Blue Topia [Creation]

Best Minecraft City ever in Bedrock Edition with over 300 buildings, an amusement park and a complex railway system with almost 50 stations. It is a place where the architecture of different purpose and styles coexist to form this vibrant city.

Welcome to Blue Topia !
BlueTopia, also called Blue City, was a Hong Kong and New York City-based project created back in 2012 when world generation was still finite. In the ninth release (n1.4), it has been developed into a modern metropolitan with shining lights, shops, and buildings around you. With the fast & easy-to-use transit system, you can get around the world and enjoy the delight of being an MC citizen seamlessly. If you are tired of the hustle, you can enjoy your day in FunLand! Here is the city that considers the quality of life of citizens. We hope you a good trip around Blue Topia. Check out the travel guide so you won’t miss any of the attractions!

NEW ! Airport and New Buildings

Changelog View more

N. Update for the WHOLE NEW CITY (n1.0)

1. HUGE! Neo Triplex, Pleiades H.Q. in Lapis City (n1.2)

2. IMPRESSIVE! EPIKOS CENTRE in Diamond City (n1.2)

3. Whole New! Wiki Town: Tallest Apartments (n1.0)

4. New! Bluish Palace REnovated (n1.0)

5. Whole New Development! Senkyo, Tysen (n1.2)


- Added Video

N. Update for the WHOLE NEW CITY (n1.0)

1. HUGE! Neo Triplex, Pleiades H.Q. in Lapis City (n1.2)

2. IMPRESSIVE! EPIKOS CENTRE in Diamond City (n1.2)

3. Whole New! Wiki Town: Tallest Apartments (n1.0)

4.New! Bluish Palace REnovated (n1.0)

5. Whole New Development! Senkyo, Tysen (n1.2)

What’s NEW! ! 1 April 2019 (n1.3)

N. Update for the WHOLE NEW CITY (n1.0)

1. HUGE! Neo Triplex, Pleiades H.Q. in Lapis City (n1.2)

2. IMPRESSIVE! EPIKOS CENTRE in Diamond City (n1.2)

3. Airport! Airport ! Airport ! ! ! (n1.3)

4. New! Mossy Forest Stairs to the Holy Temple (n1.3)

5. Whole New Development! Senkyo, Tysen (n1.2)

1. Whole New! Reich Town

2. Whole New! Hong Kong CENTRAL, a huge project

3. Funland Adventure Land closed down for newer developments

4. Architectural Assiciation (the former Lapis City Government) revitalized. 


Installation details:

Download Map  .McWorld /  .ZIP

Important: This map's file size exceeds 100 MB and will take quite a long time for most of you to download.


1. Download the .mcworld file named 0_BlueTopia_N_1_4=.mcworld

2. Open the .mcworld file by double-clicking


1. Download the Zipped File named

2. Unzip the file with file-manager apps and copy them.

3. Paste the unzipped file to /storage/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/ (for Android)


Supported Minecraft versions


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Installation Guides

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363 Responses

4.15 / 5 (142 votes)
  1. Mediafire link PLZ says:

    Add mediafire link so i can download it on xbox! I tried to do it on xbox but does not work! Add MEDIAFIRE link PLZ!!

  2. Nate says:

    What resources and behavior packs do u use Brian when building uploading the world? And were do u work on this project (mobile, computer, console?)

  3. John says:

    Hello, Brian I was wondering if you could upload the download for media fire because most people can’t get the map like me so it will be greatly appreciated is you did.
    P.s the link to media fire is

  4. koolkidz22 says:

    can you PLEASE put it on media fire or mega ??

    I think that’ll make things easier for a lot of peoples

  5. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if future updates to past iterations of the map could be done with the function command so that I wouldn’t have to start over with my progress every time I wanted an updated version of this world.

    Just some food for thought.

  6. Me says:

    Great job very impressive I just have one idea. And that is stop working on new things and start to finish old things. What I mean we’ll finish everything from the center of blue topia and head out. When you no longer have no work in progress sites then start to work on new things. I love u & I love what u are doing with blue topia it’s just that I want to download your next update with the building behind the spawn done, fairy dog-land done, ETC. And also it’s not like u have ode work in progress sites but u have a handful some are easier than others. But besides that blue topia is going to Prosper over the years.😁👍🤩

    • Thank you very much! Blue Topia is never stopping, constructions, renovations, and expansions happen together at all times!
      For your information, the building behind spawn is already complete. It is designed by building Hugo (owner of Ocean City). You can say this implies there is no line between complete and incomplete, everything is ongoing!

      • Me says:

        Yes totally agree but home come when we load up the world there are fences and it says under construction? Maybe we are talking about different spawn areas? Loved the new update but for some reason after a minute I’m the world I get kicked out is anyone else having trouble with this? Plz help me out it’s drovving me insane like I reboot Minecraft delete the world and download it again? Plz help.

  7. Anonymous says:

    it says a newer level has been saved and cannot be loaded

    how do we fix this?

