Botania PE

Botania PE is a tech mod with a theme of natural magic. The idea is to use flowers and plants to generate Mana. The Mana can then be used to power other flowers in their production of making other things.

Different plants generate Mana from different power sources such as sunlight and water. In the mod there is a helpful book called Lexica Botania which you should read to understand how to craft and use the new blocks and flowers. We’ve also made a guide which you can use here down below.

How to make flowers?

To create a flower you will need petals and a Petal Apothecary block. The Apothecary block is crafted with 1 White Petal, 2 Cobblestone Slabs and 4 Cobblestones.

To activate the block and make it work you need to fill it up with a bucket of water.

To get petals you need to put vanilla flowers in a crafting table. To then create the actual flowers tap with the items listed below to start making the Botania flowers:

  • Pure Daisy = 4 Mystical White Petals
  • Hydroangeas = 4 Mystical Blue Petals
  • Daybloom = 4 Mystical Yellow Petals
  • Orechid = 4 Mystical Red Petals
  • Agricarnation = 4 Mystical Green Petals

How to make Mana?

The two Mana production flower types are Hydroangeas and Daybloom. Lets have a look at how these two flowers work.

Hydroangeas is a plant which need a water source nearby to start produce Mana. To get the process going simply tap the flower.

Daybloom uses sunlight to produce Mana. To start the process tap the flower.

How to transport/extract Mana?

Mana itself in a flower is completely useless to us unless we can extract and use it for our own gain. Lets have a look at how this transport actually works.

Mana Spreader is a new block which can be crafted from 6 Livingwood, 1 Gold Ingot and 1 Mystical White Petal. If you place a Mana Spreader next to an ongoing Mana production it will start to transport Mana to a nearby Mana Pool.

Mana Pool is as mentioned above used in the transportation of the Mana. It is crafted with 5 Livingrock and put next to a Mana Spreader and then all you have to do is tap it to start fill it with Mana.

How to use Mana?

Once you have completed the process of producing and transporting Mana it is ready to be used. Here is an explanation of what some of the flowers can be used for.

If you place an Orechid nearby a full Mana Pool and then tap on it then the Orechid will start producing ores nearby the same location. The ores include coal, iron and gold.

Item IDs

  • Lexica Botania – 465
  • Mystical Red Petal – 460
  • Mystical White Petal – 461
  • Mystical Green Petal – 462
  • Mystical Yellow Petal – 463
  • Mystical Blue Petal – 464

Block IDs

  • Petal Apothecary – 176, 177
  • Livingwood – 178
  • Livingrock – 179
  • Mana Spreader – 180
  • Mana Pool – 181, 182

Creators: Kingbudderjr (he ported it to Minecraft PE), Vazkii (creator of the original PC mod)

bot1 bot2 bot3 download

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20 Responses

  1. Guest-2856308487 says:

    Please help! When I press for download button, it redirects me to a dropbox site with an Error 404. What do I do?
    I’m really a big fan of this mod BTW!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry to ask but is the download working bcuz I download it and all I get is a bad zip file error whenever I try to open it

  3. Fidolan says:

    The link doesn’t work , it says 404 error. Can you please help me?

  4. edward says:

    When I click the link it gave me the 404 error. Is there a more current link for the mod, because I would love to download the mod?

  5. unknown says:

    But I don t even find the blocks when I am in creative mode … soo that why I guess that the mod isn’t working

  6. unknown says:

    Soo I download any mods … I import it then active the mod . I create a world but nothing is different

  7. unknown says:

    Yup I did 🙁 any ideas ? :'(
    By the way , happy new year 🙂

  8. unknown says:

    Ya that what I do but idk … when I download any mod it s doesn’t work 🙁 by the way , when I open de zip file I find another files like .png I think I have to do something with it to make the skin of the mod working …
    Thanks for the answer 🙂

  9. unknown says:

    Not working . Tell us how to download it correctly or delete it cause it s a fake maybe

  10. keelin says:

    Ids are not working? Still, keep it IP. It has some potential

  11. Hunter Z. says:

    I really enjoyed this mod, it was a little hard but it’s worth it. There are a few bugs but otherwise not too bad of a mod. I hope you add more stuff to this mod. 🙂 -Hunter

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