Bosscraft PE Mod

The Bosscraft 2 Mod adds five bosses and a couple of new mobs to the game. New weapons and items are also added which can each got unique skills. If you are looking for a new challenge then this mod definitely got that for you.

Creator: Wartave, Twitter Account


Getting Started

There are five new bosses added to the game. The bosses can only be spawned by using a specific item. Besides the bosses there are a couple of new mobs. The new mobs spawn randomly in-game and must be slain to get Nether OrbsForest Orbs and Desert Orbs.

Let’s walk you through how to spawn each boss.

Fire Warrior

The Fire Warrior is an ancient boss and lord of the Nether. If you intend to fight this boss we highly recommend a strong armor as he has got 600 HP.

Drops: Fire Sword (910)

To spawn the boss you will need the following items:

  • Nether Scroll (908) – 8 papers + 1 netherrack
  • Nether Orb x 20 (903) – dropped by fire spiders

To get the Nether Orbs kill fire spiders. When you’ve got 20 orbs then tap on the ground with the Nether Scroll to spawn the boss.


Rogue Master

This boss can multiply itself and will also call for his minions which will come help him after a while. It’s definitely one of the harder of the bosses.

Drops: Rogues Knife (915)

The following items are nedded to spawn the boss:

  • Forest Scroll (907) – 8 papers + 1 oak leaves
  • Forest Orb x 20 (902) – dropped by assassins

The Nether Orbs are dropped by assassins which spawn randomly. Twenty orbs are enough to be able to tap on the ground with the Forest Scroll to spawn the boss.


Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper is the personified force of death. Not only does he look really scary but he will also call for his ghost helpers after a while.

Drops: Midnight Scythe (911)

  • Darkness Scroll (909) – 8 papers + 1 obsidian
  • Necro Orb x 20 (904) – dropped by ghosts

To get the twenty Necro Orbs you need to kill ghosts which spawn randomly in the world.


King Scorpion

This boss is the king of all scorpions. It’s much larger than the ordinary scorpions and also more vicious.

Drops: Pharach Staff (914)

  • Desert Scroll (906) – 8 papers + 1 sandstone
  • Desert Orb x 20 (901) – dropped by scorpions

The twenty Desert Orbs can be obtained by killing the scorpions.


Mega Block

The Mega Block boss is a gigantic block with the face of a creeper which will jump far up into the air and when it drops to the ground the impact will create an explosion. While doing this it will also shoot TNT blocks at you which also explode.

Drops: Sky Hammer (912)

  • Mountain Scroll (905) – 8 papers + 1 stone
  • Mountain Orb (900) – dropped by creepy blocks

To get the orbs find creepy blocks mobs and kill them.



When you have killed some of the bosses it’s time to craft the souls most of which require the weapons you got by killing the bosses. The souls are items which can be used to be fire resistant and so on.

  • Soul of Fire (916) – 8 gold ingots + 1 Fire Sword
  • Soul of Lightness (917) – 8 gold ingots + 1 Sky Hammer
  • Soul of Power (918) – 8 gold ingots + 1 Pharach Sword
  • Soul of Swiftness (919) – 8 gold ingots + 1 Rogues Knife
  • Soul of The Undead (920) – 8 gold ingots + 1 Midnight Scythe


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  1. Zack Taylor says:

    it look sick to bad you have to jailbreak to get it on IOS

  2. RPal says:

    Why Can’t I Download This Mod

  3. zack taylor says:

    okey its cool but how do you download it

  4. alonzo says:

    The block boss isnt jumping.The other bosses wont summon their minions.others wont use there abilitys.Whats going on?.my ver is

  5. Gq studio says:

    Also you can download and on-click install this Minecraft mod at Play store:

  6. Allenreeve says:

    is th working in 0.14.x?

  7. orejewe says:

    First i wanna say, the mod is working, and the mob spawn randomly in area,
    But i dont know why its frequently crash in 15 minutes, or when i near villager.
    I wanna ask, where i can build that scroll? I cant build in crafting table, i have 8 paper and nether rack in my inventory.
    Thanks before 🙂

  8. Marwan says:

    I want a mod

  9. Charly says:

    The mod is going to be amazing

  10. Charly says:

    I like minecraft because you build and battle

  11. Paul says:

    This mod is cool

  12. Samenthur says:

    I need this mod

  13. dmonchild011 says:

    omg i love it

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