  8. Anonymous says:

    it’s so good. but I wish the train system will be like Tokyo’s. like you have to buy a ticket.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I really really love this map and all the details make it so unique! I have iOS and I don’t know which app to use or how to unzip the file so I can download the map again. Pls help!

  10. KaiserRedGamer says:

    I’ve been griefing the city and turning it into a war landscape.
    Still looks great even with destroyed buildings!

  11. Sergio Díez says:

    When I try to open the file it says it can’t open the link. I would be satisfied if you upload it via MediaFire or Mega

  12. BaldiTheJester says:

    Yes, finnaly you updated the map. *Avengers theme starts playing*

  13. John Smith says:

    I have a complaint, I do not trust adfly with downloading something to my computer it has given me problems in the past and I would not wish to use this cite. If there is anyway you could also use media fire that would be amazing because I really would like to use this map for roleplaying with friends.
    Thank you for you time

    • Thot slayer says:

      Same here. I don’t trust anymore and most of the download links on this website use it. I’m really sad I can’t use some of the add-ons, maps and texture packs because they use

      • We understand your concern, but is the most secured and convenient choice for us. We need some income to sustain our server and general operation.
        To download our map, just skip all pages after waiting for 5 seconds, if any pages pops up, close it. You will be directed to our Google drive eventually.

        • Nate says:

          What resources and behavior packs do u use Brian when building uploading the world? And were do u work on this project (mobile, computer, console?)

    • TrueGamez says:

      I don’t trust it much either. Here’s some tips: sign out of your Google account (just in case) don’t click on any links you don’t trust, and the download button at first is a softwear update (during the countdown) do NOT click on that, you’ll get a long almost never ending softwear update. That’s all. I use it all the time with these tips (and I don’t trust it). Follow these tips and
      You’ll be fine!

  14. Theo Jones says:

    For the luggage delivery system in the new air port if each minecart chest was named with a number and each passenger got the number of their luggage prior to departure he would make it greatly efficient system

  15. Janaye says:

    The file was too large and i pressed download anyway then i waited it stills dosent bring me to the other site

  16. Romnick says:

    How do I download the map?

  17. raptide says:

    Link For Blue City Is (Facepalm)

  18. NCDev Aka Uxusk says:

    [IOS] download documents 6 by readdle, open it read instructions and whatever. And OPEN SAFARI and the go to the google drive download zip thingy click it until the page takes u to a new site and then click download icon on top right. And then wait it should pop up a .zip file and click open in, click documents 6 by readdle. And it should pop u in the app and then rename the file change the .zip to .mcworld and that should do it. And hold the new mcworld and click open in mcpe or etc. IDK i used to use an ipad like many years ago… Now i use Windows 10 XD.

  19. Theo Jones says:

    This is the best mcpe city map

  20. Matthew says:

    This has to be my favorite map by far. Nearly every building has a unique interior, it literally took me like 8 hours to explore everything over the time span of a few days. I adore everything about this map, fantastic job Brian

  21. KawaiiCow Gaming says:

    I am making a series because i am a youtuber(check my channel at KawaiiCow Gaming )hehe😂 can I use this map in my series pls..I will put some credits to the creator and a direct download to the map!!

  22. geoxpert says:

    pls add an airport

  23. happybellakitty says:

    mmm can you please put mediafire mc world link so i can download this map because i cant download zip my computer is not made for zip

  24. Ykh says:

    It does not work in iOS ,I mean the new version

  25. Anonymous says:

    So a lot of you have been complaining what i did was click the link, wait five seconds, and click on one of the two gray files in google drive. one is for which can be used for both windows and mobile users, and there is also a zip folder. all you have to do now is extract the files and load it up to minecraft.

  26. AtomBomb64 says:

    i’ve downloaded the map but everytime I try to load the world it says the a newer version saved the game. Did I mess something up? please help

  27. Prey says:

    The version was saved in a newer version of minecraft.

  28. Carlos says:

    Hey so when I downloaded this world everything worked until I tried to play the map and it said that the world was saved in a newer game and is unable to load, can someone tell me how to fix

  29. Vtvtv says:

    Make an airport

  30. Dragonrider says:

    I can’t download it

  31. Pikachu says:

    Google drive sucks plz do Medea Fire

  32. Karla says:

    Never mind it works

  33. regibus425 says:

    This map is amazing with loads of unique places and, unlike most other Minecraft Bedrock cities, has lots of maps and a travel guide readily availible. The transport system is great here as well – a fun thing to do is to see how quickly you can get a train to or from every station without flying. I did it in 28:47. Really great map, looking forward to lots more updates for it!

  34. Glitterbunny7 says:

    U dl the map by selecting file then clicking the download button in the top right corner

  35. Random peep says:

    How I download file plz?!

  36. Pikachu says:

    Takes centuries

  37. MineImatorOnAComputer says:

    For users who want to download the map with instructions in mobile users:
    Wait 5 seconds and click skip Ad
    You’ll be redirected to Google Drive
    Click the “download” thumbnail with .mcworld under it
    Click More options and click Open New Window
    Click Download
    In the new tab, click the blue button…

    Hope it helps

  38. GalaxyGamer says:

    I can’t download it it takes to long

    • Brian Ching says:

      Hey, sorry about that. There are probably too much traffic on the Google Drive. You can try it with the .zip file, or try it after 24 hours.

