Bomb Trap Add-on

The Bomb is an explosive trap which deals physical splash damage on a small area. It can break your world but you can disable the destroying blocks by turning off Mob Griefing.


  • Whenever a player comes close to it (about 1.5 blocks) it will explodes. Explode leve 2.5
  • You can ignite it by long pressing/right click while holding a Flint Of Steels. perfect for base defending & attacking
  • It deals damage depends on the distance of player to it.
  • No spawns randomly, can only be spawned sign spawn eggs.

Note: Bomb Trap Add-on is FREE to use on your maps, just credit me! goes best with Spring Trap Add-on.

Video Preview

Changelog View more

+due to many people said getting duplicate, i’ve updated the udid.

+less file size

various bugs fixed

support 1.10 version

unsupported 1.9 & below.



Supported Minecraft versions


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6 Responses

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  1. Guest-3800270757 says:

    404 not found :/

  2. Neo Xoan says:

    Hey bro i’m the guy on the youtube

    Your addon is cool and help full for bad players ehehehe

    Subscribe to my channel:

  3. Dinnerbone says:

    Keyyard Make more amazing add-ons and add lots of mobs and support 1.11 For #Key#Yard#addons

  4. Fahgan says:

    That is not a bomb trap,beside bomb trap is small like a mine.Well that is pretty good job you got there and yeah make sure the mod is not replacement and mine can kill all mob if the mob attempting to crossover it.I shall gave you 5 star

  5. Keyyard says:

    thanks for uploading! there is a pool in my Twitter for what should i make!

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