Bot-Topia is an addon that allows you to build Bots and program them with computer chips to do tasks for you. These guys can farm a lot of crops for you.. Crops like carrots, potatoes, wheat, beatroot, even pumpkin and melons. They’ll even drop off everything they collect into a hopper for you.

# Getting Started

            To make things easy all the recipes in this addon can be made using the Bot Crafter and it’s the starting point for this addon. The order of the recipes are also an indication of the progression in the bot building process. So to get started open up a crafting bench  and throw 1 crafting bench and 1 redstone dust in it to craft one. 

             You can place the Bot Crafter just like any other block in the game. But the easiest way to pick it up is sneak clicking on it.  It should pop right off the ground for you. It’s pretty easy from here ..

Once you have the Bot Crafter place it down and use it to craft the parts to make your bot. Each bot will need a Bot chip to tell it what job to do.

# First Bot

Once you craft your first bot you can place it down. You will need to feed it redstone to turn it on. Once it is turneded on it will follow you if you hold redstone in your hand. You can now access the Bots inventory to place things in or take things out. 

If you want your bot to do a task you will need to program it by giving it the appropriate chip.

# Farm Bot

Give your Bot a Farm Chip and it will be ready to farm for you. Just take it to your crop of choice and place the seed or crop in the Bots inventory to get things started. 

This Bot can farm:

  • wheat
  • potato 
  • carrot
  • beetroot
  • pumpkin
  • melon

# Harvest Bot

            Harvest bots will search for farmland to patrol and wait for Farm Bots to load them up with crops. From time to time the Harvest bot will search for a hopper in the ground it can sit on to unload its cargo. Remember these bots can’t jump so set an item hopper into the ground so they  can roll on top of it. From there just point the hopper into your storage of choice. Give a Harvest Chip to a bot to make a Harvest Bot.

# Hopper Bot

This Bot walks around and picks up any item that comes in its path. It is slightly attracted by items dropped by the farmer though.This Bot will also search for a hopper to sit on from time to time to unload its contents.

This guy will walk away so keep him fenced in.


# Guard Bot

            Guard bots will follow players even if they are not holding redstone or redstone flakes. If you want a Guard Bot to stop following you sneak click on the guard bot to make it sit. The Guard bot will hold it’s ground. Guard Bots will attack any nearby enemies, or any mob that attacks them or the player. 

            Guard Bots will also target any mob that you attack. You can drop weapons on the ground and the Guard Bot will pick them up and equip it.   You can give it a sword or a bow. They will upgrade the weapon they are holding if a better one is available for them to pick up. This also works for armor, you just cant see the armor they are wearing. 

            You can ride Guard Bots into battle no saddle needed. You can control the Guard Bots direction by holding a bow in your hand. While riding a Guard bot you can access its inventory. Give a Guard Chip to a Walker Bot to make a Guard bot.

#Miner Bot

            Miner bots are mostly useful for caving. They will follow you even if you are not holding redstone or redstone flakes. Miner bots won’t do all the work for you but they will help. They will follow you around collecting blocks dropped from mining. They will mine ores if they can path find to them. They will place torches down if they are in a dark area. 

            When riding a Miner bot the controls are the same as riding a horse. Riding a Miner Bot will put it into drill mode. Walk into a wall to drill through it. This is where having more than one is a good idea. One can place torches while the other one is in drill mode. Miner Bots will not mine emeralds, diamonds, or guilded blackstone. This is to prevent them from being dropped into lava. Even though Miner Bots can walk in lava it’s not a good idea to ride them through lava. 

# All bots

  • You can access all of the bots inventories.
  • Only the player that programmed the bot can access the inventory.
  • These bots are not waterproof water and rain will damage them.  *except for walker bots
  • You can pick them up off the ground easily by crouching then clicking on the bot.
  • They are attracted to the player holding redstone.
  • All bots can be leashed.
  • They cannot jump or climb.

*Mob Greifing must be turned ON for this addon to work. If mob greifing is off the bots cannot plant crops, pick up weapons, etc.

If you need more help or info you can check out the new help menu. There is more detailed information about the bots and items in this addon. 

it’s available when ever you open your inventory. creative or survival. 

 or in the pause settings menu

If you have questions, suggestions, comments, or still need help feel free to check out the discord.