  39. Anonymous says:

    dont work

  40. vinsensius says:

    help! how do you download this! google drive suck!!!! can you help me pls!!! but give me the download map link pls not tutorial im give 5 start thanks!

  41. Leon says:

    One of the best if not the best creation I‘ve ever seen in minecraft.

  42. AGirlHasNoGT says:

    This world looks AMAZING… but how do I import the world from google drive to Minecraft?

  43. Anonymous says:

    A while back I tried to download this map but the Google Drive download link didn’t work. Today I decided that I’d try again and what do you know, it works just fine now. Thanks for fixing it.

  44. CalebInformations says:

    Hi If the World is import successful
    And didn’t load Its beacause its still loading don’t worry the file is large that’s why
    A few minutes it will load or it may take days if your device is load
    -I’m 9 years old ;D
    -Real name:Caleb

  45. Mal says:


  46. Marissa says:

    Please make this world a tiny bit easier to download. Maybe on media fire? It looks so amaze I really want to try it!

  47. DhruvPROGamer says:

    this is the best I have ever seen!!!….. Too GOOD

  48. Sofia Struck says:

    All it is was previews I made sure I clicked the link but only previews…

  49. Hi says:

    Can u make it so u can download it on mediafire plz? Thx!

  50. David says:

    Because of the missing chunks, can you post the last “working” version somewhere for download? That would be great, as I had a great time with bluetopia before but now I cannot play it, and cannot get the download again. Thanks!

  51. Brian Ching says:

    Sorry, due to Bedrock edition bugs, Blue Topia is now full of broken lands and glitched areas. I am devastated too as I have done everything I can do but none can be fixed. We can just hope that Mojang developers can fix those bugs as soon as possible.

    As long as those bugs are fixed, Blue Topia will release a newer reason. Hope that it will be very soon.

  52. Desiree says:

    Some thing are broken ,like building and lands

  53. MineCraftLover says:

    This looks awesome but I cannot figure out what to do after the google drive thing. Pls help me

  54. NeonMelonMCW10 says:

    Is there a (High) school?? I’ve been looking for a town with a (High) school for a while.

  55. Introvertz says:

    There are chunks missing at spawn. Can you fix that?


  56. Ajit Pai says:

    hey, when i first downloaded and spawned in this map, the city is there, but it looks like there’s a chunk missing near the spawn! it’s just flat dirt and stone! you should fix this, also why does it say [EDU] and [EX] in the map name?

    • Brian Ching says:

      It is for beta only. [EDU] and [EX] means experimental gameplay and education edition features are turned on.
      Chunks will be missing if you didnt turn on these features before opening the world.
      Open these features in the world settings.

  57. Gemcy says:

    I seriously wanna play this but I’m on Android (Don’t have a computer) Google Drive doesn’t work.. whenever I open the link it just leads to a Google Drive document.. Isn’t there a MediaFire link here? Or can somebody put it in MediaFire and send me link? TY.

  58. RealSab2 says:

    Why some of the buildings are unfinished and houses

    • Brian Ching says:

      Hello RealSab2, sometimes, things are incomplete before the update. This city is updating and developing continuously, it is normal. If you want us to finish a particular building or build a suggested building, please contact us.

    • Jlan123 says:

      Because, this is a ongoing project

  59. Jlan123 says:

    Where is spawn? And why does the word say [edu] at the beginning?

  60. Passakorn says:

    This is so cool!!
    I love this map😊
    But It hard to figure out how to install It took me like 5-10 min🤔😂

  61. keithross39 says:

    I can’t get past the stupid link. Normally it’s not a problem. My ad blocker normally lets me get past. But in this case, the advert being blocked must be of a particularly obnoxious variety otherwise I’d be able to get past it. Any chance of providing an alternative link as I don’t want to disable my ad blocker and allow that potentially malignant advert access to my phone.

  62. Henry_bean67 says:

    When I click download, it goes about a third of the loading bar then stops. HOW DO I KEEP IT GOING?!

  63. Torang bara says:

    its not working for windows 10 edition…
    I’ve downloaded the mcworld file and when I go to mcw10 it says level import successfull
    but when I checked my world list there is no bluetopia in there, pls fix this I’d appreciate if you do that

  64. Regal_Tocaro says:

    I have the same problem, Drew! It says ‘download to MCPE’ but then I click that and it launches the app, only to tell me that ‘level import started’ and ‘level import finished successfully’ but it won’t import the world for some reason! I go into my worlds and nothing. I’ve watched this map grow, and I can’t wait to play the latest version- but it just won’t work! Please help me! I’m on an iPad Air 2 so I’m an iOS user

    • Regal_Tocaro says:

      Also, I don’t have a computer and I’m unable to access the .zip file, so my only option is the .mcworld

      • Brian Ching says:

        I am sorry for what you have experienced and thank you so much for supporting Blue Topia. We will fix the above issues once the next Official Update from Mojang for Minecraft Bedrock Edition is released. It should not be long.

