BM WarStuffs Addon

This add-on replaces some items in-game with modern weapons and a soldier armor set, and it also replaces a mob with a military vehicle. Turn Minecraft into a more realistic world with modern weapons. All weapons have been made to be as realistic as well both in terms of functionality and textures. As a whole, it’s probably one of the top weapons add-ons currently available!

Creator: MyoHtet, Twitter Account
Updated: 17 April, 2018 (read changelog)

Weapons and Armor

Tactical Armor Set (Chainmail): A soldier armor set which appears to be based on the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform.

Humvee (Stray): The Humvee is an armored, five-seated military vehicle (max 5 players). (Health: 50 hearts)

Block of Dust Bomb (TNT): It’s a timed explosive which got a bit longer fuse than an ordinary TNT. Besides the explosion, it causes some fire.

Grenade (egg): An explosive which you can throw.

M1911 Pistol (Fishing Rod): A pistol which is perfect for shooting zombies!

RPG (Ender Pearl): A rocket-propelled grenade launcher. (Weight: Makes you walk slower.)

M4A1 (snowball): A scoped assault rifle which is suitable for long range battles. (Weight: Makes you walk slower.)

M95 (Sniper Rifle) (Bow): The M95 is a bolt-action sniper rifle which makes it perfect for eliminating your enemies. (Zoom Effect. Weight: Max – You can’t walk while holding this weapon.)

M249 Gun (Experience Bottle): The M249 is a light machine gun which is able to quick and efficiently take down the enemy.

Knife (Iron Sword): Useful for close combat.


  • M249 Gun (replaces Experience Bottle)
  • Added Humvee (Military Vehicle)
  • Sniper zoom
  • All guns have different weights which makes the player walk slower when holding them

Video Showcase


  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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166 Responses

4.18 / 5 (84 votes)
  1. Ford crown victoria falls says:


  2. Guest-8513653853 says:

    Humvee no work

  3. Guest-1632768360 says:

    Really bad addon my dude plz fix the humvee

  4. Guest-8990001547 says:

    Addon does not work

  5. Guest-2260533572 says:

    Please fix this addon it would be so great if you did! You are awesome!

  6. Guest-5378426101 says:


  7. Guest-6904132538 says:

    This addon is so much fun. Keep up with the great work.

  8. JAMES says:

    Pls fix the humvee. btw I’m in 1.14

  9. Connor awesome productions says:

    Can you upload the map in the showcase and make the download link for the map on media fire

  10. BlitzenFire says:

    How to zoom

  11. Noel says:

    Can you send separate links for the resource pack and behavior pack? I am on IOS and I need help.

  12. Stasiekos says:


    • Connor awesome productions says:

      Can you fix the Humvee because it burns to death you can’t ride it and it looks just like a human style robot ☹️😞😞🎖️🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. Alex says:

    Really good addon but now the Humvee won’t work

  14. Ivan James Galactix says:

    Dear Editor, the mod is really good but the car is broken and the textures aren’t compatible with my bdcraft texture pack

  15. Koen says:

    Plz replace Some splash potions with guns so we can have more working guns
    Splash potions can BE used for guns very well so plz ADD it 🙂

  16. Anonymous says:

    Editor! The humvees are broken! please fix this!!

  17. Marine Venom Gaming says:

    How about you add an M1A2 Abrams with soldiers can be tamed the soldier can carry an M4 carbine with enemies and a black Hawk helicopter and cool thingstuff to add is Apache helicopter Bradley armored car

  18. EliteSurvivor1 says:

    Since this addon isn’t updated i’m Gonna put some ideas for a update
    Arrow of harming I:hollow point round
    Arrow of harming II:hollow point round MK II
    Potion of healing I:First Aid Kit
    Potion of healing II:Medkit
    Lingering potion of poison:Poison Gas Grenade
    Diamond Armor set is battle suit, give speed III, Jump boost III and resistance 4, Maybe.
    Retexture these all and Pls update

