Bomj Addon 1.8 Alpha

Bomj Addon-a Unique addon that currently fills the game with different items, blocks, etc. It will also develop further! Our addon is not just an extension of the genre “Homeless Survival in Russia” once popular, now the addon adds a huge amount of content related to Cities, Nature and even Music.

Trading with NPC

Bomj Addon adds the ability to trade with some NPC mobs.

To do this, you need to have cash notes or their equivalent.

Riding on transport

The addon also adds additional transport. You will need a key to drive it.

Which will be used as access to it. To create a key, you will need iron and tin (ingots).

To get tin, melt the tin ore in the oven.


The addon adds the following 5 biomes:

A mud biome is a Biome with thick mud that covers almost the entire biome. In its depths you can find oil that is used to create various materials.

The volcanic biome is One of the most dangerous biomes, where you can easily drown in lava, and not only in lava, in any case, do not dig down under the ash.

Flower meadows – The most beautiful biome, where there are rare flowers that are nowhere to be found.

Permafrost – the coldest and darkest biome, do not stay in it for a long time, or your heart may get cold.

Spectral Edge-the Biome that connects the Edge and the Upper world, here you can find amethyst ores



Underground you can find different ores of precious stones and metals, their rarity will depend on their value.

Plants and seedlings

You can find many different plants from a strawberry Bush to a peach tree Seedling:

Berry bushes-appear in the Taiga and similar biomes. Berry bushes are of the following types: Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Cranberries.

Log with grapes – you can create it using a log and grapes, with the block you can get even more grapes!

Tea Bush-while it can be obtained in the creative, if you break it, then tea leaves will fall out of the Bush from which you can make a tea bag and brew yourself a Cup of tea

White pumpkin-appears next to sunflowers, while there is no use for it.

Banana palm sapling – from this sapling you can grow a banana palm from its leaves fall 5 bananas.

Sapling of lemon – you can grow your own lemon tree in order to collect the lemons.

Seedling pear – grow a pear tree in order to collect the sweet pears.

Seedling cherries – it is possible to grow a cherry tree it falls out of the delicious cherries.

Cherry sapling – a beautiful decorative tree that will decorate your interior.

Peach tree sapling – this sapling is for those who like to eat peaches. Grow it to collect peaches from its leaves.

Corn crop – you can collect 4 units of corn from it.

Tomato harvest – you can collect 5 tomato units from a Bush.


Versions released before Alpha release versions. Snapshots were created for open beta tests by players and error detection, as well as for sharing new content to get it faster.

Be careful in snapshots there may be errors that can damage your world. Also, snapshots are not the final version of the addon, and some items can be changed/removed.

P.S. you can download Them in our group:


To improve the gameplay we have added mode Settings that have the following features:

Experimental mode – a mode for enabling experimental functions (Using this mode can break textures!)

Standard mode – a full-featured mode for all the functions of Minecraft and Addon.

Light mode-this mode allows you to remove the load from your device using EAZY texturing.

Winter mode-a mode for entertainment, makes your whole world in winter tones.

Spring mode-a mode for entertainment, in your world will come spring.

Shaders mode-improved graphics for Minecraft. Only works on Windows 10.

Flowers in bottles mode – you can turn some flowers into bottles.

Music for yourself

Now you can listen to music directly in minecraft. to do this, you need to follow a few simple steps:

1. Download the music pack for Bomj Addon.

2. Install Bomj Addon version 1.7.11 and higher.

3. to enable it, use the /function music command. after the word music without a space, put a number from 1 to 10.

4. Enjoy the music.

What would stop the music command /function stopmusic

Music for disco

Now you can listen to music directly in minecraft. to do this, you need to follow a few simple steps:

1. Download the music pack for Bomj Addon.

2. Install Bomj Addon version 1.7.11 and higher.

3. to enable it, use the /function music command. after the word music without a space, put a number from 1 to 10.

4. Enjoy the music.

Changelog View more
We added a link to install Bomj Addon 1.8 Alpha. Thank you in advance for downloading!

