Auto Aiming (Add-On) [v1.14+]

Easily and conveniently shoot anyone with Bow Auto-Aim add-on. Auto-Aim any mobs from 4-100+ blocks of range. This add-on also features color coding of your target. Follow the color coding to enhance and precisely charge your bow to increase your chance of hitting your target!

created by: r4isen1920

pack version: v2.0

Shooting Controls

We aim, you fire! With some simple controls, you can be able to easily target mobs around you!

Controls’ Summary

Hold either a Bow, Crossbow or Trident, and then:

  • Sneak / Crouch (& Aim): Triggers auto aiming, and;
  • Do not Sneak / Crouch & Aim: Free-aiming. Disables auto aiming.

You can choose wether to enable or disable auto aiming, by simply sneaking / crouching or not.

  • Bow Controls: Sneak, and then Charging the Bow will trigger the auto aim.
  • Crossbow Controls: Sneak, Charging the Crossbow temporarily disables auto aiming, and then by continuously holding the Crossbow will trigger the auto aim.
  • Trident Controls: Sneak, and then Charging the Trident will trigger the auto aim. Ideal for underwater.

Targetting Method

Aim specifically. You can now choose wether to target closest or the farthest mob. Nearest can help you aim to the nearest incoming Creeper, or scope them from afar by using the Farthest.

Controls’ Summary

  • Look / Face Up: Change targetting method to Farthest, and;
  • Look / Face Down: Change targetting method to Closest.

Optional Texture Pack

Using a Texture Pack is no longer mandatory. You can still, however, apply it and see arrow hints above your target! Also take note that you may need to enable Experimental Gameplay to your world’s settings.

Additional Info

  • Auto-Aiming may not be precise nor has a 100% of hitting your target. This add-on only helps you to aim properly onto your target. 
  • This add-on may not properly target players yet. You can still anticipate the player’s position, but may become unstable once used by multiple players simultaneously in a world.
  • Works in Multiplayer, that only you host. Will not work in servers, but should work in Realms. 

Changelog View more
  • In-App Download Available! No changes for the Add-on, no need to show this on the main page.
  • Description. Small tweaks only.
  • Added support for Trident Auto Aiming. 
  • Removed the 'Bow Focus' feature.
  • Some tweaks and changes for aiming, changed some ranges between different aiming-required tools.
  • Added the Bow Focus feature.
  • Support for Crossbows to Auto-Aim.
  • Bug fixes and several improvements.


  • BP: Behavior Pack. Place this on top.
  • RP: Resource Pack. Optional.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)

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Installation Guides

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15 Responses

3.33 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Shun says:

    If your on iOS you need readdlE document and then move the file to readdle document then rename it .zip then upload it on Minecraft then out it in the resource pack and behavior pack
    For further information invite me to your game username:redstonepro109 add I will message you there!

  2. Minecraft School Gril says:

    Is very good

  3. King-HeHe says:

    This broke my Minecraft i dont recommend this mod i cant load into Minecraft anymore

  4. Bryan says:

    It doesn’t work! Nothing works other than the texture of the bow

  5. ItzEthanPlayz says:

    Does it work on future server i want!!!😊

  6. Mod-Reviewer says:

    Don’t download, gives a virus, and steals info

  7. StrikeDragonn says:

    Does this work on multiplayer?

  8. Chad says:

    unable to download on ios.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Wow, amazing. Keep the good job.

  10. Tazmoe says:

    This is awesome! This must’ve taken awhile!

  11. FlaviusFire says:

    Dude, this looks sick.

  12. Coptaine says:

    Wow, such an amazing mod!

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