  19. Revgaming123224 says:

    Can you make a 1960 U.S. Marine addon with a resourse pack and a behavior pack
    Land mine- Red carpet
    Uniforms – Iron armor standard Marine sniper uniform 1960.Chain armor standard marine battle
    uniform 1960. Diamond Armor-Ghille sniper armor 1960.
    Snowball-M16a1 1960
    Skeleton-U.S Marine sniper 1960
    Zombie-U.S Marine Rifle man 1960
    Husk-Vietcong Rifleman 1960
    Stray-Vietcong Sniper 1960

  20. Deathboy865 says:

    Please upgrade

  21. Elliott says:

    The humvees don’t work

  22. GAME MEX says:

    THATS REALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Ice13BL says:

    Amazing add-on. I Love it. However, please please PLEASE update the humvee texture. Its corrupt

  24. Patrick says:

    for some reason when I ever spawn the hummer vehicle it doesn’t spawn the vehicle, it spawns a skeleton with the hummer texture and it carries the sniper as well, but a side note I didn’t put extra add-ons to cause this problem, and also I did put the resource pack and the behaviour pack as well.

  25. CreeperGoldVN says:

    How can you made those weapons had the 3d thing..
    Can some one teach me?

  26. Jirkacs says:

    Can i get v1 bm stuff link for download i really need it

  27. Iugeny says:

    El M4A1 y el Humvee no funcionan

  28. Crosstownaxe says:

    Add enemy soldiers

  29. XAVIOGT GAMEER says:


    Can you explain me why the M249 and the M4A1 has been cut in half ?

  30. HexBomb says:

    sooooo nice my friend and i love this addons!
    😋 btw,do you use the emsville map for the trailer?

  31. Minecrafter says:

    Scope needed and I ll down load it

  32. Pandasaurus Rex says:

    This add-on is awesome….
    One question, could I use this in a map I’m working on?

  33. GTA4マップ再現マン says:


  34. ChickenNugget214 says:

    Please fix where it says soldier. The armor is based off of the Marines, and you should never call a Marine a soldier.

  35. Lol says:

    Good addon but can you change some of the mob textures to make them look like soldiers or terrorists or possesed zombies or something like that? That would be amazing

  36. Teen Tube 23 says:

    Great mod this is probably my favourite mod.

  37. Request says:

    So could you make a tf2 addon or call of duty?Editor.would love that

  38. Fart says:

    Hey!to add more guns just change the code and texture of splash positions to get 39 different guns!Please do that!you could get loads of guns just by doing that!So obvious that it’s the perfect way for any addon to get loads of guns!Just a suggestion

  39. Gmanndo says:

    The M4A1’s accuracy is kinda weird, as is the M95’s. Is there any way to make them more accurate? It’s hard to hit much of anything with them.

  40. Ninin says:

    They should add a
    Auto machine gun repleaced by a iron golem
    Glider (not texture) texture and real look repleaced by a elytra
    Survivor replaced by a villager
    Med kit replaced by a golden apple
    Terrorist/marksmen replaeced by a skeleton/zombie

    Terrorist cant burn from replaecement
    Glider had a smoke effect
    Machine guns can be fuel by a bullets(machinegun ammo)
    Med kits will revive you in 10 secs

  41. CosixGame says:

    Can you add the Scar? and maybe med packs? also other cool things would be like tanks, and other war stuff

  42. Thundermcpedl says:

    Yo, editor! You spelt sword wrong in the part where you said the Knife replaced the knife

  43. ociN says:

    Hmm…. The thing that replaced bottle o enchanting are the m249, i dont rly know that gun but could it be somthing more popular like the ak, scar, or the aug, cuz its glowing and it will be cooler with those guns

  44. MintyWolf says:

    My car won’t spawn! Why?

  45. AlphaRex567 says:

    You should Replace chickens with F-22 fighter jets and replace horses with Armoured fighting Vehicles. Also I’d like to see the SCAR-H or a shotgun.

