Bluestone Ore Add-on (1.13+)

This Add-on adds a new ore in your game. The Bluestone Ore! It is a very rare ore, which serves for you to craft new Bluestone Tools. You can also craft the Bluestone Block! This block serves for decoration, and also you can craft Bluestone Blocks to store in your chest, if in case you find many Bluestone Ores, and your chest get full. Then when you need Bluestones, it’s only you get the Bluestone Blocks, put it on the Crafting Table, and again craft the Bluestones to get their tools! You can also get all the Bluestone Tools with the following command: /function bluestone_tools.

Creator: Team Infinite Minds (Twitter Account), Jean Lucas (Twitter Account)

How does it work?

The Bluestone Ore is spawns naturally in your world. You will probably find them from layer 12 down, like the Diamond Ore. It is rare to be found, but it may be easier for you to find than the Diamond Ore. If you collect up the ore with a normal pickaxe, you will get the Bluestone. And if you collect up the ore with a pickaxe with silk touch enchantment, you’ll get the Bluestone Ore.

With Bluestones you can craft some very good new tools. These tools have a good duration, and are quite useful for you to kill mobs with ease in your survival. This add-on works only for Minecraft Beta onwards. Here are all the crafting and features of these Bluestone Tools.

Bluestone Tools

Bluestone Sword

  • Attack Damage: 10
  • Durability: 1200

Bluestone Scimitar

  • Attack Damage: 12
  • Durability: 1300

Bluestone Battleaxe

  • Attack Damage: 15
  • Durability: 1600

Bluestone Features


The Bluestones drop when you collect a Bluestone Ore.

Bluestone Block

You can craft the Bluestone Block for decoration, and also to store them in your chest.


Click on "Download Add-on" after sliding the screen down, check the "I am not a robot" box, and click the blue arrow. After that, wait 10 seconds and click "Get Link". Then just click the download button!

If you are redirected to some ad, you just close the page, and go back to the previous page.

To activate in the world just activate the resource, which the behavior will be installed together. Or activate behavior, that the resource will also be installed together!

If you want to review/make a video about this content, don't use your own link, nor use the direct download link via Mediafire. Use the proper link from this page on MCPEDL!

Enable experimental gameplay in the map options for Add-on to work!


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Guest-8388476026 says:

    Guess what!!!
    1. Search up “Minecraft village and pillage update trailer” on youtube.
    2. Click the first vid.
    3. Pause it at this exact time: 0.44
    4. Can you see the cleric on the left throws bluestone???

  2. peeett says:

    cant download because of 2shrt

    • RZCom says:

      You Need to press and hold the Captcha-box or click it with your Right mouse button and click “Select all”. Then you should be able to Click the Box. Scroll down and tab the “<"-Button after that. Wait 15 seconds on the next Webpage, then press and hold the "Get link"-Button or click it with your Right mouse button. Select "Copy link" and paste it into a new tab. You should be redirected to mediafire.

  3. EJordan says:

    Add New Items Bluestone repeaters placeable bluestone bluestone comparator unlit bluestone torch bluestone lamp and a unique feature for bluestone then redstone for technical builds

  4. Mr.yeet says:

    It wont let me download pls help

  5. Mikail Afridi says:

    In the Village and Pillage trailer.

  6. C says:

    These are dumb links

  7. Tyler says:

    If you not using mediafire i automatically click off

  8. Beepboopl says:

    Only complaint is that the blocks and weapons don’t appear in the creative menu. Otherwise, works great. Also, to the people complaining about the links not working, make sure you have an Xbox live account and are logged in and if the link doesn’t work the first time or gives you a virus, just reload the link or do the download process over again. This works.

  9. Neat Compton says:

    the weapons don’t do the damage they say they do also the pickaxe does not work

  10. GOOD IDEA 💡 says:

    If I where u, I would make the scitimar nerfd cuz it needs to have at least 1 more blue stone in the respite. Cuz it just cost the same, or make it do damage but NOT have as much durability that’s my problem. Also, blue stone armor could be made out of the blocks OH WAIT! New weapon idea 💡 blue stone FAT SWORD 🗡 cost manny blue stone blocks. And blue stone thick sword, cost much more blue stone than normal sword. Anyways the blue stone armor can be added once that add armor adding ability’s.