- Added a Music player for individual listening

- The player works with Music packs version 1.0.2

- You can also enable it on packs version 1.0.0, if the addon is higher than the pack.

- Updated instructions for music

- New textures of metal blocks

- Now the Gopnik doesn't attack the police Officer

- Added the License section

- New panorama

- Now you need to enable experimental mode not only in the resource pack, but also in the behavior package

- You can make orange dye from an Autumn leaf

- Ores_test and instant_healing functions moved to experimental mode

- Now biomes appear correctly

- Added Glowing grass

- Added a Glowing mushroom

- The textures of seedlings, crops and reeds are no longer blurred

- Added a Glowing mushroom cap

- Added a Glowing mushroom leg

- Changed the button name

- Improved balance of biomes

- Added the Glowing Valley biome

- A glowing mushroom appears in the valley

- Added Light Mushroom

Svetoga appears in the valley

- Updated sections

Release fixes:

- Fixed bugs with textures

- Light fungus can drop

- Updated English translation

- Added link MediaFire

- This no version!
- Thanks for download


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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  1. Guest-6821776802 says:

    The nether update ruined the bomj addon.none of the new blocks appear only the new mobs.can you plz make this compatible with the nether update.

  2. Guest-7718179575 says:

    Good Addon

  3. Guest-1986757149 says:


  4. Guest-7477939491 says:


  5. Guest-5267617166 says:

    With this addon you can make Some Novam Terram mod biomes,Biomes O’Plenty biomes,traverse biomes,extra biomes biomes.And finally better biomes biomes.😍🤩😃❤️😎

  6. Guest-6197572923 says:

    This is the most best addon.You did not take any textures from anywhere.😃😃😃😃

  7. Guest-3951555794 says:

    Cool addon

  8. Guest-9984053735 says:

    Hey dude
    Where’s the craft recipe for the mod

  9. Guest-3824503182 says:

    Can you put more crafting recipes for survival mode for tools

  10. Guest-4313270807 says:

    I’m on iOS and am trying to download this texture pack as it looks awesome to have in a survival world but it will not download and says it’s failed everytime , what can I do?

  11. Guest-2299721182 says:

    You stole most of the textures from Expansion+ Addon

  12. Minariii says:

    You’ve Stolen Textures from Biomes O Plenty without crediting the Owner.

    • I didn’t steal it, I asked the mod creators and they let me!

      • TryHardJibs says:

        In the future, try crediting the original creators of Biomes O’plenty in this post so that people know that you have permission from the mod creators to use some of their mod’s content in your addon.

    • Guest-6100013639 says:

      Biomes O’Plenty textures look different silly 🙃.Why would he steal textures.

  13. Guest-2693382101 says:

    Gracias por mediafere no podía descargalo

  14. Guest-8240986800 says:

    U forgot about the mediafire

  15. Guest-9660277072 says:

    It seems like it could become good, but many textures are either stolen from other mods or look terrible… on top of that, the download link takes you to the download site, but it says that “page doesn’t exist”

  16. Guest-5589199387 says:


  17. Guest-2159334978 says:

    if everything is right I have problems to download it and you can enter a code in Russian and I cannot, if you can please upload it to mediafire

  18. Guest-8528115435 says:

    Upload it to mediafire

  19. Guest-6109497691 says:

    Sorry guys for uploading to another site, I didn’t know that downloads are limited.

  20. Guest-2190241163 says:

    The addon is fun, but I had to create a stupid account for a stupid website. just use mediafire.

  21. Guest-5060548463 says:

    Usa mediafere please este complemento se ve increíble

  22. Guest-7664874376 says:

    Use mediafire bruh.🤨

  23. Guest-3682521483 says:

    I can’t download it.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  24. Guest-4381276411 says:

    Why do you want me to register on some weird russian site? You cannot use mediafire?

  25. OutLeoTheLion says:

    I can’t download it. It sounds awesome but i want to use it. Can you please make a mediafire link please

  26. Guest-2026140837 says:

    Can you put the link in mediafire pls??
    i want to download the addon but i cant even sign up to yandex.disk!!

  27. Guest-1868356455 says:

    Nice Addon bro

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