        We have checked and these problems do not happen to our devices, but we will keep looking into the problems. Please email me if you wish to help us test our upcoming map !

  65. Drew says:

    The MCworld-file doesn NOT work on an ipad. World doesn show up in the Mincraft-app.

  66. TME says:

    On the latest 1.2.13, it crashes any time i ride a link.

    • Brian Ching says:

      We can only wait for Mojang to fix bugs. I hope it can be fixed in few updates.

      • Henry_bean67 says:

        It would be great if you could update the theatre in Wiki Town as the stage and backstage space are very small.
        You should have real Minecraft players as the government leaders, I understand the world and lawa completely and think I would be great.
        Also, when I click download on the new version, the loading bar goes about half way then stops, how do I fix this?

  67. Bill says:

    I followed the instructions and when I get to google drive the file to download the map will not open and it says “ whoops, there was a problem with the preview.”

    • Brian Ching says:

      You do not nees the preview. This is caused by google drive not supporting .mcworld file. You can simply click download (in the bar on top)without needing to preview. Hope you can enjoy your world.

  68. Theodore Jones says:

    I can not download it just open Minecraft says level import started then level import successfully finished and the world does not appear in the menu?

    • Brian Ching says:

      You can try to use the .zip file then, You can paste the file into the correct file location to manually import the world.

  69. Stargirl0988 says:

    Minecraft only says “level import” when I tried downloading it, how do I fix that?

  70. LeandroMCPE11 says:

    If I go to the coordinate 66, 67, 209, It crashes. How to fix that bug? Brian Ching, plese help me!

  71. Anonymous says:

    I found a way to download it I went into Minecraft it wasn’t there

  72. Jlan123 says:

    How do you fit all the builders on one world? Do you use a server? Do you use realms? Does one person stay on the world and the rest join? Do you share a device? How does it work? I would also like to know what happened to the store that had shucker boxes full of unobtainable blocks?I had to ask my brother to use pick block which is only available with the Xbox/Windows 10 versions. I really would like to have those blocks so when adding new buildings or modifying old buildings, I have access to all the blocks that they use so it fits the style. (Sorry editor for the really long post to review, I had a lot of questions)

    • Brian Ching says:

      1. About server, we do it by having one player, me, staying while other join through IP port forwarding.
      2. Unobtainable blocks were obtainable either through world editing, stayed from older version of Minecraft (Blue topia started in 2012), or through pick block of existing blocks in the world.
      3. Thanks for asking these questions.

  73. DerekOsorio312 says:

    I downloaded the world and it doesn’t show up in Minecraft can you fix it please.

  74. Anonymous says:

    I downloaded the world and it doesn’t show up in Minecraft can you fix it.

  75. Anonymous says:

    For some reason, whenever it says, “open in Minecraft,” the world is never imported. So basically, I import the world, and nothing happens. Is there a solution to this?

  76. Brian Ching says:

    To all players,
    adfly is a non-invasive AD provider that many builders in Minecraft use. It just brings us income by an intermediate AD site. Just wait for five seconds and press ‘skip AD’ and you will be directed back to Google Drive.
    I ensure that the link is 100% fine. 99% players download the world without any problems. We need income and adfly is the easiest way to add advertisements to our download links.
    We hope that you enjoy our map, and please be assured again that adfly will not do any hard to your devices. If there are further problems, feel free to contact us on Twitter. The link to twitter account is above next to creator name.

  77. JroePlayz says:

    .mcworld Does not work after you download it and import it to Minecraft.

  78. Jlan123 says:

    The problem on other maps where it refuses to properly download the map is currently in effect on this map. When I download the map, it opens minecraft, but the map does not finish installing. Please figure out what the issue is, I am really upset that I cannot get the larger maps on mcpedl. I loved this map last time around, so I am rating 4 stars.

    • Jlan123 says:

      I think I figured it out. I looked through the .mcworld file on google drive. I can’t edit it but, I noticed something that shouldn’t be there. There is a PDF of the travel guide in the .mcworld file. There also is addons that may or may not be available for mcpe, and several of the important folders (like player data) are empty. Please review this, and get the map in a working condition, I would really like to play.

  79. Yanok says:

    Can u send the mcworld link?

  80. Akihiro Akagi says:

    Cool City, better than real life cities. How did you took to build all of them?

    • Brian Ching says:

      Thank you. Blue Topia has started back in 2012, we invited a lot of builders to contribute and add new ideas to the city, making it diverse and vibrant.

  81. The ice cream man says:

    I have a question can you make Etho’s world download from zip file to mcwould plz can you😀

  82. The ice cream man says:

    I have a question can you make Etho’s world download from zip file to mcwould plz

  83. Virus information Informer says:

    If you are on windows and does not have a virus protecter, do NOT download any maps, you may download maps that bring you to media fire. but if it brings you to a adfly wesite, well then thats done for you.

