Have you ever longed to visit a beach? Well, I created this virtual beach and boardwalk full of fun activities. While it is no substitute for a real one, I hope that this map is still a fun experience!

Stroll down the boardwalk!

Or, lounge on the beach!

You can even visit a small waterpark!

You can even view this map at night!

These images were taken using ESBE 2G Shaders, which are recommended, but not required, to view this map.

If you decide to share this map on Youtube or any other social media platform, please give credit.

Have fun!


After downloading the file, open it, and it should automatically import the file and launch Minecraft.

Note: If the world does not appear to function (Level Import Failed), then change the .mcworld into a .zip format, and extract the contents. Paste the folder into your Minecraft Worlds folder.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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  1. Guest-5384674483 says:

    It says import failed can you please fix it?

  2. Guest-7388766795 says:

    I play on the Amazon fire btw.

  3. Guest-6121635458 says:

    It says level import failed.

  4. PixelLabMC says:

    Wow Thanks!

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