Boats Addon!

Have you noticed that Minecraft boats are very simple? With this add-on, you will have more realistic and beautiful boats for you to use on your Map and you will also have a chest to carry your items on your adventures!

This Addon adds new boats to Minecraft with functional chests and custom flags!

Choose your flag and Download the Pack.

Created by: Pixell Studio

 Boat Packs: 

We hope you enjoy it! this Addon was a lot of work to be done, if you find any bugs or have any ideas for new flag packs, contact us at our email: [email protected]

If you want we can create a personalized banner with the image you want, just contact us in our email.

Software used: Blockbench

Contact Email: [email protected]





– You need to activate the Experimental Gameplay for the Addon to work!

Changelog View more
  • We added new flags
  • We fixed the bug that made items disappear when the boat was broken
  • All boats now have chests!
  • Now the player does not need to bend down to access the chest, just click on it
  • The boats now have a different crafting for each flag
  • Fixed some bugs in the model and texture of the boats
  • Boats now work in Realms (experimental gameplay must be enabled)
  • We changed the entire Addon, now the chest is a separate entity from the boat, thus solving many Bugs and making the model more beautiful
  • We added new flags
  • We fixed the bug that made items disappear when the boat was broken
  • All boats now have chests!
  • Now the player does not need to bend down to access the chest, just click on it
  • The boats now have a different crafting for each flag
  • Fixed some bugs in the model and texture of the boats
  • Boats now work in Realms (experimental gameplay must be enabled)
  • We changed the entire Addon, now the chest is a separate entity from the boat, thus solving many Bugs and making the model more beautiful

-We changed the Thumbnail of the post

-We add the link to our Website in the map description

-Now the boat chests work! to open the chest you must crouch and press on the boat.

-We changed the download links and changed the installation description



Supported Minecraft versions


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171 Responses

4.13 / 5 (38 votes)
  1. xXWolfieNekooXx says:

    Why cant i craft the boat as it says its a normal boat recipe and it just replaces the boats and there is no chests im really saddened

  2. wiltzgamer says:

    Your a legend bro

  3. PashaKere says:

    Hey this addon is look nice and i will try it on my Minecraft world ???

  4. We inform you that this update was not new, only the download link was changed

  5. Sharpwarrior416 says:

    Just a suggestion try making a actual pirate ship like one that players can stand on and stuff doesn’t need a hull interior(below deck) it would just be cool to have

  6. Atten007 says:

    You’ve a very cool add-on!

  7. Guest-6947385145 says:

    sorry to say this but i liked the old one better is there still a way to get that one?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Can you make it so it dont replace anything

  9. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who successfully downloaded this, can you link the mediafire or whatever site downloads it? I tried to go through the linked site, and it felt really sketchy and I got a lot of strange ads when it forced me to disable my adblocker.

  10. Guest-7531847106 says:

    Hi, is it possible to add this to my spigotserver running 1.15.2?

  11. TanLorikk says:

    Hi, I can translate your addon to Russian, for FREE!
    Just contact me.
    My Discord: TanLorikk#2143

  12. Guest-5121218748 says:

    No functional link ! link is virus .
    5 virus detected by avast . please change link

  13. Guest-2867674394 says:

    HI there, great mod however I have some questions.

    I downloaded and installed fine and crafted the boat in a local game however when i added the pack to my realm (I have Experimental play on) I can see the textures but not make chest boats. Is this a bug or am i doing something incorrectly?

    • Guest-7446339938 says:

      I may add, I followed the instructions and am aware of HOW you make a chest boat

      • Guest-6724131574 says:

        Further feedback (if you haven’t guessed all three of these comments are one person) On the realm, I ‘the host’ can see the creeper boat BUT cannot make a chest boat, HOWEVER; other players connecting to the realm cannot see the updated boats whatsoever.

        • So this is really a bug, we will work to resolve this and create an update as soon as it is resolved.
          Thanks for letting us know, but when you have to report a bug send us an Email, so it is better to understand and respond.

    • Thank you, I don’t know this bug, to have the boat with the chest inside you need to see its personalized craft here in the description according to your flag pack.
      Let’s check if this is a bug, thanks for letting us know

  14. Guest-1537562082 says:

    I know it’s very difficult but I want you to create a better triremes ship like those of the Roman era but with vanilla Minecraft-looking detail. Or make a simple galleon ship

  15. Guest-3232837738 says:

    Earlier, I played and then when I ride on the boat without any chest.Im being placed in the back of the boat instead in the front.

    One more thing, I can’t craft other wood types of boats with a chest on it.

  16. Michael7R says:

    I’m unable to place the boat in water, all the other vanilla boats now have the texture of the pirate boat but they don’t have the chests.

    I’m playing on windows 10

  17. gio1135 says:

    you can’t have experimental gameplay on realms

  18. Guest-9445843581 says:

    The map at the background looks great, any chance to download it?

  19. Guest-1703277990 says:

    You should make the Archimedes ship mod. Please! I’ve been dying for it.