    • Brian Ching says:

      This is not an honest claim. We use adfly for it is a non-invasive and safe advertisement provider. You may ‘skip ad’ and you will be directed back to Google Drive where our maps are available.

  84. Willow says:

    I downloaded everything I just can’t figure out we’re u open it. Do u apply it to your world and if so how please let me know someone.

    • Brian Ching says:

      If you are on Windows, download the .mcworld file and double-click it to open the world.
      For Android, download the .zip file and copy the unzipped file the correct destination in your file directory.
      Hope you enjoy our map!

  85. IDerp20 says:

    Nevermind i used another email for drive and it worked . weird.

    • Brian Ching says:

      It maybe caused by your account’s administrator banning the download. This may happen if you are using your school account.

      Enjoy your map!

  86. IDerp20 says:

    Uh I cant download it it says “no items found” in Google drive

  87. Anonymous says:

    Please add more housing please

  88. Anli says:

    I like his map. Continues to grow I will support direct you

  89. Ashley says:

    I spawned in and I didn’t have BlueTopia at all I had a island and water nothing else I trued flying up and down and even looked farther nothing. Can anybody give me cordidents to the BlueTopia?…. I have IOS btw

    • Brian Ching says:

      Hi, Ashley, I am sorry that you cannot enter Blue Topia. From your descriptions, I think your downloaded file was broken. Please try to redownload and reinstall and see if the problem can be fixed. Thank you.

  90. Stella M & Ms says:

    Whenever I open up my minecraft after downloading it just exits to my home screen…can someone help

  91. iiSkylar says:

    Zootopia, But blue! 😂

  92. monera_VIP says:

    hi nice town😊

  93. Max says:

    I have followed the instructions and it will not download say it’s an unsupported file.

  94. Peter Nguyen says:

    This is very large!

  95. RonArgao says:

    Great map bro😊👍
    And by the way U haven’t experienced anything on downloading the file like what the others are saying hahaha i wish more updates that’s all men good work.!

  96. Russiangamer says:

    I clicked on the download link on google drive and it doesn’t work

  97. Jason says:

    It’s amazing

  98. Catsy says:

    Amazing map but it can’t be downloaded in .mcworld and for some reasons no matter how hard I try I just am not fond of zip files

    • Itsarga says:

      Zip and mcworld are just the same. Mcworlds are zip archives. Just rename zip to mcworld and then you can open it to minecraft

  99. Trapped_Gamer says:

    One of the most amazing build I’ve ever seen in minecraft

  100. Anthony says:

    Hello, could you translate this map sure Dropbox at Google Drive places thank you very much

  101. KittyKat says:

    I still can’t download the map with a computer or on my iPad.Please help!!!!

  102. Knightwolf says:

    Very good map although to be caution because the next aquatic water will pass through fences and possibly redstone items as well besides redstone dust (not 100% sure on this part though)

  103. Love this says:

    Hi, i love this map so much. The only thing that is bothering me is that it is in survival.Is it any way you can make it in creation?

    • Hi, it is recommended to play in survival as it is the best way to look at the details around the city and utilize the railway system.

      If you still want to change to creative, you can use the command /gamemode creative, it will enable you to fly around the city. It can be another way of exploring, but we still hope players explore in survival 🙂

  104. STUFF says:

    Hey, please help me, everytime i try to download it, it redirects me to then a virus page, not mediafire or whatever it is, please what can i do to stop this?

    • We are sorry, but we need income from downloads and is the only way to earn income from downloads. should not contain any virus, you can simply click SKIL AD, or close the pop-up ad and i will direct you to Blue Topia’s Google Drive.

    • RonArgao says:

      Just long press the skip ad on ad fly then choose open in new tab… Now you can close the ad fly plus you have the original site

  105. Coolguydb says:

    I can’t download because google drive won’t work p.s merry Christmas. Please help I really want the map.

    • Sorry for any inconvenient and thanks for you support!
      It may be due to too many downloads as our map is too popular. From v2018, we have already separated release dates for different online platforms. It should relieve the problem. Good news is that MCPE.DL is always our first releasing platform!

  106. AGirlHasNoGT says:

    When I went to download it just said that there was an error. I am very disappointed and was highly excited to see this map.

  107. Zev20x says:

    It’s not working when I’m in google docs downloading it to import to MCPE it takes a long time then says could not download.

  108. Normal says:

    Oh my Goodness!!!!
    Thank you very much BrianChing for the map!
    It was fun and awesome! Keep up the good work!

  109. Kenna says:

    Whenever I go to the drive page, I cannot download it. Am I doing something wrong or is it the file itself?

  110. Mystery says:

    It want work. It’s keeps retrying. it want take me anywhere. could you try media fire?

  111. FlowerCat says:

    I am so sad because of it DOESNT work with MEDIAFIRE !

  112. Arcenas090 says:

    It’s great!
    Please do keep up the good work!
    It lags because it’s too big, I won’t rate it 4 because of the lag and it’s not the map faults so 5 star rating!

