Boss Hydra Addon (beta)

This addon adds a new boss in minecraft! The hydra will be hard to kill because of its tanky health and will breath poison gas that will poison you and explode. The boss hydra will destroy all entities!

This addon 1 entity 

The boss Hydra

The boss hydra spits poison fire and destroys blocks

The boss hydra has 4000 health and   deals 15 damage and poison the target

It will be angry monsters and players

This addon will add the strongest boss in mcpe and give more challenge to other players but I do not recomend using it to survival beacause it is still in the beta stages

The hydra has the animations

Watch a showcase video

More animations to come in the next update and soon will be added more heads!

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1. Download the addon

2. Wait for 5 seconds

3. Press skip add

4.addons will be in mediafire then download(if unattended site open close it)

if still having any trouble watch this toturial video. :)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

72 Responses

3.81 / 5 (48 votes)
  1. Guest-8606648759 says:

    I hope this gets developed more. The model and such looks really good. Just need a reason to kill it, some animation upgrades, and a way to summon it in survival mode.

  2. Guest-6593865584 says:

    I changed it to .mcpack but I cannot get it to open it in minecraft

  3. Guest-9625242745 says:

    this isn’t the strongest mob in mcpe at all. 4000 is very low health. besides that it’s a good addon

  4. Guest-1495438798 says:

    Add a spawn egg. Make it spawn naturally. It’s a good boss with the loot and make sure there is exp orbs. Make an enderman boss like enderlord.

  5. Presto says:

    Guys For It To Work They Have To Swap The Mcaddon For Mcpack

  6. Guest-7970780192 says:

    This addon: invalid zip archive

  7. Guest-9054107243 says:

    It keeps spamming “invalid zip archive” or something

  8. Guest-7293564946 says:

    Says invalid zip archieve even though I did same thing I do when I download addons

  9. Guest-9488090954 says:

    Hey can u plss fix this it keeps bringing to me to weird site’s!!! Its been very annoying!!!!

  10. Mortikate Gaming says:

    Can u make a Wyvern Boss Version of this Attack
    – Fireball
    – Bite
    – Explosive Mouth
    – Flys
    – Dive Bomb
    – Sprint
    – Fire Breath/Spread
    – Flying talon Kick/grab
    – Spikes, Eyes, belly and Wings Glow some times
    – Tail Slam/Swipe
    – Glide
    Behavior,Size, and Color- Same as Hydra

  11. Anonymous says:

    How to install it

  12. iiExotic says:

    Hyrda needs to be harder like make it shoot fireballs and not just that green fire stuff. Also fix the file because I had to waste my time trying to fix it.

  13. Mr hydra fantasy says:

    Hey bro can me use this for a map I will link it in me video to this page and how to download and also idk if this is just me or I just got a broken skin but the head and jaw is off the neck and head can u fix it

  14. aniamtor says:

    every time i try to download this it is an error
    pls fix this!!!!!!!!

  15. Yet says:

    Fix the link I can’t download it

  16. haziq.mohd.izuddin says:

    Add when head chop off the another head grow turn 4 head to 7 head pls add extra head

  17. IwazMaverick says:

    WOW, this looks cooler than the old hydra. Anyways thx for the addon, i love it so much :3
    5 STARS

  18. 102582947 says:

    You should add a missing texture boss. That should work.

  19. Фанат says:

    Вы можете зделать так,чтобы гидре можно было бить только по головам,и когда уничтожаешь одну голову, то на её месте выростает две новых,сначала у гидры будет три головы,максимум голов 7,как вам идея?

  20. SCP Bendy Contaiment says:

    I like this addon this pack work

  21. SCP Bendy Contaiment says:

    Hey tell me plisssss make ghidorah addon and godzilla not now

  22. Sineg0mo88 says:

    Good addon but, can you add an contruction (like the wither) to spawn the hydra?

  23. Azzura says:

    More heads? Like the 9 heads of the actual hydra?

  24. Yaeesh2005 says:

    This kinda reminds me of the first hydra addon with the block-like body. But god damn this looks better 😀

  25. John says:

    Can i use this addon to make my modpack
    My modpack is allmost fihinsed i need your permision

  26. ggg says:

    ‘see output log for more detail’ im in ios

  27. :/ says:

    The download isnt working. It takes me to random sites, i close them but more keep popping up and doesnt take me to mediafire. It is confusing as well.

  28. The model looks cool but the health is way too high, 800 Health would work better

  29. Cesar says:

    I downloaded the two files beh and res file, when I import it in minecraft it always says import failed an incompatible zip file …. why???

    Pls answer

  30. 蔡徐坤 says:


  31. 李植环 says:

    I hope that the hydra will be enlarged. I hope that the head can be animated like a computer version of the hydra. I hope that every time I kill a shot, I will add a shot. When will the next version be updated?

  32. I see the problem! Instead of being a .mcpack, it’s an .mcaddon! The .mcaddon only works if the compressed zip file has both the behavor and resource pack. BTW great addon.

  33. Jrjrjrj says:

    You should add hydra lair and get loot form the hydra I think it would drop 5-12 hydra scales and some time drop a egg.

  34. pixeleddoki says:

    can i have permission to use this for an addon pack.

  35. Mark says:

    Oh man pls make a t rex addon for our companion against the hydra

  36. You used some of my code without my permission… Also, this doesn’t even import correctly. You have to rename the files to .mcpack

  37. Matias says:

    It looks like a good complement but when you want to download it Minecraft says: It is an incompatible ZIP file ….

  38. A random person who hates fortnite says:

    I love the model but the download doesn’t work. Pls make Mediafire download

  39. Harrythemagician13 says:

    Its Bugged the addon Didnt want to import itself to game rather it revived me Invaild Zip

  40. Skeleton vanguard says:

    It doesn’t work please fix.

  41. Meme man says:

    So when you kill her, she releases an egg and when you lay the egg, a baby hydra comes out that will be dosed with a star of the nether and tamed the hydra can defend you and to make it grow faster feed her with diamonds it would be great to add this because it’s a hasaya to kill her and this reward would be fine

  42. Nie says:

    Behavior and resources didn’t working

  43. Matias says:

    It looks like a good complement but when you want to download it Minecraft says: It is an incompatible ZIP file …

  44. Matias says:

    Tiene pinta de un buen addon pero al querer descargarlo minecraft dice: Es archivo ZIP incompatible…

  45. Zack Taylor says:

    hey bro looks good but it wont download can you pls fix it

  46. Zander says:

    It says cannot download not real zip file I’m on ios

  47. Anonymous says:

    Broken .mcpack ):<

  48. Artur says:

    this addon seems to dont work in win10 version

  49. Neflhelim says:

    This is a great add on, the models and animations are great, but the hydra is way TOO powerful, like I know you want it to be strong, but it has so much health that the fight with me and four other players is quite boring, like it took me like an hour to kill it. A better health for it would be like 1000-2000 HP, the damage might need a little nerf, you don’t have to take these changes into consideration if you want too, it is your add on after all.

  50. PLEASE says:

    It says invalid zip I can’t get it please fix and if it can make it able to swim

  51. Blocky Gamer says:

    Good job ! But how would you spawn this in survival? If there isn’t a way to do that can you please add one thank youuu!

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