  11. EXpeRT says:

    It works, idk why people are saying it doesn’t, im using xbox one to download and use

  12. ThisGuyIsABruh says:

    The link Doesn’t Work after I press the Get Link button It just sends me to Nowhere and keeps on loading forever

  13. Anonymous says:

    Link not working

  14. Benedick says:

    Dear team infinite mind i have wish from can you add godzilla addon,this godzilla naturaly spawn every where,enemy godzilla boss drop a godzilla egg block when godzilla was killed,and wait for 3 minute ti hatch from egg and when godzilla was hatched the baby godzilla was hatched to tame the godzilla you must feed him a meat to tame and growing up,baby,kid,teen and adult ok,this godzilla can ride but must to wear a saddle to ride it and control able,jumpable and swim able i hope you add this addon ok,thank you

  15. Gamershy says:

    Nice. So now people are spreading viruses through minecraft addons to prey on childeren. Rot in hell bro.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Your link is almost ready.
    10 seconds
    (No joke 12 minutes later)
    10 seconds
    Man, these links are always stupid.

  17. Anonymous says:

    nearly got a bloody virus next time use mediafire

  18. Helper says:

    you get 1.13 beta by enrolling in the beta on the Xbox insider hub app

  19. ur boi jimmy says:

    really this addon is a bit well boring

    and the link aint work but u prob already know that!

  20. Roc says:

    how to get the beta version of this???

    • Perosn says:

      How did you put the addon? It takes me to a website and asks me to verify to see if I’m not a robot. But then when I do that I’m don’t know where to go

  21. becca says:

    the link doesn’t work… it sends me to this website with a bunch of ads then forces me to download a vpn which is dumb

  22. stacey says:

    download link is Not working.. takes you to garbage

  23. Anonymous says:

    Who will have blessed version 1.13?
    It’s like downloading double because you have to download the addon and the version because currently without any files or anything installed in the minecraft, you would have the v1.11.4, you would have to wait up to 1 year for you to get to that version, this comment is especially for the who play minecraft on the PC

  24. Anonymous says:

    Won’t work can’t download 1 star

  25. Anonymous says:

    Computer said its got a virus

  26. Kyle says:

    I coudnt downlod it with out downloading a vpn area thing

  27. End Crafter 16 says:

    Can you use it for beta 1.12?

  28. Jojo Mazzuca says:

    The link doesn’t work

  29. PseJanz says:

    Pls add more minerals. Btw great addon

  30. JaeviShi says:

    You guys make the best mods

  31. man says:

    1.13 The first naturally occurring mineral is great!

  32. Wizard of Game says:

    I think it doesn’t make much sense that by moving a single ingredient in a crafting recipe, you can make a weapon with more damage and durability than its alternative. Make the scimitar have less durability, to give players a reason to craft the actual sword.

  33. Yaboi says:

    Add media fire

  34. Anonymous says:

    This addon won’t work because you can’t even play on 1.13 yet!

  35. Jordy sluiter says:

    Pleas update to 1.14

  36. LambDPro says:

    Can you fix the download link??? Every time I try to click captcha or blue arrow it sends me to inappropriate websites 🙁

  37. Bibulus24 says:

    Lastimosamente los 10 segundos no pasan

  38. Your Mother says:

    it doesnt work. i have experimental gameplay on and i have them both on textures and resoures. how to fix? :/

  39. Anonymous says:

    Can you please do another download link it’s just a bunch of ads

  40. liltestdummy says:

    can you use this with the ruby tools addon?

  41. guy fierro says:

    What a weak addon. Worthless. Be a little more imaginitive next time.

  42. Skeet yeet says:

    The link is broken

  43. DoctorJosephWho says:

    Can you add sonic screwdrivers from 2nd doctors to 13th

  44. PseJanz says:

    Awesome!!! This addon is the bestt!

  45. Poop says:

    If lapis and redstone had a baby

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