BM Tank Addon v2

Hello, It’s been so long since the last time I uploaded an addon on MCPEDL. Now, I have made an addon and decided to post it. Lemme introduce you guys The BM Tank Addon!


Version: 2

This addon adds two tanks, BM Tank and Enemy Tank, You can play with your friends or if you are alone, you can still fight with enemy tanks, enemy tanks are controlled by artificial intelligence. Pillagers are spawned along with the enemy tank and it will be riding the tank. This addon features a realistic functioning turret.  The tanks comes with custom animations: the wheels, the turret and the gun. Both tanks have a health of 100 hearts. Tanks shoot explosive snowballs. Two tanks are physically pretty similar, the only difference is the color of sight, and it can easily be seen since it glows.

BM Tank:

Enemy Tank:

How to shoot:

On windows 10 version, right click on mouse to shoot.

On mobile version, you can press shoot button or press and hold on anywhere on the screen to shoot.

This addon is made by MyoHtet AKA BMHeades.

Feel free to follow me on twitter: @bmheades

Thanks for reading 😀

Youtube video:

Changelog View more

Version 2 changelog:

-support for latest Minecraft version(1.14),

-smooth turret animation,

-some minor bug fixes.


How to install:

-download the addon,

-press or click on the addon file and it will install itself automatically. 

At least 2GB of RAM is recommended. 


Supported Minecraft versions


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Installation Guides

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52 Responses

4.66 / 5 (29 votes)
  1. Guest-6666585295 says:

    Heyyyy i love this addon so much but something in 1.16 messed it up and now i cant shoot and it moves while im idle

  2. Guest-2610819093 says:

    *Soviet Anthem Starts Playing in the Backround*

  3. Sineg0mo8811 says:

    Can you say the ID of the objects? Thanks!

  4. Guest-2781451005 says:

    I will probably sound like a whinny brat here, and this a really cool mod, but can you make it so that the tank shells don’t replace any pre existing item…

  5. Guest-8921535517 says:

    Plz fix your BM warstuffs addon! Some stuff don’t work!

  6. Guest-8184073481 says:

    Good addon.

  7. Guest-2115684386 says:

    Where is the turret?

  8. stefix1 says:

    Great mod, even if I haven’t tested it out yet. tanks are fun to mess around with.

  9. Alex says:

    It may be impossible, but can you move the turret while moving?

  10. Anonymous says:

    The tank is invisible

  11. Rolan says:

    MYOHTET, please update! Make it compatible with 1.13. Make a discord.

    And for the people that don’t know how to make the add-on work. Make sure your Minecraft version is 1.10 or 1.11 or 1.12. Also the behavior and resource pack must be turn on. And turn on the “Experimental Gameplay” while creating or editing a world.

  12. Tim says:

    The texture does not support 1.13 please Fix it please because I really like this addon:(

  13. Shawnflynn says:

    the tank is invincible when I spawn it… I have the behavior and resource on,

  14. Jaro says:

    Oi update this addon to support 1.13

  15. TiptonBoi says:

    I am making a ww2 addon, but the Sherman tank I textured uses this tank model. I’m planning on posting it on MCPEDL so I can put a link from my ww2 addon to this tank addon. Let me know if I can use the tank model.


  16. Popetastic001 says:

    Make an update for the terminator Addon

  17. Tanker says:

    This is great add-on esp. if your are going to let those mob follow the “no mob griefing mode” so that the maps in multiplayer will become reusable

  18. Anthony Cruz says:

    Can you make a bm military plane addon also a bm military boat addon please. I really would love these things for my military bases,if not I understand.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Soooo good pls do more and fix the explode in your face

  20. Anonymous says:

    Do more

  21. nelson says:

    how do you spawn them

  22. Grucci says:

    This is nice but i have suggestions.

    1) tanks die too easily when fighting with each in close range other the only way to compensate this is by shooting at them at a distance which can go stale.

    2) pillagers die too easily (or they disappear) when i fire multiple shots

    3) explosions are a little inconsistent sometimes there enough to wipe off a house clean others takes time, i am aware it seems that you seem to make the shots struggle with concrete which is a nice, but often when you shoot with it it makes a tiny hole in the others side and makes a big explosion in the other side.

    Overall a big fresh air over the furniture mods.

    • Grucci says:

      Also, i forgot to mention that the turret turning is a little jerky but im sure you working on it and im glad this is still in development.

  23. MyoHtet says:

    Link is fixed guys!

  24. Anonymous says:


    Funny, when create some snowgolem, and they destroys the area nearby….
    And in the End, just throw some snowball to the Ender Dragon, you can kill it easily without destroying the ender crystals

  25. Fahgan says:

    I WANT MOREE!!!!

  26. Ballerman says:

    Can you make a military plane add on

  27. nobody says:

    is there a behavior and resource pack?

  28. AwsomeOcelot says:

    Could you please make it a Mcaddon file

  29. AwsomeOcelot says:

    Could you please make a mcaddon

  30. Anyomous says:

    What about Xbox?

  31. moder guy says:

    yo do the us marine avv tank
    i love this

  32. Literally one of best Add-ons i’ve seen in my whole life..
    just , can you add that exploding snow ball instead of editing the current snow ball ?
    And pls add a new weapon to tanks if you can , some thing like machine gun.

  33. Deathboy865 says:

    I dont trust the site can you please change it so i can download

  34. Anonymous says:

    So basically, every single time I attempt to download this Tank addon, after the Captcha the site ouo tries to make me run a file that seemingly has nothing to do with this addon at all. Can you lend a helping hand?

  35. yoshi says:

    ummm, pardon me but can you fix the link?

  36. Zeyad981 says:

    Very useful and looks great the older tank addons have links that dont work or they look bad or they change the bow and arrow

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