Braeden’s Skyblock

This is a survival skyblock map I made that has a lot of islands with a bunch of stuff! You can enchant, you can make potions, you can go to the nether, and you can even go to the end!

Hey all, this is the first map I’ve ever made and im quite proud of it. This skyblock is more advanced than the normal skyblock everyone knows and loves. You can bridge to different islands for a bunch of unique stuff! You can either play single player or with friends! 

Changelog View more
  • Added 2 new islands
  • New items
  • Secret Chests
  • Added more layers to some islands
  • etc.
  • Added new island
  • Updated other islands (added more items)
  • More ores 


Windows 10 - Click on the McWorld link and download it, once it's downloaded open the file and it should import into your game


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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7 Responses

  1. Guest-4756658473 says:

    The only good skyblock that has no virus

  2. Guest-5495156831 says:

    where’s the gravel?

  3. Guest-1784604856 says:

    I defited the dragon ech time i died it spawner a nother ender dragons and there wer kile 10,000 enderdragon

  4. Guest-6320108263 says:

    what is the island with 15 cow spawn eggs for???

    • Guest-3515561206 says:

      most likely to start a cow farm

    • Braedenn says:

      I added them at the redstone island to fit the theme. You press a button and it dispenses cows for if you run low on food. I would’ve built something more advanced but I’m not great at redstone as you could probably tell. You can also use them to start a farm like the other person said.

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