Blood Effect Resouce Pack

Heres a very simple resource pack that adds blood effects in the game which makes it a little bit more violent.. You can freely use it for your content! This pack surely fits a horror-adventure genre map like zombie apocalypse!

How does it work?

Well… Its exactly like how critical hit effect and death smoke effect particles appear, since they were just actually the same critical hit effect and death smoke effect but modified.


Long Delay & Short Delay

These are 2 delay effect variants in this pack, their only differences is their particle expiration time. 

Wanna get rid of the blood mess real quick?

You can also wash the floor with water  (No need to do this if you are using short delay since blood particles disappears in a short time)

Watch the video for a much more detailed information:

CREATOR’S NOTE: If you want to put this in your youtube videos then please put the proper link in your description!


Simply tap/click the file below, have fun ;D


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16



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29 Responses

4.75 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Johhnyjohhny721 says:

    When I hit a mob it doesn’t show any blood comes out so after I have killed it shows blood on floor can you fix it?

  2. WhoisNuUuOnE says:

    Please Add A Feature Longer then the long mode: basically make something that lasts forever what i mean is to the blood never to expire

  3. Billy Bob Joe says:

    can I use this in one of my packs, because I’m making one and I used this in it, I was wondering if you permit me to use it, will credit you, obviously, just wanted to ask I really love the back thank you for your time.

  4. Great addon! I’ve always wanted to make an addon like this for the community (I’m afraid I had too much to work on), and thanks for making it happen. I do want to point out that the particles are a little bit too big so I suggest that you make them smaller or make them appear to have different sizes.

  5. Scio says:

    But why? Why would you ever do that?

  6. JustB00red says:

    Really cool pack, but i think the blood needs to be more detailed

  7. CWA368 says:

    I love this, But can it have update where the bodies of mobs show up on the ground?

  8. dwaynee21 says:

    This pack is awesome, brilliant and creative.

  9. _rickname_ says:

    The killed mob particles don’t show when a mob is killed

  10. SkeppysYummyBurgers says:

    Why do I have warnings? Should I be worried about that?

  11. Multiple 7 says:

    Good pack i like it. It would be cool if you make an addon where you kill mobs they will have better death animation like example:when you kill a mob it will have its dead body or head and arms disconnected. Please make that addon it would be awesome.

  12. That’s a awesome pack. Tysm πŸ™‚

  13. Skeleton gives leaves no blood. But skeleton horse and wither skeleton drops blood. Kind of retarded

  14. Candy H. says:

    Wow! This looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it! :3
    Your the best! (◍‒ᴗ‒◍)✧*。ty πŸ‘Œ

  15. Idols of Mud says:

    This addon is really cool, the only flaw I could find is that skeletons bleed too, but that doesn’t matter

  16. alex123dk says:

    cool i wonder if the mobs hit you the player will bleed aswell?

  17. AZGamerYT4387 says:

    combine this with PVP and other stuff and this is AWESOME

  18. SantiCraftSC says:

    this is so cool

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