  113. Frostbyte3YT says:

    It Doesn’t Download, It Says:
    Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time.

    Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can’t access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.

  114. Milies says:

    Wow, thanks, I use my Windows 10 for this map, I have been on your site for a while.

  115. ParkinsonP says:

    love this map i Hope there will be an update soon

  116. Yasss says:

    This map is awesome!!! I use an application for download it and it s take about 20min
    If I can suggest somerhing,it’s to build more sporty buildings,like a hockey arena,a football stadium,a olympic pool and a big sport hall(i know there is one but it’s very too small)

  117. The dank memes says:

    It comes up as file unreadable on my phone and I can’t download it can you fix it plz

  118. John says:

    This is actually the best Minecraft map ever. No bs. map is soooooooooo dope

  119. Defne Demirseren says:

    Can You Add a mediafire link Pls

  120. Jake says:

    It keeps saying “download failed” when I get pass the scanned part. I can’t play the map unless this is fixed.

  121. Hay says:

    Pls make it a mediafire .mcworld

  122. Anonymous says:

    Can you add a school to this map

    • Brian Ching says:

      There are already schools on this map: St’ Joseph’s College (in Glass Town A2), Rosery Primary School (in Ocean City) and Ocean City University (also in Ocean City).
      We are planning to build one more school in Wilson City. Check for Updates!

  123. Angel says:

    I am so confused

  124. MiniMens7 says:

    My minecraft crash when i ma in the world. Hoe do i fix this?

  125. Jlan123 says:

    Love it! Could you start a new one? A sequel maybe? This one takes to much space and is very laggy. Also is this done on a server?

    • Brian Ching says:

      Yes, this is done in a private server with several builders. More details in Google Drive.
      No, we probably will not start a new one, bigness is the most interesting and fascinating part of Blue Topia. We may try to release a lite version though.

  126. Anonymous says:

    Can you make the download on mediafire?

  127. MC gamer says:

    It did not work for me 🙁

  128. FadingWalk says:

    The mcworld or .zip won’t work plz help but the map looks amazing

  129. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know why everyone is saying it’s impossible to download, I can download the only problem is that it takes a snails pace to download.

  130. Someone says says:

    Hi my version it’s 1.2.2 and i use minecraft windows 10 edition , when i try to dowload maps it doesn’t work idk why i try a lots of maps and it didn’t work

  131. Minecraft lover says:

    I agree with you it doesn’t work pls fix it

  132. Idk says:

    Can you please put the dowload on mediafire ? It’s more easy to dowload .

  133. Use vpn says:

    Idk why but when I connected to vpn in finished like in 10sec XD 0_0 I use vpn master you can find it on App Store bye nice world!

  134. Someone says:

    Can you please put this on mediafire?

  135. MackDaPooh says:

    To download on windows 10 (as of my knowledge) if it sends you to google drive the first square/page thing is the map. RIGHT click on it and click download. For me the download took no more than thirty seconds. It could take longer for slower devices.

  136. MackDaPooh says:

    Does anyone know what seed this is? Is it built on a flat world or what?

  137. QueenFoxie764 says:

    This is one of the best, maybe the best city map for MCPE. I was excited to see that it had been updated!
    Now, quickly I’ll list some pros and cons of this map



    Sucks up storage very quickly, turned from a 100mb map to a 1GB.


    Huge and detailed


    It feels reallistic yet minecraft-ish. A good combo in my opinion

    Easy to RP in


    Get this map, it takes up some ( a lot ) of storage, but its worth it. 4 1/2 out of 5

    Suggestions For Map Creator ( if he sees this ): A school? idk a movie theater? this city already has most things

  138. Ragingkid says:

    Man it doesnt work even if it daownloads in google drive it just sayscant open file pls fix this

  139. Kysa_03 says:

    Ok, I give up. Map looks frickin amazing but it ain’t happening. I’ve tried everything. Even the computer.

  140. Cheese. says:

    Are there any houses?

  141. wOahG says:

    Man this creation is great! Keep it up!

  142. MR.PLUGO says:

    Hello to you. Could you send me the link of a dropbox file. I can not put on the other file

  143. Frostbyte3YT says:

    Anyways, Great Map! But Please! Make A MediaFire Link! i Don’t Like Adfly, It Sends Me To Random Download Links!

  144. Migara says:

    So amazing!!!!

  145. Sukhmani Bains says:

    Great map! I know they are railways, but I think you should add a airport. That would be cool. If there is no space, you could make your own island in the ocean and a bridge connected from the airport to the city. Just what I think would be cool.

  146. Mega dad says:

    Can you please re-upload this map? The link doesn’t seem to work, so I scrolled through the comments and found the one the creator suggested. That link also does now work, I was wondering could you please put a download link for mediafire? That’s the only one that seems to work for the iOS users, thanks!
    -ps my kid is super excited to play this

  147. THRIFTY says:

    You open the ZIP link, and it will open a Google Drive, the first item in the folder if the world. Just click on that and hit the download icon. Give it time because it’s over 100mb.

