Block Indicators Mod

The Block Indicators Mod is simple but useful for anyone who want to easily find the IDs for blocks in-game. All you need to do is to select a block by long-tapping it. A notification will then appear showing the name and ID for the block. It’s especially useful now when commands are an official feature for Minecraft Pocket Edition as you’ll need to know some IDs to give certain blocks to yourself or others.

Creator: ExtremeG, Twitter Account

How does it work?

Long-tap on a block to open a tooltip box which contains the name as well as the item ID and data type. It’s quite useful if you are new to Minecraft or if you for some other reason easily want to be able to access the block IDs without having to go to some website.


One case when this mod could come handy is if you want to use the in-game text commands to obtain a certain block, e.g. some birch wood logs.

Just type the following command and you’ll get it: /give <INSERT USERNAME> log 1 2

This will give you one birch wood. It’s the number 2 which indicates the data type for birch wood.


Important: This a ModPE mod which only works for Android users!


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17 Responses

3.5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. ???? says:

    If it’s android only, THEN WHY DIDN”T IT SAY ANDROID ONLY?? I just want pack for my phone to play on!

  2. Marcell says:

    Link didnt work

  3. It's ya boy says:

    I wish it was for ios too


  4. Aziah says:

    AWESOME mod got it on ios

  5. Lightwave says:

    Something seems to be wrong about the download. The webpage is not loading. Maybe it got removed……

  6. Indigo says:

    Why is all the good stuff for android? I’m trying not to complain but honestly!!! Anyway, it seems cool, so I’ll like it.

  7. Teguh says:

    hay editor why this mod doesn’t work in minecraft PE version android

  8. Ahlixy says:

    Confused…Is dis for 1.0.3?

  9. MAGICAL says:

    Really cool mod but does other blocks work i meant like not vanilla minecraft blocks like lucky blocks? Can the block indicator do it?

  10. GodDragon1145 says:

    Why didn’t make it addon??
    So it more easier… Please…

  11. Erwin Ortega says:

    Hey Editor idol why only android users why not ios because we can buy android but my mom don’t want me to buy that so imberecing pls make a addon like Ender dragon in ios users pls make I just want a Ender dragon I never see the Ender dragon in ios but in YouTube I see a Ender dragon

  12. DozenLegacy114 says:

    No in Mcpe you can just type /give (username) diamond_sword 2
    Or /give (username) diamond 64 you don’t need the block ID to do it anymore

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