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Published on July 04, 2015 (Updated on July 04, 2015)

Bounty Hunter Mod

The Bounty Hunter Mod adds ten bandits to the game which can be fought and killed for gold coins. The gold coins can then be used to get iron ingots, gold ingots and diamonds. Even though the mod is quite simple it does like boss challenges to the game which some of you probably will find enjoyable.

Creator: jkark1032

How to fight the bandits?

First you will need to build a structure consisting of one lapis lazuli block, one chiseled stone bricks block and on top of that an obsidian block.

Tap on the middle block (chiseled stone bricks) and a bandit will spawn. Currently there are ten different types of bandits all with their own special buffs, abilities and looks.

If you kill a bandit he will drop some gold coins. The coins can be converted (through crafting) to diamonds, iron ingots and gold ingots.

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Finally something creative and cool
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theres addons with twice as much
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