Changelog View more
  • hopper bot is now interested in more items
  • hopper bot is now a little more interested in items on the ground
  • removed some leftover unused code
  • cleaned up some back end code
  • prevented some text being spammed to chat
  • fixed 2 errors
  • new miner bot was added
  • a few balances made to farmer
  • * fixed pick up mechanics for bot and bot crafter
  • *updated texture for when bot is off
  • *bots can now be healed by feeding them redstone dust. This also gives the bots a speed boost for a few seconds.
  • *added item bot legs
  • *added item guard chip
  • *added recipe for bot legs and guard chip to the bot builder.
  • *added walker bot
  • *added walker guard bot
  • *added melee and ranged attacks to bot guard.
  • * added abiltiy to ride guard bot
  • *balance changes to farm and harvest bot jobs

Made the fallowing changes

  • updated descriptionΒ 
  • updated a few images


Click the link.

Download the addon

Double click the Bot-Topia.mcaddon file to install it to Minecraft BedrockΒ 


Supported Minecraft versions


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45 Responses

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  1. silel Vox says:

    For me the addon is broken part of it works and the rest doesnt appear

  2. silel Vox says:

    when i right click on a robot it weirdly says villager

  3. silel Vox says:

    i can summon the bots and tame them but i cant get any bot chip. what do you recommend

  4. Ooooohhhhh billy. youve come so far. youve even gotten more thiccer. from karlsson to minecraft. a wonderous journey

  5. LordPapuMX says:

    ur invitation to discord sv expired, I can’t find the way to make them work, I put the chip on their inventory but nothing changes, they do nothing, they don’t change their textures, what I’m doing wrong? they area already ON by giving them redstone, just can’t get past that part

  6. LoFi Monk says:

    Discord for anyone that needs help or has suggestions or comments.

  7. PoweredGod says:

    Anyway I can contact you outside of mcpedl because I need to ask how you got item recipes to show in survival

  8. CacaoMaster says:

    Billy what did they do to your legs

  9. cross guardian says:

    the chip does not work i don’t see in the invteroy

  10. MR_King_05_yt says:

    Hey buddy what a cool addon thanks for giving such types of addon literally cool addon for skyblock and oneblock or skyfactory thanks buddy

  11. FireGinger says:

    Idk bro, i would love to download this addon if the mob design is more like a “life creature” than a robot. That’s more fit in vanilla Minecraft i think

  12. Oh god billy from karlson escaped

  13. Xt777Br says:

    You could create robots that break boulders and deposit in the chest. And also robots that fight and shoot against enemies and also make a robot that holds a torch and that lights the way and it follows the player Another robot that would be nice to have was one that was a remote chest that is following the player another robot as well interesting is the robot that fishes for water in the water (I think it makes it easier for the boy to look for the water closer and for him to stand still until he fills the inventory and causes every 10 seconds to catch a random fish) and there is also a lack of robots that grow berries (as far as I know you can use the fox configuration and configure it to take the vacancy and deliver it to a funnel another thing that would be really cool was to be able to program the robot’s path with a block on the ground and that he followed this block and that to activate this function put a type of armor on it please make it compatible with other addons so avoid using player.json or another game entity try to create entities for you to use

  14. TheSeadragon421 says:

    Great! Carry on making more addons

  15. alekseiytalanov128 says:

    I can’t give the hopper chip and others chips to bot What I’m do incorrectly?

    • LoFi Monk says:

      before giving a bot a chip you have to turn the bot on by giving it a piece of redstone. I will be updating very soon so that the texture of the robot will reflect when the bot is off or on. The bot is only off when it is first placed down.

  16. Emouze says:

    can you add cobblestone collector (follow player) for help in minin

  17. Samiul Hindustani gamer says:

    I like this concept but after buying chips from the trader I Can’t make bot

  18. Joe_Mama2.0 says:

    Can you add a Miner bot in the next update?

  19. not_very_map_maker says:

    Wow, these bots are amazing. Can you please add a bot that you can actually program to react to something and do something such as dropping a hopper when it sees the hopper bot?

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