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Published on January 22, 2016 (Updated on January 22, 2016)

Block Placer & Breaker Mod

The Block Placer & Breaker Mod adds four types of block which allow you to more easily create automated processes for destroying and placing blocks. The functionality of the different types of blocks are fairly easy to understand and so is the idea of usage.

Creator: wilco375

Block Breakers

These blocks will check if there is a block in front of it and if there is one it will be destroyed and placed in the chest. The only difference with the redstone breaker is that it will only act if there's an active redstone signal.

  • Block Breaker (216) - 8 cobblestones + 1 iron pickaxe
  • Redstone Block Breaker (218) - 5 cobblestones + 1 iron pickaxe + 3 redstones

Block Placers

These blocks check for blocks in front and if it's an empty space a block will be taken from the chest and placed down in front of the block placer. The only difference between the normal block placer and the redstone block placer is the fact that the second only will act if there's an active redstone signal.

  • Block Placer (215) - 8 cobblestones + 1 iron shovel
  • Redstone Block Placer (217) - 5 cobblestones + 1 iron shovel + 3 redstones

In the example below I placed a crafting table in the chest and as you can see in the second image it appeared in front of the block.

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Do you think that mod should support seeds being placed by Block Placers and destroyed by Block Breaker?
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What versions can this be installed on? I have 0.15.0 , would that work?
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I like that , thank you so much !
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Any possibility of instructions on how to install to Mcpe master?
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Find more info about the MCPE Master Launcher here:
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