    Also please make the skeletons enemy soldiers.
    Hope you take my suggestions into consideration.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Please turn sketon to terrorist and diamond armor to juggernaut armor also iron golem to juggernaut please.☺

  47. Jamerborat says:

    Can you add a tamable ranger or ally
    That you can command to stay and follow

  48. layspoatochipp says:

    Instead of using zoom when equipping the M95,how about crouching to activate it?

  49. Laurence02 says:

    What if you replaced some mobs with military stuff… such as soldiers, tanks, & attack helicopters

  50. ramdom says:

    My friend can’t enter the car when am driving it please help me

  51. Huntercraft says:

    Cual es el programa que usa para crear los addon dímelo plis

  52. XD says:

    Hey update 3 is come out already

  53. The minecrafter says:

    But there is one problem and that is that other items(rather than the ones that were changed in this addon) look wierd could you fix that?

  54. The minecrafter says:

    Great addon

  55. Help Me says:

    The link says the media fire site is invalid or deleted. Is this just me? I’m in Australia if that helps.

  56. Cosmicstar says:

    It has been removed I can no longer use it

  57. Problem says:

    “Max of 5 players.” I tried it, but the Humvee can only hold the driver.

  58. Tom9876 says:

    Is BM Burma?

  59. Xsniper says:

    Can you make some textures with this for war themed blocks. For example cob webs could be barbed wire and ladders would look more like rope and an invisible block kinda like sky games does so you could have ropes hanging of helicopters and stuff

  60. Help says:

    I cant download the addon it always takes me to a site

  61. Julianne says:

    May you pls fix the link i love it when you update it but i cant download becoaus it sends me to a other link pls use mediafire i hope you read this comment or send me a link to the real webbsite

  62. Ch says:

    Why I can’t download the file?its says its blocked??

  63. RedstoneCraft31 says:

    Guys I Knew how to download!!!! Follow my intructions

    1.go to the download Page > Im not a robot
    3.Wait a second 3>0
    4.Click > Get link and u got download app
    5.ignore that and click “GET LINK” again and u will in Mediafire download Page

    I hope u understand, Sorry for my bad engglish, Im from Indonesian

  64. Sam says:

    Can you send me an aketernate link since the site youre using is not avilable in philipines due to it being labeled ban.

  65. Xsniper says:

    You should Add a leather military set so you could dye it for teams if people wanted to make team death match maps

  66. ItzjustPhoenix says:

    Hey u said 5 seated players right and when my brother wants to ride with me he cant ride

  67. Brandon says:

    It will only let one person sit be in the vehicle it won’t allow my friends to ride in the military vehicle isn’t it 5 seater

  68. Anonymous says:

    How can we make addons or texture packs?

  69. RedstoneCraft31 says:

    U Forgot something!!! Shotgun = enderpearl with the costum sound plz Im waiting For thisssss….

  70. Eddie04 says:

    Can you add the soldier and the terrorist mobs

  71. Anonymous says:

    Can you change the download link? Because it says the site is blocked because of laws of my country

  72. Martin says:

    Alright this is a great add on. But change it to media fire cus ouo or whatever it’s called takes you to a stupid website about Russian women so PLZ change it.

  73. A friend addon , that’s pretty cool

  74. RCP says:

    Nice Addon. I Wish That The Abrams Would Be Added At The Future And Colorable Camo Armors.

  75. EliteSurvivor1 says:

    Very good add-on you should a a shotgun for the Ender Pearl

  76. David says:

    Cool mod I love the guns

  77. Needs fixing says:

    Change the link to download I cannot access it I think its broken for me fix it please

  78. keyon says:

    Its acting weird for the windows 10 and it keeps going to a different site

  79. mrsheepMC says:


  80. Fireball1890000 says:

    Can’t download because of the retarded link

  81. xXKiNgXx says:

    But can you add more weapones plz

  82. xXKiNgXx says:

    So AMAZING! Good job

  83. KILLERd7r says:

    I liked this addon until this update… all the inventory items (besides blocks and such) are glitched. It because the model of the gun aren’t “Block” type or looking the pretty much I want this to be fixed and add new items like new armor, also change the sniper rifle so it doesn’t explode, please.

