Borderlands Bedrock

    Are you a fan of Borderlands but you also have a hard time deciding whether to play Minecraft or Borderlands?

    Well if this is your issue i have solved the problem for you. This mod will add tons of different features and new things from Borderlands into your Minecraft world!

Eridium Crystal

The Eridium Crystal will naturally spawn throughout your world. However you will need the Eridium Resonator to break the Crystal to get the Eridium. Here is the crafting recipe for the Eridium Resonator.

In order to Craft the Eridium Resonator you will need to make a Iron Stick. Here is the recipe for the Iron Stick.


Eridium Blocks can be crafted into Eridium.

Eridium Nuggets

These Eridium Nuggets will be used to craft Eridium Fuel it is for Boosting in a new Vehicle called the Hover Craft which you will obtain after killing the Gigimind Boss. The Eridium Nuggets can be crafted back into Eridium. Here is the crafting recipe for Eridium Fuel.

Eridium Key

The Eridium Key will be needed to Control the Hover Craft. Here is the crafting recipe for the Eridium Key.

Hover Craft

This new Vehicle will Shoot at nearby Hostile Mobs automatically while you travel the world in style. This has a (27) slot Inventory you can access by Crouching and Right Clicking if your on windows or Crouching and Long Pressing on the screen if your on mobile. The Inventory can also be accessed by Riding the Hover Craft.

Gigimind Boss

Gigimind is a Boss that will Fly around and Shoot at you while also Summoning in Psychos but also has a chance to Summon in Eridium Crystals. Gigimind has (400) Health & once Killed will drop Eridium Saplings which can be planted to grow Eridium Trees.


These dudes are nothing to play around with. With Speed and a Deadly punch. The Attack Damage is High so be careful. They will drop Arrows Commonly and have a chance to drop Eridium. 

Eridium Sapling

These can be grown instantly by using Bone Meal. It will grow a Eridium Tree adding (4) new Blocks to the game (3) being Wood types and (1) being Eridium Leaves. Eridium Leaves will drop Sticks, Eridium Nuggets, and Eridium Saplings. Sticks and Saplings being the more Common drop.

Eridium Apple

The Eridium Apple is a little Less than the Enchanted Gold Apple it will give the Effects of Regeneration 2 (8 Sec), Speed 2 (10 Sec), Absorption (8 Sec), Resistance (10 Sec), Fire Resistance (10 Sec).

Eridium Shotgun

The Eridium Shotgun is a Gun that will Shoot Eridium as the Ammo type, You will need the Shotgun Base and Shotgun Barrel to craft the Eridium Shotgun. You will need to be holding the Eridium Shotgun in your hand then Crouch to Shoot it. Here are the crafting recipes for the Base and Barrel.




You will need to put the Eridium Shotgun in the Crafting Grid (you Do Not need a crafting table) be sure to place the (2) Eridium in Separate Slots.

Eridium Snowball

This is a Throwable you will need to be holding the Eridium Snowball in your hand then Crouch to Throw it. It will do Explosive Damage on impact but will not Destroy Blocks.

Impact Grenade

This is a Throwable you will need to be holding the Impact Grenade in your hand then Crouch to Throw it. It will Lift the Victim in the air and drop them doing Fall Damage.

Med Kit

This is a Throwable you will need to be holding the Med Kit in your hand then Crouch to Throw it. It will Deploy a Med Kit and Heal the Surrounding Players for (5) Seconds.


Claptrap will spawn in your world randomly. He can be Tamed with Eridium and after being Tamed can be Dyed the following colors (Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, & back to  Yellow) When you have Tamed him you can also have him say Quotes from the game by Crouching and Right Clicking if your on windows or Crouching and Long Pressing on the screen if your on mobile. He will Follow you around but if he gets too annoying you can make him Sit by Right Clicking if your on windows or Long Pressing if your on mobile.

Fast Travel

The Fast Travel Stations come in Sets of (A, B, C, D) A1 will Teleport you to A2, B1 will Teleport you to B2, C1 will Teleport you to C2, & D1 will Teleport you to D2, To Teleport just walk up to the Fast Travel Station then Crouch + Right Click if your on windows or Crouch Long Press if your on mobile. Here is the crafting recipe for the Fast Travel Set.


You will need to Break the Block to get all the Fast Travel Stations. Here is a Visual Example of how they work.

Ticking Area Items

These Items will be needed in order for the Fast Travel Stations to work from over 100+ Blocks away from each other. If your Fast Travel Stations are over 100+ Blocks you will need to use the Add Ticking Area Item on both of your Fast Travel Stations.


