Boss Battle : Goliath

Goliath’s Castle is a boss battle in which you fight his dungeon as a Swordsman/Archer/Tank/Wizard. This map also has a large castle and exclusive entity’s which is not offered by the base Game.

Goliath’s Castle is a boss battle where you take on Goliath after defeating his minions which Include Draugers,Necromancers,Alpha Skeletons, Crossbow Skeletons.This offers a large castle, A boss battle in a very hard stage where you could easily fall because of the holes in the rod, new entities accessible without any Behavior or Resource Packs , Different kits to offer a new experience with each new encounter. 

You may choose The Swords Man and slash through the horde of mobs.

Or you may choose The Archer to pierce their heads.

Or you may choose The Tank to absorb damage and let them kill each other.

Or you may choose The Wizard to drop your spells at em.

This can be played with upto 4 players . Just  install And play. Have fun!

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Added a new features image for the map.Also fixing some other issues

Removed capitalization on each word and some other issues on this map



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds pretty cool, can’t get past the ads tho :/

    • MiniKraft says:

      Sorry, that I am so late to reply to you. To bypass the ads, do the following:
      1. Tap skip ad.
      2. Wait for 30 seconds and if something asks for notification, then tap deny and wait for 30 seconds.

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  3. Arshle says:

    Love this map, especially the custom mobs idea!
    Keep it Up!

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