Brain Games [Puzzle]

Brain Games is a map consisting of multiple different puzzles which need to be solved. In each level you will be presented with a problem and since there are no instructions it definitely makes the levels difficult to complete. The challenges are all different and they range from redstone problems to unusual problems involving chickens.

Creator: TheBaconRadio, Twitter Account
Updated: 8 April, 2017 (read changelog)


  • You are allowed to break blocks
  • But you are not allowed to break out of a map or are level


  • Fixed glitch for player teleporting back to start at level 4 caused by a cow walking on the pressure plate in the previous level
  • Gave player all the required materials in level 5
  • Fixed the spelling of “Trivia” in level 6

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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33 Responses

5 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Has anybody watched the show Brain Games? Its on Netflix.

  2. Squid_Lover94 says:

    Hey! In the brewing level, there is no blaze powder and how am I meant to use the splash potions of water?

  3. Little_Livy says:

    I will try this but, if I don’t like it then no stares.. I’m sorry map creator

  4. Anonymous says:

    Good game just a problem with the splash potion lvl i had to change a few commands on the command blocks but over all that it was good

  5. Locky says:

    I broke the game XD

  6. Person says:

    I liked it it was fun. But I was confused on the cake level and couldn’t figure out the throwable water potion (just used blocks leftover and built up there). Also in a few spots I somehow ended up it a level I already did. But still a fun game good job.

  7. 5tr4 says:

    Is level 3 broken because i was able to step on the pressure plate and beat the level without making a cake.

  8. Epicmoo55 says:

    The map is good but for level one I spent hours waiting for the chickens to make eggs and threw those…

  9. TheBaconRadio says:

    6 was Trivia, answer the questions

  10. Joran says:

    I enjoyed this, thanks!

  11. Marke says:

    There’s a glitch where it keeps teleporting you back to a certain level (Level 3, I believe)

    • TheBaconRadio says:

      It should have only happened once. Once the cow stepped on the pressure plate it should have died, I changed that and re-uploaded it 😀

  12. Voicemail says:

    Is level 5 broken because it doesn’t have any sand

  13. DeadArrow04 says:

    Everything was great! I absolutely love this map. Although, on level one, the chickens kept going ham on the pressure plate. I kept getting teleported back so I had to gamemode creative. Other than that, nice work! Pls make a sequel!

  14. Littlep510 says:

    I loved it but I want to know why there was two random wither skulls flying a little bit away

    • TheBaconRadio says:

      I named a wither to say info at the top of the screen but it broke out of the bedrock layer and destroyed everything so I killed it, must have glitched

  15. TheBaconRadio says:

    Did you get the book at the start of the game? It says what you need to do. You need to make a bow and shoot the targets

  16. KalebPlayz says:

    i didn’t really like it, the cake part was glitched

  17. Otterpop says:

    When is brain games 2 coming out

    • TheBaconRadio says:

      Later, I’m working on a different map, BrainGames 1 was a fail, so I’m going to give it sometime before I start BrainGames 2

  18. CraftingA4G says:

    Really buggy and bad. Stage 5 is broken and so is stage 6. Oh and “Triva” is not a word.

    • TheBaconRadio says:

      I know is bad, it’s my first level and level 5 is broken, I know, level 6 on the other hand isn’t. I did a full run through and 5 was the only bad one

  19. rahim says:

    How is this possible if there is no instruction I am playing on this map for 2 hour on level one I canot finish I am going to be mad if on more time not finish this level can mcpe dl help me give me some tips ??? I will wait 24 hours and I start hack in this map or cheat help me pls 😉

  20. Fawfuls TNT says:

    For the next map, please make a pacman map with command blocks.

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