BR Fishing Overhaul

An overhaul of the fishing behavior that adds a huge variety of items to the list of potential loot & custom mechanics like a chance of fishing extra loot while it is raining or a full moon!. Balanced & tested for use in multiplayer worlds & realms.

BR Fishing Overhaul


Have you ever spent hours fishing and felt disappointed by the lack of variety and fun experienced while fishing? That’s how our community felt too! I created this behavior pack to make fishing a lot more fun for the players on our public Mega Realms(30 players). It adds plenty of variety to list of possible loot, reworks the effect that Luck of The Sea has while fishing, and adds cool mechanics like a chance to fish up multiple items at once when it is raining or a full moon. 


  •  Chance of fishing multiple items when raining
  • Chance of fishing multiple items when moon is full
  • Loot in books_high are enchanted higher than max level
  •     This has not been fully tested
  •     Reference: minecraft.gamepedia.com/trade_tables_documentation 
  •     “it is possible to go above vanilla enchant…still display the max vanilla value”

  • Luck of the sea has a heavy impact on the loot table
  •     Without luck of the sea, you will receive 80% standard loot(fish/junk)
  •     With luck of the sea 3, you will receive about 50% standard loot(fish/junk)

  • This behavior was designed to be balanced for multiplayer worlds/realms
  • This behavior was created for the Bedrock Realms Community
  •     Join us @ discord.BedrockRealms.com

  • Nautilus Shell has been retextured into “coins” on Bedrock Realms servers.
  •     This is the reason that it appears multiple times in the loot table.

  •  LeaderPuffs are a renamed and colored pufferefish to represent the Leaders of the Bedrock Realms Community.


Last updated V1.1.5
Date 12/10/2019
Support: discord.BedrockRealms.com
Developer: Chegs


#    loot table

 –     item
( )    luck impact 
C    count
V    variants
D    damage (-durability)

Note: The () number next to a loot % is the luck impact. This signifies how much having luck of the sea will change the table. A negative number means you will be less likely to get loot from the table. A positive number means you are more likely to get loot from the table.


  • #FISH 66.0% (-2)
  • #JUNK 11.3% (-2)
  • #TREASURE 3.8% (+1)
  • #RESOURCES 6.8% (+2)
  •      #resource_wood 33.3%
  •      #resource_misc 33.3%
  •      #resource_mining 33.3%
  • #TOOLS 3.8% (+1)
  •     #tools_misc 40.0% (-1)
  •     #tools 40.0%
  •     #tools_enchanted 20.0% (+1)
  • #ARMOR 3.8% (+1)
  •     #armor 66.7%
  •     #armor_enchanted 33.3% (+1)
  • #BOOKS 3.0% (+1)
  •     #books_low 50.0% (-1)
  •     #books_mid 33.3%
  •     #books_high 16.7% (+1)
  • #RARE 1.5% (+1)
  •     #rare_disk 25.0% (-1)
  •     #rare_head 25.0%
  •     #rare_leaderPuff 25.0%
  •     #rare_misc 25.0%

Loot List

Bedrock Realms Info 



Changelog View more

-Updated Featured image to be a screenshot from gameplay.
-Replaced the item list with an image to make better use of space. 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14

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12 Responses

4.86 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. DealsNBusiness says:

    Hello! This behavior pack is amazing, however i noticed something. Occasionally when finishing i will get an enchanted book labeled with an OP enchantment like Power VII or Prot. VI, but the actual enchants are at vanilla levels like Power V or Prot IV. Is this intended or how do i correct this?

    • Steve0899 says:

      It says it’s possible to go above the vanilla enchantment values, but it will still display as the max levels.

      • Edwynn says:

        Could you mind telling me how to apply enchantment levels above the maximum? because i’ve been playing in my single player world and confused of how the actual levels are 5 (Sharpness) or 4(Protection)

  2. I love +++ says:


  3. พิชิตชัยจันตะนา says:

    mcpedl. com

  4. Chegs says:

    Ohh yeah. I rate my own addons 😉

  5. alexander says:

    Dude you definitely need to post more realm compatible packs cause i have been looking for a bunch to add that doesn’t require experimental if you have any more addons please let me download Good Job!!!!!!

  6. fourgalaxy says:

    hi i love this add-on but i have 1 question what do the enchanted pufferfish de?/

    • fourgalaxy says:

      sorry i commented 2 times:(

    • Chegs says:

      Hey. Glad you are enjoying the addon!

      The renamed pufferfish are just a collectible items. They have no utility use. There is one for each of the leaders in our community, Bedrock Realms(Discord.BedrockRealms.com). In our servers, they are very valuable items for trading do to how rare they are.

  7. fourgalaxy says:

    hi i love this add-on but one question what do the enchanted pufferfish do? please get back to me

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