The Add Ticking Area Item will be used to Add a Ticking Area to the Selected Fast Travel Station.


The Remove Ticking Area Item will be used to Remove a Ticking Area from the Selected Fast Travel Station.

Remove All

The Remove All Ticking Areas Item will be used to Remove All Ticking Areas at once.

Break Fast Travel Station

To Break a Fast Travel Station you will need the Eridium Resonator just simply Right Click if your on windows or Long Press if your on mobile.

Be sure to leave some Feedback in the Comments. Report bugs in the Comments or Message me on Twitter @ytseigerseigsta

Changelog View more

Bedrock Borderlands V2.0

- Added Claptrap (Can Be Dyed)
- Added Fast Travel Stations (8)

- Added New Items For Fast Travel (3)

- Added a No Music Resource Pack For People Who Was Bothered By The Music
- Fixed Several Bugs & Issues


Just Download and Click or Tap the File it should automatically Install.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)

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52 Responses

4.74 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. Guest-9431928486 says:

    Items works but I don’t find Eridium Crystal in the world… I tested items with creative move.

  2. Guest-7856691091 says:

    When will you add the skag?

  3. Goose686095 says:

    I need help with a problem… it keep saying “level import failed”. pls respond on how to fix this. thx in advanced

  4. Guest-6884619145 says:

    a lot of items either dont work, or dont even appear.

  5. Guest-7475872044 says:

    turn it to media fire link please

  6. Guest-9501721785 says:


  7. Guest-7168829654 says:

    It’s perfect
    But i have problem
    When i try to use bone meal sapling dropped
    And i can’t see tree in survival
    Resonator and crystal work perfectly
    And why shotgun brokeen??

  8. Guest-1234343843 says:

    This is a very cool addon but the problem is that no crystals are spawning naturally in my world. I have experimental gameplay on and have both resource and behavior pack.

  9. Guest-2816560018 says:

    Turn it to Media link Please

  10. Guest-9854015238 says:

    Hey man nice addon, i actually made a borderlands 3 addon with claptrap, bandits, and a interactive lilith that can be used for working quests. But i never posted it, If you would like to message me about more and need help with more models and texturing contact me on discord. TooMuchTV#2743

  11. Guest-5274773153 says:

    Will it work with other addons?

  12. SlavHeister says:

    You could try and get into contact with the guy who made XM Guns as he has made I ur where the guns fire like snowballs, thanks again tho for this addon as I’ve been waiting for one like this for a while

  13. Guest-7345957855 says:

    I need help installing, it either opens with minecraft but does nothing and wont show up, or i have to manually put it in the file which wont work either. I’m on android, any help is appriceated <3

  14. Guest-1479374616 says:

    Would you be able to access the items from the creative menu and/or commands?

    • seigz says:

      You can get the blocks from the creative inventory but you can get blocks and items from the /give command (Example: /give @s seigz:eridium 3 0)

  15. SlavHeister says:

    Could you change the shotgun so that you fire it like a snowball, also could you add in more guns at so point like the infinity pistol, AR, pistol, rpg etc. Really great addon so far tho. Hope there is more bosses and maybe vaults at some point too

    • seigz says:

      I’m not sure if there is a way to make it like snowballs but I will for sure look into it more I tried at the beginning but I’ll try again 🙂 infinity pistol is in the files but no way to get it in survival im gonna work on that and more guns will be on the way I got tons of ideas lol. Thank you for your Feedback I greatly appreciate it!

  16. Guest-4899582763 says:

    I’m hoping this Addon has the crafting recipes on the crafting table because I can’t remember these recipes and i know it’s possible soo.

  17. seigz says:

    I’m working on a Cel Shaders Resource Pack hopefully I’ll have that out soon as a seperate download.

  18. Guest-7092609819 says:

    Love it please update soon it is one of my favorite addons thank you

  19. Guest-7211762759 says:

    I’m waiting till it has a bit more content

  20. Guest-2097187730 says:

    id say remove the music. or make it so you can turn it off.

  21. Guest-8293388032 says:

    The music for then boss never stops. Very frustrating and loud.

  22. BoxCatMC says:

    This is awesome! I don’t really play Borderlands anymore but still, great addon!

  23. Guest-2004596861 says:

    you have to continue working on this project, this is epic! btw in the guide world there are blocks that the recipe is not in this page but just a list of items in the guide world, i suppose that there are not any precise order?

    • seigz says:

      “Seigz” – The block recipes should show up in the crafting table if you click the book. Thank you for your Feedback I will continue to work on this mod as time goes on 🙂

  24. Step_HD says:

    Would be awesome to make the minecraft texture with Cel-Shading, would be even more dope!

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