  12. Guest-1022653748 says:

    excellent addon man, but you could not make it look in other languages ​​like Spanish? Or that it can be deactivated quickly without having to remove it and put it on? it’s still a very good addon men

  13. Guest-2852217766 says:

    You can make a version translated into Spanish Please

  14. Genial uwu, esto funciona con otros addon ns?

  15. Guest-3865661357 says:

    How should I downloadthis on xbox? Recource or Behavior?

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