  20. Beam006 says:

    Fishing boat
    feature: can catch cod, salmon and squid(entity)​ onto boat when in water
    code: make cod salmon and squid try to ride this boat(can ride up to 25 mob exclude player)​ and when they suffocate and die item will be in this boat’s chest

  21. Guest-1430553207 says:

    Ya know, you could just combine them all together into one big mod, right? Just give each boat it’s own separate ID and all. They already seem to have separate recipes, probably just have to rename the recipe files and that is done.

  22. Guest-2166994018 says:

    I cant download this next time just use adfly its a lot easier

  23. Awesome stuff! Could I suggest a realm ready version that replaces the original Minecraft boats?

    Very good addon none the less

  24. Guest-5047453344 says:

    Can u plz add so we can make a boat with a certain amount of blocks then we can add a custom block wich makes the block boat into a working and steering boat

  25. New 2.0 update coming soon with lots of news! Stay tuned!

  26. Guest-8620454508 says:

    can you make it a normal Mediafire link

  27. Guest-3309139054 says:

    please make boats BIGGER

  28. Guest-7830180870 says:

    I hope you got your revenue because that installation process was a pain in the @. I did install it and do like the boats, only that I can’t open the chests in 1.14 on a realms with crouching and “clicking” on the boat. Hitting / using does not “click” as you have described. (Using a controller on an iPad.) Other than that, all around great addon and looks like you actually care about people having issues so thats always a plus.

  29. Guest-7087418114 says:

    Could you make the boats bigger and fit more people?

  30. Admiral_Glazkov says:

    I found a bug, when the chest boat is destroyed (both in creative and survival), item inside is not dropped and lost forever.

  31. Guest-4939511547 says:

    Can’t download. Just get loads of popups and a file called “Your File Is Ready To Download.exe” looks very suspicious.

  32. Guest-4667035761 says:

    Could you make a direct download? it would e way simpler for others, thanks.

  33. Guest-9480353913 says:

    Can you craft it in survival and if yes, how?

  34. Guest-3125300942 says:

    So not everything would import because of a duplicate pack and about to add it into a new world, when activating it, i got an issue: missing dependency with ID [BLANK] and version ‘0.001’. Is this a serious issue? I would like to know if this is an issue I should worry about before actually putting this add on into use

    • Pixell says:

      Sorry but I don’t know how to help you, I don’t know this problem. if the package is doubled you must delete the current package and install the package again.

      • Guest-6383123487 says:

        Hey.. I Have A Question… How Much Does The Shortened Pay Ya Guys… Just Wanting To See If You Could Maayybbee Use Ad.Fly! 🙂 Doesn’t Have To Be A Yes To My Question Though 😀

  35. Guest-9580623683 says:

    i wish i know how to make addons

  36. Guest-3685361373 says:


  37. Guest-1739167598 says:

    I love that mod <3

  38. Guest-5660519371 says:

    Hey man, on my friend’s realm server, the chest wasnt able to work. Can you fix it please? Thanks.

  39. User-3721543928 says:


  40. User-7770884815 says:

    I hope the author can integrate this addons of various colors. Because if you want to download all you need to download one by one. Hope the author can improve it.

  41. gio1135 says:

    all i want is a boat addon that has a storage (thanks for that) and cannons

  42. User-8576362190 says:

    I’m not able to download this because once I get past the stupid website it just takes me to a another website asking me to download Facebook.

  43. User-4363982864 says:

    I got some ideas for this addon:
    Add a steering wheel
    Make it so that you sit in the back of the boat
    Make the boat walkable

  44. User-2485659442 says:

    Helo Pixell,could you consider making a military boat(s) addon

  45. User-3328726338 says:

    Hey can you put this on the Addons app? I can’t use safari to get Addons, I tried the iOS update too

  46. Pixell says:

    Guys, we just modified the addon of the boat with the Chest and now it can be opened and it is no longer just a decoration! we will send the update to the site tomorrow, stay tuned!

  47. User-5102254856 says:

    Does the chest open?

  48. User-3388043155 says:

    I love Minecraft

  49. User-8013056035 says:

    Added it to my Realm and the other players couldn’t see the models, but I could. Still looks nice.

  50. User-3684021580 says:

    I don’t know if this is possible something like warships

  51. User-3733255580 says:

    What I’ve been waiting for. Realistic Boats! Thank you so much

  52. Mainthedevil says:

    i cant get the download link

  53. User-1330470153 says:

    Oh yeah, the ships I Ulsan want to see would be the Titanic, Britannic, Lusitania, Queen Mary, or any other famous ocean liners from the 1900s to 1990s

  54. User-9134196701 says:

    Will there be bigger ships like mini versions of ocean liners? If there s then that would be great! Because I would love to make a film for McBe that would be the sinking of ocean liners

  55. User-6679203747 says:

    Are there crawls or can they only be taken in creative?

  56. User-6391984726 says:

    How do I install

  57. User-1024323474 says:

    When I download there is no resource

  58. User-7102665069 says:

    Hi, nice addon , does it work on realms?

  59. Pixell says:

    If you have trouble getting past the shortener, watch this video to help you:

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