  148. TrolleyPlayz says:

    I can’t download it it takes me to google drive and I don’t understand 😡

  149. TheguyofMCPE says:

    My download works, maybe Your phones sont have enough storage for that world sorry.

  150. Nickolas says:

    This is disappointing it keeps saying this file does not exist😤

  151. RealTheMinerG says:

    Good Build Cant Wait To Play It Looks Awesome For Youtube Videos For A Series (Channel TheMinerG)

  152. Haya says:

    This works amazing!! Thank you for making this map. I really enjoyed it! I gave the link to my friends and there’s no problems! Great map!

  153. Rachet says:

    Won’t load for me.

  154. Charley J Collier says:

    Does this map have any viruses?

  155. Ella says:

    Sorry it takes me to a blank page when I use your link

  156. Ella says:

    Please please PLEASE use media fire I just feel like it’s easier for people to download for example for me when I want to download it it takes me to a blank space. But if it was in media fire I would’ve had that map in seconds! You have a lot of people asking for media fire is it so difficult to use that? (not being mean) Please just make it media fire it’s easier to download.

  157. Ella says:

    How is it mcworld if it takes to a google drive. Also when I did everything and I’m about to download it my screen just like appears blank. I refreshed it tons of times but it doesn’t work. Please help

  158. Cyber Central says:

    I have the latest version of minecraft. The .mcworld download won’t download for me. When I click download on the Google Drive page it brings me to it will basically load forever and not increase in loading percentage. This is the best map I have ever seen on mcpedl and I really want to download it. Please help me!!

  159. redragonXD_159 says:

    it works for me!!!

  160. Sgtprats says:

    The google drive link works. The map is amazing. Its obvious how much work was put in to this. Great work.

  161. QueenFoxie764 says:

    I found it amazing. I havent finished exploring it yet but it is amazing, if a little cluttered and sometimes hard to look at ( not in a bad way but sometimes its hard to differ one building from another ) overall wonderful map with amazing builds all over. 5 stars

  162. QueenFoxie764 says:

    This Map Seems Worth Downloading. Its taking forever though. Not trying to be demanding or rude but can you guys fix the Mc.World. It looks great. Nice job Creator! ( Just from the pictures I know this will be great )

  163. Ian says:

    I went to the big library, and it said there was a hidden village, is there actually
    One in the map?

  164. Logan Setty says:

    Hi. I downloaded it on my IPad but the travel guide will not show up in Google Drive

  165. Hannah says:

    It takes forever to load. It still won’t load, and I waited for 2 days.

  166. Lee says:

    It works u just have to do it at night!!

  167. Sarah brian says:

    Hi, great map! Can you please make it an Mc.World please?

  168. Joyce says:

    Can you fix the mcworld file? Thanks!

  169. K155ARS says:

    and when i download the file it says

    Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time.

    Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file that you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can’t access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.

  170. Annie says:

    I am confused. I followed all the steps to download but I just can’t . When I press open in Minecraft pe nothing happens. Please help.

  171. Caitlyn says:

    She I went to download I can view it and everything and then I press the arrow to go download it but its says its to big or to many people have dowloded it in the past week try in 24 hours I did that …..TWICE! And btw there is no arrow for me to press like in the instructions

  172. Jerry says:

    Google drive said problem with file and failed to download pls fix it 😠

  173. Kawaiicreature7 says:

    Can you make a link for mediafire pls xx

  174. M1N5X says:

    Why there is mine snake behavior pack in the file? #JustCurious Good map anyway. Also why is the size over 100 MB? You can reduce the file by deleting some Entity like Mob then delete some .pdf file, also calculated if you do the step i mention, it will be around 90 MB. Can be lower and can be little bit higher but still, less than 100 MB

  175. YoBroGaming says:

    It doesn’t work for me It says sorry you can’t view the file

  176. Raymond says:

    I can’t install it, because it says that too many people are downloading this file, please help.

  177. stan says:

    it doesn’t work my phone says that their are to many downloads or some thing would you please fix this

  178. Yatharth Upalkar says:

    It is not downloading

  179. Tan says:

    Give me a mediafire link on iPad

  180. Pandie says:

    Please fix it! Before today it was just fine now I can’t download it anymore! WHY PLEASE DO MEDIA AGAIN TOMORROW AND WE’LL ALL BE HAPPY.

  181. Telurianpythons says:

    It’s saying try again in 24 hours:( pls fix (iOS)

  182. Oskiic says:

    Why are you doing it with google drive? just do it with Media Fire.

  183. KobeYashi says:

    this map stored some of my old memories playing minecraft… wow

  184. Anonymous says:

    Add an airport

  185. POOP HEAD TIMMY says:


  186. Juvielyn says:

    Why I can not get the map it’s my favorite map can you fix it pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaass

  187. WackyAbby says:

    I’m trying to get the blue City but how do you download it please help me! 🙂

  188. XxXitsHannahXxX says:

    This is such an amazing map thanks so much! Cos I’m lazy and I do t like to build them myself XD Great job! ❤️

  189. Tori says:

    Ok,so I downloaded this map successfully on my iPad and I was like WOW.I wanted this map on my phone aswell and I tried to download but it doesn’t work.I just spawn in a huge sea with some islands and a bit of land,just like a normal world with no buildings and creations.Can someone please fix this?