  84. Hatlesspine8255 says:

    Epic can you add SMG? Ak-47?

  85. lol says:

    can someone help me on how to download the addon

  86. Lololo says:

    Change the link to the download page! This is driving me nuts! Stupid spam is in the way.

  87. Anonymous Gamer says:

    I think this is cool.

  88. Ryan Jones says:

    Is there any possible way to add a gun for eyes of ender? And maybe you should add more armpit such as a gilly suit and make the fishing rod a sniper rifle. You could also replace the shulker as an auto turrret. Try making it so there is an enemy and an ally. You could give them guns to use or something and hire them with gold or diamonds. You might be able to implement a feature of giving them different armor too. You could also add a tank and or Jeep as a horse or pig. You could even possibly make a heli with the chicken. I would like to be able for somebody to make a WW1 or WW2 addon tho. That would be epic.

  89. Asais10 says:

    Can I use this addon in my map? It would be a zombie apocalypse one. This is a perfect one for my map.

  90. Pizza says:

    Best addon ever but it would 5 stars if this haves Axis Soldiers and the American soldiers because I am want to make World war 2 map
    And what’s your name I will put your name to the credits

  91. Minecrafter says:

    This is a great add-on, definitely a must have! great graphics, everything Works flawlessly.

    But could you please add more such as tanks, turrets, tameable soldiers, and hostile soldiers. also could you replace the fishing rod with a weapon and army jeeps that could fit multiple people.

    Also how about landmines, helicopters and different types of armor? Looking forward to using this add on often and for possible updates.


  92. boom boom says:

    how do i shoot L300 is dosent work

  93. redragonXD_159 says:

    this is the best addon i ever come looking for

  94. RedstoneCraft31 says:

    Yes I get it now… Real Add-on

    Thanks for addon 🙂

  95. Ruben says:

    Please add the M200 intervention sniper rifle(with the scope) as the bow and some more armour textures, if you can please add a way to actually use the scope, and make the gun customizable, Their is an actual Minecraft(on pc) server that uses eggs or snowballs as bullets and the guns are tools like a sword or a shovel etc. you can use that it a way maybe get an idea so that you don’t have to stack the guns…(server ip:

  96. Sebastian says:

    Goodjob on the addon

  97. Notch says:

    If you can make LR300 with mags

  98. Templalchemist says:

    Oh yeah add a zoom in feature when you are charging the bow if you can (only if you replace the bow with the good old 50-cal)

  99. Templalchemist says:

    Dude make the 44.magnum a Barre50cal please I would love it

  100. GhostCesare says:

    Can you add a sniper rifle and and jungle camo That would be cool!

  101. Santa Creep says:

    Nice just get rid of the scope thing. OK😃

  102. Mmmis_Official says:

    What’s the map in the first picture?

  103. Bobo says:

    Did you even notice that this creator is very smart
    Look at the name of the changed item
    It has been rename
    Million Like!!!!!!!!
    Billion Subscribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Khgamer says:

    The TNT explodes bigger than 10 tnt

  105. Crimson code says:

    Isn’t that basically desno buns mod?

  106. maisong says:

    Dust nuke “has a bit longer fuse than an ordinary TNT . Besides the explosion, it causes some fire.” That would be the correct/ grammatic way to write it. (In my opinion)

  107. TheDarknessKing says:

    Nice addon

  108. DaroDaKng says:

    Does the LR300 have unlimited ammo?

  109. DanishTheLegend says:

    Editor pls change the link to media fire as the link on which u hav put it is not accessible in my country.

  110. maisong says:

    What map or seeds ar being used?

  111. Khgamer says:

    LR300 guns isn’t scoped

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