BlockDataParser Mod (Android)

This mod is very useful for building maps as it lets you clone chests and command blocks and their containing items, blocks or commands. If you find yourself often rewriting commands or similar tasks then this mod is suitable for you. This actually appears to be an official feature for the PC version of Minecraft.

Creator: JoePaleto, Twitter Account

How does it work?

In this first example I am going to clone a command block. You can insert any type of command and in this case I added a command (/time set 15000) which will set the time of day to night.

Close the command block window and then tap on the block with an iron sword to clone it.

As soon as you’ve done that you will receive a new command block in your inventory. It’s an exact copy of the previous one. To demonstrate this I placed it down on the ground and accessed the command block user interface. And as you can see, it does contain the text command which I previously added to the other block.

The same feature can be used for cloning chests. Place down a chest and then add whatever items or block you want. Tap on the chest with an iron sword to clone it.

Then place down the cloned block on the ground and it will contain all of the items and blocks you added to the original block.

Important: This is an addon which requires BlockLauncher which is a third-party app for Android.

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22 Responses

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  1. Natalka says:

    To jest super

  2. Playtai17 Roblox says:

    this is to awsome

  3. Fidget says:

    Does this work on console if I get around Microsoft’s “NO MODS” rule?

  4. Dreamers amv says:

    Hey i tried this but how do i use the apk

  5. Ihelppeople withproblems says:

    this post is pretty old but if you are scared of viruses or dont know how to install it i got you covered
    1. install this js file that i found under my android folder data com.whatever.idonthavetospellout
    but at the files and after that script foler there is this thing which was the js
    that i got to make a download i havent try it out
    so if it dosent work well idk what to do next srsly
    link here just inport the js file after you download to blocklauncher that is way easier

  6. Bassam Kanaan says:

    Lol I’m just commenting

  7. I Dont Know says:

    Doesnt even work.

  8. aircoolbro21 says:

    Yes, just Yes

  9. Avinchak08 says:

    Can you create a new add-on called notch,Herobrine,entity 303.notch replaces iron golem, Herobrine reaplaces wither skeleton,entity 303 replaces zombie pigman entity 303 will have a poisonous attack.

  10. avinchak08 says:

    Can you clone players and mobs too make that feature please please please please now

  11. ARTISTIC BOY!! says:

    Mojang, I’ve been waiting for weeks now tell me when the next update is out!!?!? 1.1 IOS

  12. Enderman PE Official says:

    Finally! After all the time has pass it finally here. This is really good for map making, I recommend this if you are planning to build a map or building a map

  13. James Schrimshear says:

    Put it in MCPE addons

  14. Zack says:

    Yeah prob good

  15. StarflightB4 says:

    I like dis. It also allows u to clone diamonds and stuff cus if u put the item in one chest then clone the chest, u now have two chbonewith one diamond Put it together and u get two Then 4 8 16 32 64 etc.

  16. SolidMoney25979 says:

    I hear that blocklauncher requires jailbreaking to be used on ios, but I am on a nonjailbroken ipad and am able to find blocklauncher in the app store. How come?

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