  190. Cold_Dude says:

    Gee, you were right about it being BIG ITS GIANT 😀🙂

  191. Jhanna says:

    Amazing world but it lags

  192. Stephen A Shockley says:

    best world the download worked for ios now i can piss of my friends thank you for this world

  193. Kyra says:

    I’m seriously in love with this map! great job dude

  194. Ally says:

    This map is AWESOME!

  195. Henry says:

    Hello this is a brilliant map but I would recommend it if you had a device that can hold this much so it doesn’t crash every 5 minutes

  196. Lorena says:

    Took literally 20secs to download. :’)

  197. Sara Kajcsa says:

    Now I’m trying it on my iPhone And it worked!!! It took 6 minutes
    Though..BUT ITS SO AMAZING!! I would rate this 10/10!

  198. Mobiled says:

    Man this takes a long time.

  199. Sara Kajcsa says:

    Took forever.

  200. Felix says:

    Hard to navigate, so I suggest to depend on the train lines, but over all it’s amazing and everywhere you go there’s a building. If I could I would rate this 5 stars. 👍🏻👌🏻

  201. Caydenman121 says:

    Is there any houses in this map?

  202. _Elite_Boy_ says:

    Cool downloading it

  203. No.spamz11 says:


  204. Clarence Dave says:

    There’s an airport in this map?

  205. Jacob says:

    Actually, it’s been an hour or so since I started the download for this map, and it hasn’t changed since.

  206. Danimal says:


  207. Tinynayla27 says:

    This map is amazing! My iPad mini downloaded it in just two minutes! I love this map!!!!!

  208. BlameDonaldTrumpForEverythungGuy says:

    It’s so long to freaken download but once it was done I got in minecraft pe had the world opened the world and my jaw went down to the floor like wow good job

  209. Donald.Trump says:

    Great map really enjoyed exploring it 🙂

  210. Yeremy says:

    The zip link doesn’t work

  211. JetTheBabyCat says:

    It took me 3 hours and I have the best internet in the world!

    • TheMCButterfly says:

      You probably have an old/full with stuff device. Just because you have awesome internet doesn’t mean you have a new device with good storage.

  212. Anonymous says:

    Took 5 min to download

  213. Anonymous says:

    This is a very detailed city and is well thought out.Thanks for the amazing map

  214. Yay says:

    Does it work in 0.16.0?

  215. tester says:

    Its been a hour and nothing is loading, fix this

    • TheMCButterfly says:

      This is a .zip file and you will need a file extractor (or whatever it is) to turn the .zip into a .mcworld unless you are on a computer. If you have Windows 10 Edition on your computer, you can just rename it in your files.

  216. LightPlayzMinecraft says:

    Is .MCworld File of this is 100mb too?

  217. TheGhastKing332 says:

    How Long Did This Take You To Make? It Looks Awesome

  218. Hero2000 says:

    Nice Map, but it lags 👍

  219. DinoDNA says:

    Do the buildings have furniture inside

  220. Farlander says:

    The mcworld doesn’t work

  221. Jared says:

    Doesn’t Work 🙁

      • derpy_bread says:

        my one keeps sayng too many people have vewed or dowloaded this map can u send me a link for the windows 10 verson

        • Anonymous says:

          This isn’t for windows, it’s for pocket edition… that’s why it says “Minecraft Pocket Edition Map” you idiot

          • Grace says:

            Be nice 😠

          • ava says:

            UHHH anonymous the game runs the same so you are a idiot

          • COOL-981 says:

            Anonymous wrote:
            This isn’t for windows, it’s for pocket edition… that’s why it says “Minecraft Pocket Edition Map” you idiot


          • LuckyGuy2017/Celtic Celery says:

            pls calm down. the way u are acting. you are the idiot

          • TheMCButterfly says:

            Actually, Minecraft Windows 10 is identical to Pocket Edition and they can join to each other. Windows 10 edition is just on Windows 10 computers. That’s what I use and all PE maps, addons, etc. work. Also the download works for both editions with the Better Together Update. (PE for iOS, Android, XBox One, Windows 10)

      • Cyber_Shinigami says:

        yea but it should still work on windows 10 edition as they are ‘cross-system’ editions and whatever works on pe should do on win 10 edit …but it also might be something wrong with the map itself or the exported file and maybe because its on google drive instead of firemedia

  222. Anonymous says:

    Comin fix this download NOW

  223. thinh2000 says:

    link is error @@

  224. Erin says:

    I cant install it. I don’t know how. I have looked at the link Editor posted but I don’t know what to download so it comes up on my ipad. Someone please respond soon.

  225. Brian Ching says:

    Hello, I am the creator of this map, suprised after reading your comment. Thanks alot. if download link doesn’t work, try our official download link:

  226. Sarah says:

    How do you download this map?

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